Flu bug hits Lucy C. Ragsdale

The Big Game on Friday(Page at Ragsdale), has taken a slight twist, as we received word today, that at least two of the starting linemen for Lucy C. Ragsdale, have been hit hard by the Flu bug.

We don’t know how much this might effect Friday’s game, but the word is if you don’t practice(say you miss school due to the flu), then you do not play on Friday night…..At this point, reserves would have to be called into duty and pressed into starting roles…….

How much school you have to miss, before you end up missing the game, has yet to be determined…….

Page(3-0) at Ragsdale(3-0) in Jamestown on Friday night with the kickoff set for 7:30……..

Here is some of the history for you on the host school for Friday’s game Lucy C. Ragsdale:
In 1907 the North Carolina General Assembly enacted a law providing for the creation and maintenance of public high schools in each county.

Jamestown Public School, a union school, was built and became the “best equipped school” in Guilford County with dormitories for boarding students. In 1914 the school was destroyed by fire, but a new building was completed the next year. This building now stands in the heart of Jamestown and houses the Jamestown Public Library.

The school grew steadily and a new high school complex in Jamestown was opened in September 1959. The new high school was named for Lucy Coffin Ragsdale because of her dedication and interest to public school education in Jamestown. The first principal of Ragsdale High School was T.G. Madison, followed by Dr. Steve Dalton. Dr. Kathryn Rogers, the current principal, is only the third principal in the history of the school.

Ragsdale has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1962. Ragsdale was the first high school in Guilford County to receive this recognition.


  1. This is from a Ragsdale supporter:

    “No one that I am aware of has missed school. One kid missed 1/2 practice Monday and all of Tuesday – he was back today. Another missed 1/2 practice yesterday and all of today. He did not miss school and should be back on Thursday. I cannot imagine this keeping these kids out of the game.”

  2. The post above is not accurate. 2 starters missed 2 days of school. Both left practice very early one day and did not come the next. Not sure about the other players. Coaches make decisions on who plays, not posters. Careful what you post Joe.

  3. Mike,

    Can you read?

    The post says nothing about kids NOT playing on Friday. Joe took a direct quote from a Ragsdale supporter/parent who happens to be a pretty reliable source just mentioning some kids being out. “No one that I am aware.” MEANING…personally he was not aware of anyone missing school at that time. He does not state NO ONE MISSED SCHOOL.

    Learn to read and then you can tell someone “careful what you post.”

  4. “No one that I am aware of has missed school. Posted by Joe from another site.

    Yes Emily, I read fine. Can you? See above quote. This is not true.

    “I cannot imagine this keeping these kids out of the game.”

    This implies someone might not play on Friday.

    Emily, maybe it’s reading comprehension you struggle with.

    Joe took the word of a source he doesn’t know and repeated it. BTW, how do you know this is a reliable source?

  5. This flu bug is pretty tough. I have been fighting it somewhat since yesterday and it tears your stomach apart.

    The bathrooms might be packed at Ragsdale on Friday night……

    I would think after a hot Dr. Pepper, that all players should be ready to go…..

  6. Mike.. I was just reposting that quote just to say that no one has missed school and that everyone will probably play in the game on Friday..

    The source is reliable. Thanks.

  7. Joe, Mike’s info is pretty accurate. My son is one of the players. I know some of the guys that have missed school. I don’t know your source but he/she is not totally accurate. As to who it is, I’ll keep that private. I’m sure you understand. Good luck Friday. Hope you have a safe drive up. Traffic is tough on that highway on Fridays.

  8. “This implies someone might not play on Friday.” Keyword: implies. Your making an assumption, I don’t see it that way.


    Were not talking about a life or death situation so I’m not really why you were giving him a hard time about a quote he took from a Ragsdale Parent. Joe and I both know who he got the information from, someone who he has talked too on many occasions. At the time the information was given obviously things were still unclear. As this was 2-3 days ago.

    I think the only thing that matters at this point is that these kids are healthy and hopefully give it their all out on the field on Friday win or lose.

    Go Page!

  9. Page stinks! And besides, girls don’t know anything about football! or basketball! or baseball! or….

  10. lol, Page stinks?

    Page is 3-0.. Grimsley is 0-3..

    Grimsley has scored 6 points so far this year.. Page has scored 155..

  11. North Davidson and Central Davidson actually postponed their game tonight because over half of Central dDvidson is sick with the flu.

  12. ran into a player’s mom at Sam’s today. She said her son was one of the flu bitten players but he would be playing. I imagine that will be the case for most of the players unless they are in really bad shape.

  13. Mark,

    Don’t you think the kids that have the flu or even are just starting to get over it.. will get tired pretty quickly in a football game? Even if its just the regular flu and not H1N1, its stays in your system for a pretty long time.. and it lingers for a while. Are those kids healthy enough to play a whole game?

  14. I have no idea if some of the kids affected are healthy enough to play the whole game. I’m not sure if this is H1N1 or just “regular” flu. I have kids at the school and haven’t heard anything at all about a flu outbreak other than what I’ve read here about the football team.

    I imagine some kids may be too sick to play, some may play and get worn down quickly, some might play all night and never miss a beat.

    There – I think that about covers all the possibilities. I do know Norwood has a very deep defense – he runs a lot of players in and out all night so that could mean that some of the sick kids don’t have to go as long as usual – of course it also might mean that some of the healthy kids get worn down playing all game.

    I guess we’ll all know in about six hours how it all goes down.

  15. Joe, you’re probably right. That’s why the coaches plan on resting some guys. While this game is important, it’s not a conference game and it’s the games in weeks 13,14, and 15 that mean a lot. There was actually talk from coaches about holding out some other players (flu and non-flu players). You’ll see in the substitution pattern tonight.

    Mark, Defense is deep on the d-line only. As much as you follow the team you should know all this.

  16. yeah – it is mostly across the d-line but if Pompey can go and with Grimes and Swaim he has a good corp of linebackers and I never can seem to keep track of which DBs are in other than McQueen and Armwood. That depth is going to really help them as the season progresses.

    To me the biggest depth issues are the O-line and running back.

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