Starting stats checker: Ragsdale, Smith, WG

Here are some of the stats we have been able to check on already by way of and more are coming in soon…..

Ragsdale Tigers:
Passing-Luke Heavner 187.5 yards per game with 4TD’s….

Rushing-D’onovan Smith 93.5 yards per game 1 TD…

Receiving-DeSean Anderson 111.5 yards per game with 2TD’s….
Luke Sonrricker 69 yards per game with 2 TD’s….

Tackles-Darius McQueen 8.5 per game
Walt Sparks 8 per game
Cedric Ellison 7.5 per game
Billy Stone 7 per game

Smith High School:
Passing-Cody Davis 111 yards per game with 4TD’s…

Rushing-Elijah Jordan 70.5 yards per game with 1TD….
Mike Milner 52.5 yards per game with 2TD’s…

Receiving-Anthony Johnson 50.5 yards per game with 1TD…..

Tackles-Antwan Nevious 6 per game

Western Guilford:
Passing-Mark Leake 186 yards per game 1 touchdown…..
Total offense-Leake 208 yards per game…..

Rushing-Aaron Jones 34 yards per game with 3TD’s…..

Receiving-Jabir Ridenhour 147 yards per game 1 touchdown…..

Tackles-Joe Turkson 7 per game…..

*****We hope to have more as we do more research and as more come in…..*****


  1. Josh Morehead at Eastern Guilford already has two interceptions on the season and one was a 70 yrd. touchdown. He has also returned a 90 yard kick off for a touchdown.

  2. Eastern Guilford vs Northeast Rams first of all yall EG is just a fluke 7-0 that was luck,0-3 is what yall about to see. First of all we use the triple option offense before yall and we use it way better then yall. Averaging 50 yards rushing a game off the option what the hell. I guarantee 700 yards against yall soft ass defense and i predict yall to have 25 yards total offense. football is a 11 men game noticed i said men not lil b—- playing powder puff last year was luck just like yall record im a predict a 65-0 final game

  3. I’ve been watching football for a long time and EG is off to the worst start I have seen a football team around here start off in a long while, with the exception of Smith. I wonder if they played Smith last year who would have won??????

  4. I would say Smith. You already know NE hates EG so to any EG supportes, fans, what ever you are and your reading this just tell them to cancel the game and save the embarrassment. Come on they never been challenge and never will. I’d rather play freeze tag then to face this b—-. ( 65-0 )

  5. idk about the 65-0 part but i can for sure see the rams getting a shutout in this one..i dont think the EG has the offense to do anything against the rams

  6. I dont think they have the heart to step on the same feild as us. The talent to matchup with us. eastern is a bunch of little kids playing rec ball (pee-wee) at that.

  7. I don’t know about 65-0 either but I can see a shut out. The EG OL looks pretty weak and really doesn’t get off the ball that well, so I think it could very well be a shutout.

  8. (EG fan: and yall beat southwest last year 44-8) it will be a shutout, shutmouths, and a bunch of eastern guilford pussycats when were done

  9. I love a lil trash talk between rivals. I saw EG play this past Friday night and they are a team on the come up. Yea they loss 7-6, but it could have easily been 35-7 or worse in favor of EG. One question to NEJustBetter, how can a team go 7-0 and be a fluke? I believe that this game will be a good one. NE has some fast and athletic players all over the field. I was really hoping they beat Northern.

  10. NEJustBetter didn’t we beat yall last year? The game is not played on the message board,so sit back and wait.LOL

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