Player of the week from last Friday night in All-Guilford checker

Who would be the Player-of-the-week from last Friday?

1) Aaron Jones(WG) 6TD’s vs. EG….
2) Keenan Allen(NG) 4TD’s(3 runnnig and one receiving), and another passing vs. NWG…..
3) Luke Heavner(Ragsdale) Outstanding game in win over Page….Heavner was 12-16 for 189 yards and 3TD’s…..

4) James Summers(Page) 2TD passes and a touchdown run of 60 yards vs. Ragsdale…..
5) Trey Ingram(NEG) 107 yards rushing, a TD catch and a two-point conversion catch against Reidsville and his QB Darius White tossed two TD passes for the Rams….
6) LaShawn Brown and his Grimsley Whirlie-mates picked up 230 yards rushing against Durham Jordan…….
7) Airyn Willis(SWG) Two more TD’s for Willis, but his Cowboys drop a 22-20 heartbreaker to High Point Andrews……
8 JR Peterson and Mycah Gaylord(Dudley) RB’s lead the Dudley ground-attack to a 14-7 tight win over Raleigh Wakefield…..
9) Drew Adams, Derek Grant, and Jimmy Moorman(High Point Central) Two TD passes for Adams and both went to Grant in the Bison’s 30-8 win over Smith, in a game dictated defensively at the line of scrimmage by HPC’s #2, Mr. Moorman…….
10) Jarod Pluciniczak(Bishop McGuinness) 110 yards rushing and 3TD’s for JP and if you can spell Pluciniczak without looking, it means early admission to the Don Osborne Kicking Academy in Thomasville and we think Kevin Faxon, the Bishop kicker, has been going over there already. Faxon was 7-7 in PAT’s last Friday night…….
Plu-sa-knee-zach??????(Are we in?)


  1. You have to go with Keenan Allen. I was at the NG NWG game. Keenan started to cramp up in the 3rd quater. When he came off the field NW shut Northern down. Without him Northern might be 0-4 right now.

  2. Every team has 1 or 2 great players. Take away any teams star players and they could be 0-fer! What would NW be without the players that transfered from Northern!

  3. No doubt Keenan Allen is an incredible player but I think it’s time to let some other triad area stars stand in the light. My vote is for Heavner.

  4. Ragsdale LBERs Billy Stone (12 tackles, 3 solo) and Walt Sparks (14 tackles, 6 solo) combined for 26 tackles against Page.

    All three of the ones mentioned in the article are deserving but the best athlete among them is Keenan Allen. Finishing 2nd to him is no embarrassment. That kid will play on Sundays. Heavner played very well but he has a much stronger supporting cast that Allen. He throws to Anderson, Sonnricker and others and he has the time to throw behind that O-line Ragsdale has. 6 TD’s by Aaron Jones is outstanding. Big week for all 3.

  5. I’m a big Heavner fan (as well as Sparks and Stone) and there is no doubt Allen is the best athlete in Guilford County but I have to go with the 6 TDs. My vote goes to Jones.

  6. John,
    And who would pick up the slack if the Pauley’s weren’t there? The other guy is way to busy painting 🙂

  7. I’ve never seen nothing like this Moorman kid from Central. He’s the best defensive player in the area and might just be the top overall talent. Even better than Allen. Watch him week in and week out and he is on the ball every snap. He’s a grown man playing high school ball with little kids. You better talk to your State Farm agent if your team has to face Moorman this year.

  8. Josh Morehead

    Rushing TD, Passing TD, Interception, KOR for a TD
    All around great player and would be top notch on any team.

  9. I wasn’t at the game but I saw a few clips and NW helped keenan allen beat them with a few costly mistakes. The INT fumble for a TD was a momentum killer. But no worries NW has Grimsley next week, a team they should beat by double digit points with their offense and the defense should hold grimsley to single digits…putting NW at 4-1 and closer and closer to securing a play-off bid

  10. I was not planning on commenting on this article because it is so hard to make a decision on all of these guys mentioned. However, in a brief comment, I was at the NG NW game and if you took Allen number 21, for those who don’t know, from Northern and the Pauley twins from NW number 6 and number 9, for those who don’t know, then that game would not have lived up to the hype. Between these 3 guys the defensive side of the ball called their names consistently, practically every play. Offensively all 3 guys do a little bit of everything. Allen returns, QB, RB and WR. Between the two Pauleys they both lined up at WR, RB and both returned as well. The program also has one of them, number 6, listed as a QB too. Like I said this game would have not been much to watch without these do-it-all players. Yes there are other players on these teams and they all play as a team. This article however is about what fuels these team’s fire.

