HS Football Tonight

Even though it is still fairly early in August we have a full lineup of games for you this evening and we should have a rundown for you here at the site after the dust and chalk has settled later on tonight.

Check in here at about 10:15pm for updates on all the games we can track…..

Here’s how they stack up and we will have audio interviews with Smith Golden Eagles coach Rodney Brewington and Grimsley coach Martin Samek up and rolling later on this afternoon, somewhere in the 3:00 hour…..

Here are the games for Friday August 21, 2009 with the projected winners in parenthesis:
WS Atkins at Smith(Smith)
Dudley at WS Carver(Dudley)
Page at WS Parkland(Page)
Grimsley at Durham Hillside(Durham Hillside)
Northwest Guilford at Eastern(Eastern)
Ragsdale at Southern Guilford(Ragsdale)
Northern Guilford at Western(Northern)
Southwest Guilford at Southeast(Southeast)
High Point Andrews at Northeast Guilford(Northeast)
High Point Central at WS Reynolds(High Point Central)


  1. Get Real,
    Grimsley will be luckly to keep the score within 2 touchdowns against Hillside. Andy’s only doing his research. Please “get real” man.

  2. I would be shot if I went back to where I graduated from. I picked against them tonight and have done the same thing a number of times over the years.

    John Steinbeck used to say, “if you don’t know where I’m coming from then I must be doing a decent job”. Or was that Alfred E. Newman??????(MAD Magazine for those who need the lead-in.)

  3. Why are all of you guys anserwing for Andy? I don’t think Andy needs any help. It was a simple question to Andy not anyone else, I think Andy is Man enough to answer for himself. Only speak when you are spoken to, I’m sure your parents told you that.

  4. Get Real,

    I’m speaking to you, so answer my question, “What school are you pulling for?” Make sure you answer my question and don’t be rude…I’m sure your parents have told you this…You must be a Grimsley grad from your comments…

    Andy is able to answer for himself, but people were just trying to shed light on his picks, but then you have to go and be a smart ass…

  5. Get Real,
    If you are too sensitive to accept any criticism then you need to send Andy a private email. Maybe Andy needs our help from time to time. It looks as if you need someone’s help!

  6. I was only talking to Andy and I asked the question is a nice joking way. Why would anyone else answer for Andy. What are you talking about criticism? I just ask one simple question to ANDY and I get all this feedback from other people. I addressed my email by using the person’s name, ANDY. I was not rude, I just asked one simple question to ANDY.

  7. Get Real,
    The day is almost over. Go home, get a beer, and relax and get ready for some HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!

  8. It was WG back in the day, and I think I could still play today.

    Coach Causey give me call if you need a good practice player…….

    4.84 in the 40 or is that 8.44 in the 80?????

  9. Grimsley will get SMASHED…………

    Hillside might be kind not to run the score up in this one but the Whirlies are in BIG trouble.

    Hillside 42
    Grimsley 7

  10. This is a public forum and the last time I checked we still were free, so you need to GetReal!

  11. Grimsley held a powerful Hillside team to 22 points with both starting LB’s out and our starting free safety,plus our starting Rb and Wr were out.Grimsley also had two Interceptions and 4 fumbles tonight. EG Wildcat Fan 1 yall got smashed by NW Guilford,a team with no where near as much talent as Hillside.

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