We have ties/connections to new Greensboro College baseball coach

Matt Aker has been named the new baseball coach at Greensboro College.

I used to watch his dad, Jack Aker, when he pitched for the Atlanta Braves. I also watched Jack manage the Lynchburg Mets to the Carolina League title back in 1978.

I used to to watch the Mets’ games at the old Lynchburg, Virginia City Stadium. One of my favorite memories and I told this story recently on a Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball broadcast, was when I would sit in the stands at the Mets games and one fan in particular would hollar out every night to the skipper and I have never forgotten this, “Hey Jack listen to me we’ll win”.

The team did win, but not because of that fan, it was because of Wally Backman, Jeff Reardon, Ron Gardenhire and all other Mets’ talented players(Paco Perez, Ronald McDonald Alex Trevino etc.) and the skipper, Jack Aker……..

Carolina League Champions:


  1. We are very lucky to get a coach as great as Coach Aker. Seeing how bad Coach Lojko screwed everything up. Congratulation and thank you Coach Aker for saving Greensboro College baseball.

  2. We need to get these guys to buy an “S”. Jack’s wife won $250,000 on :Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, so you know they can afford it.

    At first I thought the new guy was named Mark Acres, but then we heard he was Jack’s son and he was on the map after that and we also found out it was Matt, not Mark……

    Good luck Matt Aker and do you guys have any connection to Claude Akins????? All in the same celebrity neighborhood, I’m sure…..

  3. Much closer to Andy Griffith. Just watched him on Matlock and that man is better as Ben Matlock than he was as the sheriff in Mayberry…..

    I have seen it all and done it all and I do look forward to meeting Coach Matt Aker. I had never heard of him before he showed up here, but I do remember his dad and he was one of the all-time greats in my book.

    If Matt is anything like his dad Jack Aker, then he will make it big in this business.

    Matt will be on his way now that he has been mentioned at this site. This is where people come to get noticed and established……

    I heard the former North Carolina Tar Heel baseball coach, Coach Mike Roberts, was one of the three finalist for this job. Congratulations to Matt Aker, and we will do all we can to help him get his name out there within the local circles…….

  4. Andy- Coach Aker has been with Greensboro for over 6 years. The players like and trust him. That will be key to keep the players from transfering after the way the school handled Coach Caryle. My son plays for Greensboro and is looking forward to playing for Coach Aker. There was never enough money on the table to bring in Coach Roberts and he basically told the players that in the interveiw meeting. If you want more information on Coach Aker go to the schools website his history is there. We are very lucky to have Coach Aker.

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