  11. Face it this Northern Northwest Rivalry is going to be a nasty one for years to come. All I know is they better schedule this game every year from here on out!

  12. The Pauley boys home school in Northern and they did transfer to NW. The boys went to NW Middle as did everyone in the area since that was the only middle school. They have been at NorthernHS since they were freshmen. Sorry they felt like they had to move.

  13. They just like everyone else that left Northern probably did not want to be coached or associated with a bunch of cheaters. Get a Clue Northern Fans! As long as they played there they would be apart of that school that cheats to win! GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!

  14. Guys,
    They went back to NWG because they were more afraid to practice that they were to play. Probably great kids, but what was done ws not very admirable—and I think Alan A. hit the nail on the head when he pointed out the role of parents and their reasons for making the calls to the administration. Why doesn’t everyone just let the Northern issues die of natural causes? It’s time!!!!!!

  15. We are dealing with loads of issues here, but let’s lay them aside and give props to the kids. All of the ones you guys have been mentioning are working hard and doing well at NWG, NG, WG, RHS, Page, Dudley, EG, HPC, ETC. and others.

    We have some great kids out there busting their butts to get better and weathering the storm. Keep up the good work guys…..

  16. Not me. I’m all about those kids up at NEG and the other schools too.

    If we screw up and leave somebody out that deserves a shot let us know. Back in the day, nobody got any decent publicity/pub around here.

    Hopefully we are doing something to change that, in spite of ourselves.

  17. I don’t think Andy was slighting anyone. He mentioned a few schools and then said including others. I guess he could name every school in the area to cover himself.

    What disappoints me is we have a thread about complimenting kids on their achievements and it still has to turn to a conversation on transfers and issues at Northern. When can we ever move forward?

  18. Any kid that wanted to get out of the Northern situation should not be blamed for doing anything. Whether it was the parent’s decision or the kid’s how can you blame anyone for wanting to get out of academic and recruiting scandals along with the nasty things from uprisings that went on there. If anyone could justifiably say they see no reason AT ALL out of all that for a kid to leave then please explain.

  19. A.S. Sociation what are you thinking? They left because they have integrityy unlike anyone at Northern!!! Who wants to play for the NG “Kenans” and whether he is there legally or not, that team is still not legit. I totally agree with “don’t blame them.” Northern issues do need to die in the fact that the school sports should all be shut down and totally reformed top to bottom.

  20. It is time to step in. What do you people think is going on at Northern? My child has been there since day 1 and she still loves it. The only people that are having problems with Northern are adults. I have continually asked my child how all of the kids are school are handling things. The response is always the same, it isn’t bothering the kids. BTW, what type of academic scandals are you talking about? They left because they have integrity? Uprisings? That all sounds ridiculous. Some of Northern sports programs were punished appropriately, but don’t throw the whole school under the bus. There are plenty of good kids, good teachers and good coaches that remain at Northern. This nonsense needs to end!

  21. NG is legit. NG players legit. Coach Johnny Roscoe is a good guy. Those mentioned who transferred out live in NG district switched schools due to parent’s actions. No new news. It’s over. Move on. Best wishes to all the kids.

  22. I agree it is time to let everyone involved with NG move on.
    However the black cloud will continue to hang over this school for some time.
    Those who decided to transfer did so to distance themselves from the ongoing
    controversy at NG.
    Integrity always prevails and when you do the right thing good things happen.
    With new coaches and players hopefully in time NG can one day rise above all the
    problems that have surrounded this school form day 1.
    We still have great students and staff and we are only 1 coach away from having
    a great staff of coaches.

    Go Nighthawks

  23. Who is the one coach who needs to be replaced. The sad thing is that there were some good coaches and good men who were caught up in the “scandal” as you called it. It’s sad for everyone who ended up being hurt IMHO.

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