Live Scores Friday Football

Durham Jordan (3-1)- 24
at Grimsley (0-4)- 21 – FINAL

Northwest Guilford (3-1) – 27
at Northern Guilford (3-1) – 42 – FINAL

Page (3-1) – 21
at Ragsdale (4-0) – 42 – FINAL

Raleigh Wakefield (2-2) – 7
at Dudley (3-1) – 14 – FINAL

Southwest Guilford(3- 1) – 20
at High Point Andrews(2-2) – 22- FINAL

Northeast Guilford(2-2) – 16
at Reidsville(4-0) – 28 – FINAL

Western Guilford (1-3) – 48
at Eastern Guilford (0-4) – 31 – FINAL

Southeast Guilford(2-2) – 42 – FINAL
at Rockingham County(3-1) – 21-


  1. Keenan Allen cannot be stoppped, he carried northern on his back and lead them to victory
    same wiht Aaron jones for WG

  2. Page fell flat tonight against Ragsdale. Not a good performance. The problem is that Page has the talent. The playcalling was just horrible. The run was hit or miss but if Page wants to run Metro this year, they have to develop a solid passing game.

    Not to take anything away from Ragsdale. They played great. They might go undefeated in the regular season. Unfortunately, they are 4-a this year which kind of dims any chance of a state title in the postseason.

  3. You’re right, UNCMTH ’13. Page ran into a buzzsaw tonight. Ragsdale is a very good football team; fast, physical, great defense and a great passing game. Wow! Page just could not cover Ragsdale’s speedy wide outs. They were like the Denny’s restaurant out on Holden Road, “open all night.”

    It must be the personnel of this team that is preventing Coach Gillespie from running the spread formations that he ran last season. Of course last season Page had Will Newman at quarterback. My question is, can’t the new Page QB (number 18) run a more diverse motion offense? All Page is doing is running between the tackles. Tonight it appeared that Ragsdale was daring Page to pass. Pirates could get nothing going on the ground. The playcalling was ultra conservative. I don’t want to say Page was predictable with the run game, but Woody Hayes just rose from the dead and said, “Damn.”

    Page has three great running backs. If they have some room to move, they’ll hurt the other team. So, why not try to get Tuck Phan into the flat on a screen pass, or a slant? How about a little misdirection? I think Page has talent, but unless they get more diverse on their playcalling, the other teams will figure this offense out and Page will struggle in conference play.

    Oh, and the secondary was playing real, real soft tonight. Was the defense blitzing much? It seemed like they were sitting back in the base defense. I also saw Jon Spain limp of the field. I hope he’s okay!

    Tough night for Page tonight. Let’s hope they can regroup next Friday.

  4. I’ve been to all of Eastern Guilford’s football games, and they look nothing like the team from last year. Can anyone explain this.

  5. Keenan Allen-Quarterback
    Keenan Allen -Running Back
    Keenan Allen- Receiver
    Kennan Allen-Punter & Punt Returner
    Kennan Allen-Kicker & Kick Returner
    Kennan Allen- Safety& Linebacker

    What would NG be without Him????
    We’ll find out next year.

  6. If Ragsdale had the flu tonight, I’d hate to see them at full-strength when they get well.

    How do we go about predicting Southeast Guilford????? One week they are falling hard at home versus Southern Guilford, a team that lost to Rockingham County and the next week SEG is topping Rockingham County by 20 at RC…..Go figure that.

    Eastern Guilford started out last season at (7-0) and they are at (0-4) one year later to begin 2009…..

    Go figure on all of this from above!

  7. that was an awesome display wan’t it Andy? Every phase of the game. Offense, defense, special teams.

    and to the poster above dissing Ragsdale’s playoff hopes because of the move to 4A – think again. Ragsdale will be small 4A which really isn’t much different than big 3A. They won’t be facing Indy, Richmond County, Butler etc who play in the 4AA bracket. Not looking to far ahead but I think Ragsdale will be just fine come playoff time.

  8. These Page fans kill me. Page got dominated tonight. No way Page was going to run the ball tonight on Ragsdale. All week long Page fans talked smack. The combined record of the Page opponents was either 1-8 or 0-9. What made them think they could execute against Ragsdale? They couldn’t move the ball on Ragsdale with Will Newman last year and the Tiger defense is a year older this year. The big surprise is how Ragsdale moved the ball on Page. Thuc Phan for Page is the real deal but Ragsdale had a plan. No way he was getting outside tonight.

