Friday August 28 HS football game Coverage/Additional stats and numbers

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Dudley – 8
Ragsdale – 18

Northern Guilford – 26
Northeast – 20

Page – 34
Davie County – 14

High Point Central – 28
Grimsley – 0

Western Guilford – 14
Northwest Guilford – 22

Southwest Guilford – 7
Eastern Guilford – 6

Northcross-Roanoke, Virginia – 7
Smith – 48

Southeast Guilford – 21
Asheboro – 13

Southern Guilford – 10
Rockingham County – 13

High Point Andrews – 20
Charlotte Country Day – 27

Some numbers for Ragsdale in their win over Dudley:
Luke Heavner 9-15 for 227 yards and two TD passes….

D’onavan Smith 17 carries for 56 yards and one TD on a 13-yard run…..

DeSean Anderson 4 receptions for 126 yards and one touchdown….

Luke Sonrricker 36 yard TD catch on a pass from Heavner…..

Walt Sparks a big stick and a fumble recovery on Dudley’s 4th and goal from the Ragsdale 6 inch line…..

Kasey Redfern every Tiger kickoff into the end zone….

For Dudley it was Mycah Gaylord 13 carries for 97 yards…..

Alex Moore 11 carries for 67 yards

Jeremy Reynolds a 15 yard TD catch from Moore and JR Peterson had the two-point conversion run…..
(Numbers courtesy of Keith Tolbert News and Record and…..)

For the High Point Central Bison in their win over Grimsley it was QB Drew Adams one TD run and one TD pass to Derek Grant and Aldaquan Teasley one TD run…..(Numbers courtesy of Greg Johnson, High Central booster club chaplin.)

For Northern Guilford in their win over NEG it was Nighthawk QB Rocco Scarfone with 2 TD tosses and Keenan Allen with 2 touchdowns and one of those was on a return and the other on a pass reception…..(Numbers courtesy of Paul T. Lambeth II,…..)


  1. well i picked dudley to lose as they did and i picked northern to beat northeast northern is gonna be hard to beat this year and i think everyone lives in the district the one i guess i missed is davie county beating page cant get em all right

  2. Hat’s off to Ragsdale , they said they had to stop the run and they did . Good luck next week Panthers.

  3. We knew the defense would be good for Ragsdale but the difference in the game from last year’s playoff game was Ragsdale’s O-line. Quarterback for Ragsdale, for most of the night, had “all day” to throw the ball. Hats off to Ragdale’s O-line coach.

  4. The only 2 times they got to Heavner was when they substitued a couple of the starting O-line. Heavner played well with 2 TD passes (along with several more well thrown balls) to go with 2 INT’s and a fumble inside the 10 but the defense held. He throws a great deep ball and has speed in the pocket. If he cuts down on the mistakes he may make everyone forget his older brother. Only big negative on the night is Ragsdale has turned it over more in two games than they did in 14 games last year.

  5. Northwest Guilford (2-0) went back to what they do best, run the ball with only 9 pass attempts. The trend so far is someone new steps up each week. This week was Chris Ely, Derrick Brown, and once again Dalton Dillon. The QB spot is consistent completing the same 6-9 passes two weeks in row with a 67% completion ratio. Not bad for a sophomore. Up next, (2-0) Smith.

  6. You are correct Henry. Watching the replay I was thinking about the ball that went at Major but he ended up not hanging on plus Sonricker looked to help break it up. My bad. Sorry.

  7. It was one game for Ragsdale. One game in August means very little in November. And Dudley is tough. They’ll be there at the end. Coach Davis does a good job. Mutual respect between the two coaches.

    As to stats, they can be mis-leading. For instance, seldom will you see a Ragsdale player have a ton of tackles and if you do, it will probably be the MLBer. That is the way the defense is designed. Plus, the Ragsdale D has lots of good players. You have lots of kids making plays. The DT’s of Jones and Ellison do a great job, as do their reserves Shocka and Nick. They keep blockers off Stone so he can roam relatively freely and make tackles. Darius McQueen makes tackles at safety as does Armwood at DB. There are 4 DE’s that make plenty of tackles, McNeil, McCoy, Handford and Desjardins. I saw last week where Spain from Page had 17 tackles. Taking nothing away from Spain because he is very good, but if that happens at Ragsdale some others are not doing their job.

    On offense Heavner has improved greatly over the last two years through a lot of hard work. But he and D’Onovan get nowhere without a good O-line. And Heavner has some pretty good receivers to throw to in DeSean Anderson, Sonricker, Armwood and Roberts. If it works well they all make each other look good.

    Time to look forward. Western is always good and has a great offensive plan each week. Dudley has a big rivalry game with Northern. No love lost there.

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