HS Football Saturday morning rewind

This season is already turning out to be a hard one to predict.

Smith has now won two straight games to start the season and Southwest Guilford is (2-0) and where did that come from? This might end up being a very tough one to call, so all we can do is sit back and let it happen……

The Smith Golden Eagles are the top story, but SWG can’t too far behind after sneaking past Eastern Guilford by one point. The Ragsdale Tigers have had a slew of productive quarterbacks over the past several years with Wes Pope, Trevor Mullins, Matt Heavner and Tim Romer and the new kid on the block is not too far behind.

Luke Heavner(2009 RHS QB), put on quite a show in Jamestown last night in the Tigers win over Dudley and as someone mentioned here earlier, Heavner had plenty of time to throw the ball with his line(“O” line led by Tyler Ritter) keeping Dudley off of the QB. Ragsdale’s defense was also able to stop the Dudley run when it counted the most and for me the thought of last night’s game that kept coming back to me in my sleep were the Iso’s….

The Isolations with Ragsdale recievers burning the Dudley Panther defenders in the man coverage. DeSean Anderson and Luke Sonrricker were able to run sideline patterns and get past the Dudley DB’s. One-on-one and the Tigers were gone and off to the races after the catch. The YAC(Yards after the Catch) totals had to be huge. Right at 227 yards passing for Heavner and 126 yards receiving for Anderson alone……

This brings us to the point on next week’s game with Northern at Dudley and what was before looking to be a, “Can Northern beat Dudley type of game”, and to what now has become a, “Can Dudley beat Northern type of game”. Northern has the dual-threats in Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris and this could well create major matchup problems…..

More coming later on this and all of the games….(“We are going to tow your car warning”, always means a good time to take a break….)

The key is you have to get pressure on the quarterback to effect how much time he has to reel in his receivers. If you have to take a sledgehammer and blast your way into the backfield, then you have to do it. Start blasting. You have to put pressure on Northern’s quarterback Scarfone and you also have to bump the receivers as they are coming off of the line of scrimmage. One pop or bump, might effect their pass route and when you tackle the receivers you have to drive them into the ground and this goes for any team you are playing. Some how, some way, you have to force them to get up slower and walk or run back to that huddle knowing they have felt blunt contact.

This is all “Coach Speak” type material and it is as always, much easier said than done, but you have to think and believe that what I am saying here is being said in other circles somewhere in the heart of Guilford County this morning…….

That will be the next “Game of the Year”, next Friday when Northern goes over to play Dudley. We saw round one of the “Game of the Year”, last night with Dudley at Northern.

We hope to have a report on the late Page-Davie County game here at the site later today with Joe Barile on the call. Paul had the call on NG at NEG, Paul T. Lambeth II that is…..

We have all the scores for you a few posts back on the Friday nightg game coverage and stats/numbers that we received……

Other key games next week include:
Northwest Guilford(2-0) at Smith(2-0)
Western Guilford at Ragsdale(2-0)
Northern Durham at Page(2-0)
Ledford at Southwest Guilford(2-0)
Eastern Guilford at Northeast…..Always a great neighborhood battle!


  1. [quote]Southeast Guilford at Asheboro(Asheboro) SEG came up short vs. SWG last Friday and now travel to LA(Lower Asheboro) where the Blue Comets found themselves losing to Providence Grove last Friday and with the Comets’ RB Faglier held to 117 yards on 27 carries, he is about ready to run like crazy this week.[/quote]

    Seems like the SEG Falcons got written off after losing a close (until the very end) one to SW Guilford in the season opener even with a game loaded with too many penalties on the Falcons part that saw 2 touchdowns called back. Now SWG is showing they are no push over and the Falcons Defense dominated Asheboro last night and offense looked sharp even with the backup QB playing for several series of the game. Might want to watch them…

  2. This season is going to be tough to call, but that will make it more fun and interesting.

    Missing picks is no fun at all and let’s see if we can still find a contant in all this early madness……..

  3. Wasn’t a criticism of your picks Andy…………just a statement. No news footage from any of the local TV stations for that game either. I think Faigler was held to something under 60 yards in probably around 15 carries and he is a quality back. Score not even mentioned on News2 as far as I saw. It may have been on the crawler down at the bottom. And hey…………If you could get all of your picks @ 100% you’d live in Vegas!!!

  4. SEG–i am the producer of the Fever show on WFMY. we had the Southeast Game and three more on our schedule, but we had a crew pulled thursday to head to the coast so i lost four games that i wanted to cover. also, we did not have a score because no one from southeast or asheboro called us with one. we will be down this friday for the southern game

  5. I was something like 17-3 at this stage last year and now I am at 11-9 and I did stink up the place and I better show so improvement next week or we may have to call in Bryan/Brian Formica to do the picks and I will be on my way to working part-time down at Buck’s Store/Buck’s Curb Market down off of Lee Street Extension………

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