  9. John, part of the plan tonight was not let Phan go off. Turn him inside and give him nothing outside. No way he was getting outside tonight on runs or passes. the other backs are very good but nothing Ragsdale has not seen before. As you said, Page has great backs if given room to move. I agree 100%. They are very talented. Ragsdale wanted to take away that “room to move”.

    Mark, sorry I missed you tonight.

  10. Keenan Allen is amazing there is no doubt
    but there are still ten other players on the field
    he is not the only kicker as well
    gafford kicked 6 extra points against Nw

  11. I was not impressed by Page’s O’line. All we heard from Page posters all week was how good their offensive line was. They were small and had poor execution.

  12. I was at the Ragsdale/Page game. Page was outmanned. They aren’t in the same league as Ragsdale. I sat on the Page sideline and listen to how these guys averaged all these points and how Ragsdale hadn’t played a team like Page. Well, now they have and Ragsdale beat them in every part of game.

    One positive point for Page was there QB, #18. This kid is one heck of an athlete. He looked like the best player on the field, but his coach helped the Ragsdale defense by rotating QBs (THEY STILL WOULD HAVE LOST). I had read that these guys rotate QBs, but after watching them live…I don’t get it. Can someone who knows more about this program explain this to me taking your best option at QB and your best athltete off the field. I believe this kid lead all 3 Page scoring drives. I think he accounted for all 3 TDs. I know he threw a touchdown early and had one amazing touchdown run late.

  13. KC…I don’t want to call out any numbers, but one of the biggest D lineman that Page had just stood straight up all night long. He made no effort to attack. I expected to see more effort. I was on the phone with a college friend who is a Page graduate and former football player giving him play by play on the game until I heard a dial tone.

  14. for sure the Page QB Summers #18 is a great player. I compared his style of play to Vince Young. Big, mobile with a nice arm. Very smooth runner.
    Not sure why Page is rotating QBs. It’s nice to have two that can play but you need a leader back there that goes all the way. That is what Heavner has turned into for Ragsdale.

    I’ll also say that while Gillespie is a good coach that Norwood has had his number going back to his Trinity days. Which reminds me how much credit the whole Ragsdale coaching staff deserves. They probably have about four head coach caliber coaches as assistants and they really have Ragsdale executing at a high level.

  15. Hey Hix,

    Who were the ten other players?
    The newspaper didn’t mention them.
    The TV never mentioned them.
    Even NG head coach never talks about anyone else but Keenan.
    Matter a fact Roscoe said Allen is the best in America.
    No doubt the Allen kid is great, but he would have been great anywhere, Grimsley,
    NE, Page. He just happen to land at NG

  16. To Damon,

    The only reason that I can fathom for the QB situation at Page is that the Coach is trying to be loyal to a senior who has been in the program for four years.

    He is hurting his team with the rotation of QBs. I hope that the Ragsdale game is an eye opener for him. Summers is clearly the better of the two.

    Play your best players regardless of class or experience.

  17. Kirk and Dave,

    I guess I should visit this site more often. I certainly would not be one of the Page fans boasting in advance of playing Ragsdale. I know how good a team Ragsdale is. I also knew that Page really hasn’t faced a tough team thus far. I went to the game hoping to see a great match-up.

    Page has a lot of work to do. I agree, Gillespie needs to stick with Summers at QB. Roll him out, get him in the open field, let him run or throw. It will make the offense less predictable.

    But the real concern is the secondary. Even against Northern Durham last Friday Page was getting beat on the pass. Last week the pass rush was much better, but if Page can’t get pressure, their secondary gets eaten up. Their defensive coaches have their work cut out for them in practice this week.

    I still like Page’s chances in the conference, but they were definitely exposed last night. Too one-dimensional, poor pass coverage, and they looked disorganized. Did you see the kid run onto the field when Ragsdale was kicking the point after? That’s just poor coaching.

  18. LOL…………where is Joe Barile at? Of course, he was the first Page fan to break the news about the flu big hitting a few of the Ragsdale players as if that would help Page’s effort. Not last night and it sounds like Coach Norwood had Page’s number. Ragsdale will be awesome come playoff time if they keep this up and it looks like the wheels have fallen off for Page once again ala last year.

  19. hey andy, coach k was at the northern vs northwest game last night, in northern gear, what do ya think about that?

