High School Football Tonight

There are so many big games for this evening and we will have the Dudley versus Ragsdale game for you at 7pm on AM950 radio and then game results and finals on the post-game show and on the web site later on tonight.

We hope to have LIVE updates on High Point Central at Grimsley, Northern at Northeast, Western at Northwest, Northcross at Smith and all of the others that we can round up…..

Here’s a complete listing of Tonight’s games with our picks in parenthesis and last week’s record was (7-3) and there are several games again this evening that will be tough to call, but here are your games for Friday August 28, 2009.

Dudley at Ragsdale(Dudley) Very tight game going in and Dudley has a new QB and they still look to run the ball 99.9% of the time and expect Ragsdale to be playing up close to the line, but JR Peterson should still have a big game, in this his senior year and Dudley grinds it out that keeps Ragsdale’s offense off of the field. If it comes down to the kicking game then that belongs to Ragsdale and Kasey Redfern, the top kicker in our area this season…….Just some thoughts.

Northern Guilford at Northeast(Northeast) Should be more emotion in this game than anywhere in the county tonight and coach Tommy Purlsey of NEG will be fit to be tied before, during and after this game no matter what the outcome. Loads of athletes on NG, but when NEG gets the ball they have the backs that can run all night long……Home field should help and the noise meter from the NEG side should be off the charts. As we write up these games we are going by the book and injuries, penelties and/or other circumstances can change everything we are calling in an instant.

Page at Davie County(Page) It will be hard to pick against the Pirates after last week’s solid start, until they prove us wrong, and last year’s Davie County win(50-49 in OT) over the Pirates at Marion Kirby Stadium may have been the wildest game of the year with Page up huge early and then the War Eagles got rolling and the game battles went on and finally going on to OT with Page missing on a PAT.

High Point Central at Grimsley(High Point Central) I’m basing this pick on two factors, HPC QB Drew Adams and HPC NG Jimmy Moorman. The HCP defense is the strong factor and if HPC can muster up some offense then they are in the game, because the HPC “D” is one of the tops in the area, at least that’s what their people are telling me. It will hard to pick Grimsley unitl they get their offense sorted out and if RB David Ray has a big game then Grimsley is in this one and Lay Lay Brown has to be careful not to get re-injured….Torian Patterson is Grimsley’s best overall athlete so he can be a factor, but junior RB Eric Davidson is still not at 100% and to me it all goes back to one thing, “Can Grimsley Stop Jimmy Moorman and keep him out of the Whirlie backfield”?

Just some thoughts…..

Other key games include:
Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford(NWG) The Vikings are at home and they found their offensive groove last week and now their defense faces a Western unit that put up 36 points versus Northern last Friday…..NWG at home will help with the outcome and the place should be packed.

Southwest Guilford at Eastern Guilford(Eastern) Home team and the Wildcats should be fit to be tied up after last week’s loss to NWG and we will find out if SWG might just be for real.

Northcross-Roanoke, Virginia at Smith(Smith) Let’s pull for the Golden Eagles to pull this one out and not to have any kind of letdown after last week’s huge win over WS Atkins. Would love to see this comeback story continue…..

Southeast Guilford at Asheboro(Asheboro) SEG came up short vs. SWG last Friday and now travel to LA(Lower Asheboro) where the Blue Comets found themselves losing to Providence Grove last Friday and with the Comets’ RB Faglier held to 117 yards on 27 carries, he is about ready to run like crazy this week.

Southern Guilford at Rockingham County(Southern) The Strom had a real tough opener versus Ragsdale and they should prevail at RC.

High Point Andrews at Charlotte Country Day(HPA) Didn’t even knolw this game exsisted, but saw it listed in the N&R and we will support the Raiders on the Road.


  1. With rain moving into the Triad it could change some game plans tonight. Advantage teams that rely on the run. Good luck to all teams tonight.

  2. I will take HPC against Grimsley i could be wrong.I’m taken HPC because Coach Samek has taken his two fastest corners Torian Patterson and Lay Lay Brown and have them only playing one way offense.They have a Soph and Sr corner starting and neither one has played Varsity football.I thought you put your best 11 men on the field for battle,guess Samek don’t see it that way.If Grimsley takes a L tonight all falls back on the coaching staff.

  3. for grimsley it’s a sign of the times under ad newman. everybody plays win lose or draw. call it rec ball or whatever. we saw it in baseball last year. looks like parents of kids that stink are dictating who plays and when. unfortunately newman can’t say no. bye

  4. The game was delayed for about an hour and a half, due to lightning.

    Davie scored first to make it 6-0 early, Page blocked the PAT and that swung the momentum for the rest of the game. Page played some smash-mouth football and ran it straight down the throat of the Davie defense. Huge chucks of yardage picked up one after the other on the ground wore out the War Eagle defense. The Pirates scored 34 unanswered points, to make it 34-6 with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Davie scored with 28 seconds left in the game on Page’s 2nd stringers, getting the 2 point conversion, making the final 34-14

  5. Dudley keep your spirits up and learn from your lost. You will do better next Friday. We’re all behind you.

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