Real fight backstage with The Big Show and Great Khali

This could have gotten real ugly, as the scene escalated into a real fight, with two of the biggest/largest/greatest(by size proportion) men in all of sports entertainment.(Big Show 7′ 485lbs. and The Great Khali 7’3 420lbs.)

Can imagine how this might have ended up, if this brawl was not broken up in a timely manner?

We are just flat out lucky we didn’t have to send one of our reps like Bruce Mitchell or Cecil Carr down there to put an end to all of this, but you never know, by the time they got there, somebody might have had a dead body, on their hands……

Here’s the true story from Jason Powell and

Big Show and The Great Khali got into a backstage fight at the Arecibo, Puerto Rico house show on Saturday, according to Mike Johnson of

Show is reportedly upset because he feels that certain moves Khali uses should be exclusive to him. The fight took place after their six-man tag match. Show threw the first punch and they were eventually pulled apart.


  1. Gimme a break! What moves could possibly be “exclusive” to either one of these giant gibronis?! Boot to face, The Claw, Bear Hug, Stomp, Clothes line, Choke hold (with or w/o toss across the ring), Punch to face, Entering the ring one leg at a time over the top rope? Have i missed anything in the combined arsenal of these two highly paid jobbers?

    Oh, I forgot smashing opponent into post, backwards while trying to break up the sleeper.

  2. Don’t forget the real “Choke Slam” pal.(Applied by Bull Durham.)

    I taught this to Paul Wight(Big Show) and Mark Calloway(Undertaker) out behind Lum’s Restaurant on Battleground many years ago.

    (Or was that the Heimlich Maneuver that I was showing to Show’s grandfather and The Undertaker’s daddy Paul Bearer????? Can’t seem to remember now, it must be those hotdogs from Lum’s……..)

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