  20. This is the USA, but for Coach K, need some clothes that say, ORMA!

    Time to start promoting the Cadets……….

  21. “Not sure why Page is rotating QBs.”

    To answer that Mark, Coach still can’t seem to realize that Summers is the playmaker. Hopefully when they reviewed that film until 3 and 4 am this morning they realized that, as well as many other things.

    Props to Ragsdale on a great game, and a very complete team.

    Page will continue to make some noise for the rest of the year but if we want to carry that noise into the playoffs we need to work on quite a few things.

  22. The senior quarterback hasn’t been at Page 4 years. He moved in his Junior year. Congrats to Ragsdale and I don’t care if it’s 3A 4A or 5A I wouldn’t write them out of anything.

  23. People may not remember but Page rotated QB’s when Will Newman was a sophomore for the first half of the year. Then the other kid, also a sophomore left Page and went on to a successful career at Thomasville and Newman became 2 time Metro Offensive player of the year.

  24. When Page routed Northern Durham 2 weeks ago, the Page secondary was exposed in that game. ND had a big WR that made several big plays deep in the secodary that should have been cause for concern going up against Ragsdale. Need to tighten up that pass D.

  25. There were two ways to look at the Page/Northern Guilford game. Someone pointed out to me that if Northern was a bad enough team to give up 63 points, how were they good enough to score 27 on the Page defense? A team that has a talent level to give up 63 points usually doesn’t have the talent to score 27 on many people, especially a good team like Page.

  26. Hey Andy, please remember Coach K was forced out. He still has kids that played for him at northern. Several of them play football also. So much for him being only for himself huh? Coach K has an uncompromising love and respect for the kids he mentors. Here is a Question for you Andy. Ask Rusty Lee (AD from Page) has he been to Penn St, to support Kevion, or has he been to Oregon to support R. Alston. Ask Coach G from page has he been to a game to support those players also. This past year coach Roscoe attended the super bowl, paid for by a former player he coached years ago, that he still mentors until this day. Coaches have to love kids not just the game. Thanks Andy please ask those questions for me.

  27. Coaches get in college games for free (may be the same for AD’s). But the cost to get there can be expensive. I’m betting Lee and Gillespie would be there if someone paid for the trip as someone did for Roscoe.

    Just so you know, most HS coaches spend saturday am with their CURRENT kids reviewing film and then exchanging film with the next opponent and then breaking that film down. Coaching football is not a Monday thru Friday job. Coaches get to some local games but an 8 hour car trip to Pa. or a flight to Oregon might be a bit much to ask.

  28. Come on Joe. You have got to be kidding Me. One game out of 4 years. Im not talking Professional, or Super bowl. If they really cared about the kids they would. What about GSB. Any of these members support the kids they represent Greensboro. It doesn’t matter, but stop hating when Kids want to play for another coach.

  29. Lol I see I have a stalker. How cute. Northern looked great but as every team has some weaknesses to fix. But they are working it out. Go Nighthawks!!

  30. To Basketball Fan,

    To help explain Coach G, since you have no idea who he is personally, well, he has three very young boys of his own (two in elementary school and one baby) whom he sees maybe 30 minutes a day after he gets home from coaching and before they have to go to bed…Now, what do you think Saturdays are for, since Sundays are for coaching meetings? That is one day to spend with his family. Unlike you, who may not be a family first kind of guy, he does love his family and understands the toll that they go through of not seeing him for four months out of the year…Just so you know since you did ask, I’ve been with him to go watch players play at some North Carolina Universities, along with his boys, so to sit here and say that he don’t care about his players is foolish. These in state college games are free for him, but if he were to go to Penn State, he would have to pay travel and admission, so all I’m saying is that it ain’t cheap, and if you had three kids of your own, you would probably know that it ain’t cheap raising them either. Before you attack someone, call him and get to know him…That goes for any coach you want to attack without knowing circumstances or situations…

    As far as Ragsdale is concerned, they were a great team Friday night and great in all phases of the game. How many college QB’s can you say have been that accurate on that many fades? Not one fade was misthrown from Heavner, so he was dialed in for sure. Page definitely could and should have played better defense, but how can you defend someone who is as accurate as Heavner was that night? Say what you want to about the Page team, but they will bounce back. I am confident of this. No one else has put 21 points on Ragsdale, and no one else has had almost 240 yards rushing against them either. Page’s defense has some real soul searching to do, and the main thing is that they need to start winning the turnover battle. The offense will turn the ball over, but when the defense never gets the ball back for them, well, Page will continue to struggle…

