Myers lights a fire in game two for Burlington

Game number two for Wil Myers out of High Point Wesleyan, now with the Burlington Royals of the Appalachian League, and last night(Thursday 8/21) it was dynamite for Myers as hit his first home run as an 18 year-old professional baseball player.

Myers lined up as the B’ Royals catcher last evening and even though the Royals lost to Johnson City, Myers got his and hopefully he is on his way.

from the Burlington Royals stat page:
HR: Myers, W (1, 2nd inning off Russell, 0 on, 1 out).


  1. As kevin the hater said, welcome to the pros. Wil is the real deal kevin,stop hating man.

  2. What did I say that was negative? I don’t recall saying anything that could be taken negatively.

  3. “Great start to your second game. You are on your way now.”

    Posted by Kevin after Wil goes 0 for 4


  4. I posted that after he hit the home run in his second game. How can that be negative?

    Burlington Bottom 2nd

    Jacob Kuebler strikes out swinging.
    William Myers homers (1) on a fly ball to left field.
    Geulin Beltre pops out to first baseman Romulo Ruiz in foul territory.
    Diego Cruz singles on a ground ball to center fielder Ross Smith.
    Travis Jones grounds out, pitcher Zach Russell to first baseman Romulo Ruiz.

  5. Wil Myers had a triple and homer and 4RBI’s for the Burlington Royals. The batting average was not all that great, but the power numbers were solid…….

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