Dudley team steps it up in New York

Dudley baseball standout, Tevin Neal, is a member of this award-winning team and congratulations are in order for the Panthers’ male step team and for the great showing they had while up in New York.

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  1. Hey Andy I may be correct, but Tevin Neal’s brother graduated from Eastern. Does the neal family still leave in the eastern district. I bet Tevin is part of Dudley’s sports academy.


  3. Dang can Dudley win anything without people so quick to criticize ? If you folks don’t want to congratulate these young men and women from Dudley then just don’t say anything at all. I really don’t understand why it is so much hate! Like Coach Phillips said not the facts before you post!!!!!!!
    Besides we have to be doing something right over at Dudley this past spring we were either 1st or 2nd in scholarship money awarded in Guilford County.

  4. I am a proud family of Tevin Neal. Dudley does not have a sports Academy-they have an excellent ACADEMIC program. I can tell you do not know him personally because he and his brother excel in the classroom. Oh yea, did I mention he’s in the top of his class with a GPA that’s none of your business. Leave the guys alone because as long as there doing positive works you should be proud also. Thanks Andy for promoting the positive achievements of our local talents.

  5. Question,
    The Neal family does still live in the Eastern Guilford district and Tevin’s brother Travis graduated from JAMES BENSON DUDLEY HIGH SCHOOL with over a 4.5 gpa/ top 5 in the class. Tevin is currently holding a 4.4 gpa and is the senior class president. The Neal family is very blessed with some very smart and talented young men. They chose to attend Dudley because of the ACADEMIC ACADEMIES. Travis was a part of the Early College Academy of Engineering and Tevin is a part of the Early College Academy of Health Sciences. In this program, they spend their entire senior year taking classes on the campus of a college/university. This is not an option at Eastern Guilford High, therefore, I don’t see the reason for the criticism. Please stay away from the negative comments. Thanks.

  6. I don’t think people hate Dudley or their kids. If sure a few do but every school has people that do not care for them. Those haters are in the minority. Pay them no mind. I find it hard to believe someone could hate a kid. You may not care for someone but hate is a strong word. However some people are very suspect about how the Academy is used when it comes to athletes. When people see kids that have a history of poor performance and all of a sudden they are in the Academy, it raises questions. Maybe it shouldn’t but it happens. Then you look at the average SAT scores that came out this week in the Charlotte Observor. It had Dudley at an average of 850, approximately 200 points below the average high school. I would never call out players names but it seems odd that there are kids in the Academy with great grades yet they have a hard time getting in to colleges or remaining eligible.

  7. I am a big supporter of Tevin Neal and my focus is on what he is doing at Dudley. I have never seen a kid do more for his team than what Tevin does for that Dudley baseball team.

    He has stayed out there many times on the mound until his arm was about to fall off just to help his team have a chance to compete. Once he started a game, left the game and came back in later to pitch again just so they could finish the game.

    I don’t claim to know it all, but I know this kid has given his all for his school and his community and it is Dudley and that is all that matters to me.

    Good luck to all the kids….It is a hard life out there, so keep on keeping on………

  8. Disregard all of the negative comments…People get on here just to see how much crap they can stir up and to see how funny they can be…

    How did the group do? Did they actually win, or was the congratulations just for being there? I didn’t watch the show, but I was wondering how well they did…

  9. Dudley has many students and to be honest the kids in the Academy are not the ones having problems with their grades. Ask me how I know and I will tell you my son is doing very well there and he has many opportunies to attend D1 universities for his sucess academically. He also participates in sports but we have never banked on asports scholarship. Go to work and encourage all student atheletes to go to college. You do know America is in not offers many jobs right now-don’t you.

  10. Congrats to the boys. Have seen Tevin many times on the baseball field since he was about 10. Always a tough competitor. My son worked out at Parisi with 6-7 kids over the winter from Dudley. They all formed some friendships. Most of the time when you get the kids together they get along fine.

  11. Andy, i’m sorry for the way I got to my next question. I know the neal family myself. I have nothing against Tevin Neal. I know he has an excellent GPA. Here is my next question. Why was were so many Dudley fans crying foul when McCain, King, Scales, Lawson, Neal, Lamont chose Northern. Is this not the same. fAMILY CHOICE? Mr and Mrs Neal forgive me for using your son to get this question out. Just like I thought hyprocrites in guilford county. Dudley included.

  12. QUESTION, I’m anxious to hear what Andy’s response will be to your question about family choice. however, it may help Andy answer your question if you answer this one (if you know the answer) how many times have the neals changed schools? and how many times have McCain, King, Scales, Lawson…etc changed schools?

  13. good question. it is my opinion that the reason the school district here won’t allow ‘freedom of choice for athletics’ is because of kids like this who change around from school to school when the sports team they are playing with is not successful or the players or parents have trouble with the coaching staff. kids all over the district would be changing schools every year. this wouldn’t be good for the coaches either.

  14. I remember watching Tevin as a soph. and junior at Dudley and before that, I don’t know any more and it is probably a good thing to stay out of that drama if there is any.

    Observations on how all of this is still playing out, with the Kings still in the hunt and their legal rep must be on top of all the p’s and q’s and the dot of the i and the cross of the t’s to reach this point. The basketball kids were denied any second chance in a hurry, which caught some people off guard, not that it turned out like it did, but that the rendering came so quickly…..

    The stir in the county seems to be more among the coaches and the assistant coaches and the parents. All of the kids seem to get along pretty good in fact I never hear the kids talking much legit trash about each other.

    There are still questions up in the air and let’s hope all the kids get settled in some place soon so they can focus on what they need to do to get in college.

    I think many fall in that category of being hypocritical, including me, because we are of that got to have it now mentally. We want it all to happen so fast that we fail to see the BIG/Whole picture and we end up casting a stone that hits an innocent party.

    We need to pull for every kid that has been mentioned……Gabe King, James Scales, Christian McCain, Jacob Lawson, Tevin Neal and any others that are trying to get their diploma and further themselves by attending college.

    We, with me included, need to be proud of the talent we have around us with Keenan Allen, Maurice Harris, Rocco Scarfone, Walt Sparks, Billy Stone, Cedric Ellison, Luke Heavner, Kasey Refern, DeSean Anderson, Major Bryant, David Amerson, Mycah Gaylord, Steven McCain, Jon Spain, Thuc Phan, Lenny Gordon, Drew Rogers, Bruce McCoy, Dalton Dillon, Eric Ebron, Marlon Hughes, Jimmy Moorman and many others I’ll add in later included…..

    There are a lot of good kids in county worker hard to reach the next level and we need to do all we can to help them get there…..

  15. Andy, you didn’t answer QUESTION’s question. But I will help you with the answer to one question and that is that the neal’s (Tevin and his brother) only transferred ONE time and that was academically focused. a lot of the other kids that QUESTION named have transferred SEVERAL times and it has all seemed to be due to athletics. example mccain started out at eastern then page then grimsley then northern now who knows where, scales started out at northeast, then grimsley, then northern, these are just a few examples of the “sports” focused kids. it took QUESTION (an obvious HATER) to take an article that was meant to be a postive congratulations to a great kid for a positive accomplishment to start throwing stones, now one of the stones is going to end up hitting HIM (QUESTION) upside the head. this should be the end to these unnecessary negative comments

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