    Now, lastly for all you arm chair coaches…I’m not naive enough to make comments while I sit in the stands as I don’t go to their practices. So, for me to have my opinion is one thing, but to go to games on Friday night and claim that Coach G is stupid for not starting Summers is another. Look, the first three games, Bruce McKoy played solid and has done the better job. James played good against Ragsdale and is one of the biggest competitors that I have ever seen (talking about his JV year last year), but he was outplayed by Bruce in the first three games. James could eventually win the starting job, and he probably will if he continues to grow into the QB that everyone thinks that he will, but no one sees practice. No one obviously remembers the first three games. All I am saying, is that it is easy for us to sit up in the stands and make comments about how stupid the coaches seem, but everyone has to understand that there are reasons. You may not know them, but I’m sure there are reasons, and I doubt it is loyalty for the seniors, because I know Coach G is going to play his best players…By the way, here is some added info for one of the posters that talked about Coach G splitting time with QB’s before…Well, the other QB that was splitting time with Will Newman his sophomore year and who eventually transferred to Thomasville ended up winning a state championship his senior year?..What did Newman win besides Metro player of the year?

  31. Page fan I said the other one went on to a successful career at Thomasville. It wasn’t a dig on the kid that left. But thanks for the response, no doubt who you are anymore, and for the record I think your son does a great job at Page.

  32. topfin29,

    I’m not for sure who you have me confused with, but I don’t have any sons, nor any kids that attend Page…

    I didn’t think you were taking a stab at Coach G for splitting time with QB’s, I was just making a statement that he ain’t dumb. Both Will and Brooks were good QB’s, and at that time there was a reason why he was splitting time with them much like the QB situation now. I do believe that James will eventually win out, because he is a gamer and has a lot of upside, but Bruce has not played bad either. All I am saying is there is a reason, and if James keeps playing with a lot of heart and passion like he showed against Ragsdale, then for sure he will win the job for keeps…

  33. I’m Sorry, but based on the game I saw… player looked clearly better than most on that field and that was #18. I saw no reason for him to ever come off the field. Look at the game stats. He had and hand in all the points Page scored.

  34. Damon,

    I’m not disagreeing with your observation from the Ragsdale game ONLY, but it is clear that you didn’t see the first three games either…If you want stats, well, Bruce QB rating was 140 going into the game against Ragsdale and had better passing stats…Can’t quite say that its not getting it done…

    Again, James is a great talent and I’m sure Coach G is thrilled to have him for two more years after this one…James is clearly a much better runner, but he does need to work on his passes, so that he is not just a running/passing QB…He needs to work hard throwing the ball, so that he is a passer first / runner second…To me, that is more scary…

  35. Ragsdale was able to hold Page to under 100 yards rushing through 3 quarters ( N&R had Page for 149 net yards on 40 carries and 56 yards passing). They were led by the linebackers Sparks (14 tackles, 6 solos) and Stone (12 tackles)who had 26 tackles between them. All week those 2 felt they had something to prove after hearing people talk about the Page LB’s all week. After Friday it was evident where the best LB’s went to school. James was able to scramble for a long run of about 60 yards but other than that he had little running room. DE Daniel McNeil pressured him with 2 sacks as did all 3 Ragsdale LB’s and DE’s Desjardins, McKoy and Hanford.

    James Summers does give Page another dimension. His speed should help him get to the edge but if he develops a passing game it should take some pressure off the running game and prevent teams from stacking the line. While Summers is fast, he was run down twice from behind by both Stone and Sparks. If he develops just a little passing game Page will be much more dangerous later in the year.

    Page showed me they have tons of talent. While no one likes to lose they could benefit from this loss. They now know they cannot go far in the playoffs with just one dimension. I expect to see a better Page team 2 months from now. That’s part of the reason you play these games. But as far as Friday night goes, Ragsdale was better in all facets of the game, Coaching, offense led by Heavner and his O-line, the defense led by everyone, and the special teams.

  36. Why can’t the Page fans chalk this game up as a fat “L” and move on the the next “opportunity”? This very well may be Ragsdale’s year to win it all, but only time will tell. I do like the attitude that this group has and I think it’s something that has been missing from Ragsdale football for a lonnnnnng time going back to 2000.

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