Football in Focus at Shane’s Rib Shack tonight at 6pm

We will get together again tonight for a LIVE webcast at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace. The show will get under way at around 6pm and we will have plenty to talk about with our special guests due in from Northeast Guilford and Page High Schools….

These two teams will meet at Marion Kirby Stadium on Friday night and we look forward to breaking down the games from last week and we’ll talk about what is coming up for tomorrow night. We’ll be tracking High Point Central vs. High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium, Grimsley at Northwest Guilford, Durham Hillside at Dudley, Southern at Western Guilford and Ragsdale at Roxboro Person, all here at the web site…..

We will also have LIVE action coming in on Friday from the Northeast at Page game. Again we will take a very close look at that game tonight with our guests and also get their thoughts on some college and pro games.

There will be discussion about the upcoming East Carolina-North Carolina game this Saturday, which seems to be generating a lot of heat and we have to weigh in on the Jake Delhomme/Carolina Panthers drama and all that is NFL football in and around Charlotte……We have some ACC action this evening and we will be on top of that too.

Tonight at 6pm from the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace just up the street from Grimsley High School where can join us or simply tune at 6 or you can watch the show back later on the web. We will have a link set up for you……


  1. Page JV’s are pretty good. They have some sophomores and they are bigger than most JV’s. Speaking with some Page parents many are already in weight lifting which is good. Most JV’s are full of freshmen and not allowed to take weightlifting at many schools until their 2nd year of HS.

  2. Mike,

    The Page jv is playing pretty good. They do have some sophomores playing, which I think is a good thing. I’d rather not have the sophomores up on varsity just sitting the bench and not getting any playing time. Unless the sophomore/s is or are just plain talented like James Summers and Drew Rogers, then I see no need rushing them to varsity. I like the idea of letting them get that game experience and coaching, so hopefully they are ready for varsity when they do move up. Page does have a good freshmen class though. They seem to have a lot of blue collar players along with some talent, which usually is a good mixture.

    Northeast jv was tough last night and they had some good players too. The jv #4 player for Northeast is a beast and looks like he could be playing varsity. I don’t know what grade he is in, but he looks like he is going to be a stud. He was all over the field on defense and made some good plays, and he was running a lot in their offense. He had some good runs too. So, I’d watch out for that kid in the future. Anyways, their varsity team is going to be tough as well as tonight. I hope the Page boys come ready to play.

  3. The Page JV team is loaded with with sophomore players. They had a large freshman class last year and they got a lot of playing time. We again have a freshman at QB who may not be at the talent level of Summers, but is still doing a good job managing the game. The running back is having a great season.

    The running back from NE Guilford #4 was a handful, he did everything for them last night.

  4. Page Fan, agree with you 100%. Being on varsity and sitting doesn’t do you much good. I was very impressed with what I saw from the Page JV. That is where I see Gillespie building his program. The current varsity is very talented but what is coming up looks strong also. Good luck.

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