In order to acquire civility and balance; APP, GC and A&T must win today!

If we are to have order, civility and balance in our state; Appalachian, Greensboro College, and N.C. A&T must win today.

East Carolina has tried to create a civil war, as the Pirates have tried to take over and rule the entire Eastern portion of our state. After you leave Raleigh, ECU lays claim to all of the territory, and the land mass that they say is theirs, should not be handed over to this band of ruffians, without a fight.

Let’s hope that Appalachian State will put up a fight in Greenville today and that the Mountaineers will have a shot at taking the flag back to Boone and we can finally hush up or shut up these loud-mouthed Pirates once-and-all…..

Back in the Triad, closer to the home office, we need a win by Greensboro College over Guilford just to prove that this is still a series that the Pride have a chance of winning. Will there be Proof in the Pride Pudding today????? The Quakers have been the dominant team as of late and we will find out today if Greensboro can still compete in this Soup Bowl…..Does Randy Hunt have a dog in the fight? He better, because this game is more than just a football game, this is what you call an “Inner City War”……

Greensboro College versus Guilford College, 1pm in the “Soup Bowl”, at Jamieson Stadium…….

N.C. A&T must win at Winston-Salem State if we are to have real Aggie Football back in the Gate City again…..Coach Alonzo Lee needs to take his Aggies over to Bowman Gray Stadium and bring back a win over the WSSU Rams by two TD’s or more….

The Aggies have to get off to a good start to take some of the pressure off of Lee and to re-unite the “Aggie Nation”.

We will pull for Wake Forest and Duke in what may turn out to be very close ball games and I talked to my contacts down in Chapel Hill and they tell me that UNC will win be 43 today against The Citadel.

Good to be back at College Football Central for another season, and why would yoy tune into ESPN, when you can get all you need, right here at GSPN!!!!!


  1. Andy, you know I love ya man but this time I can’t agree with you. Quakers must prevail in order to keep the world from collasping as we know it!

  2. good game app…ill give it to them that they fought hard…but if you trully watched the game east carolina was the better team…maybe they slacked off, maybe they tried out new players, i dont know. but this was a manslaughter early. if ecu keeps up the intensity the entire game, ecu would have won by 50. ecu was up 27-0 late in the 2nd quarter. Stats explain it all.

  3. Ah, still no respect. Back in the day, ECU was the redheaded step child of the UNC system; and it still is today…it seems. In the 70s, one reporter described an ECU QB as a ” 5’10” Black” and the RB as a “the son of a Greek hot dog stand owner.” At least now we have moved up tobeing a bunch redneck easterners. Go Pirates.

  4. We MUST start getting MUST spelled correctly!

    I think if App changes QB’s sooner we might have seen a different outcome with the Mountaineers coming out on top. ASU reaches the moutaintop and beats ECU on 9/5/09. We do know the final was ECU 29, ASU 24……

    The #2 man for ASU, Presley, did not get the job done, but that #3 signal caller, Cadette or something in that neighborhood, he was taking App right on down the field. Maybe ECU relaxed and they couldn’t get it back, who knows?

    But, you have to give Appalachian credit, they were in this game and had a chance to win with 1:48 to go in the 4th quarter. The Mountaineers were on the doorstep. They were not, by any stretch of the imagaination, doormats……

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