Bad game last Friday: Coach says, “Let’s do Terrible 20’s on Monday”

Nice little workout idea from and Coach Don Herman:

After a poor game performance or for disciplinary reasons, I will have our team perform the following:

Split your team into 2 groups and place each group on a separate goal line.

Group A does 20 push-ups, on their coaches count, then sprints 100 yards to the other goal line.

Meanwhile, at the same time, the other group, Group B, is doing 20 sit-ups, on their coaches count, and sprints 100 yards.

Group A will do 19 sit-ups and sprint 100 yards as Group B does 19 push-ups and sprints 100 yards.

Each group will work their way down to zero, alternating push-ups and sit-ups with 100 yard sprints in between. This is a gut buster.

Kids don’t like to do this one. We usually do this on Monday’s……

Thanks coach, and this sounds like it would do the trick, for a quick pick-me-up for the kids!


  1. Let’s pray that no kid falls out during these sprints…..gotta be careful with that now a days. In the old days water was not even considered…..

  2. For bad game performance… improve your coaching! For disciplinary reasons…. get rid of them!!

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