Basketball “Watch List” gets a lot of looks

We had our list up yesterday and we had several hits and comments so I decided to bring part of the extended post to today’s edition of and give others a chance to see what all the talk was about…..

Here’s a continuation of yesterday’s concrete short-list with many more area names mentioned:

The only two area girls that I remember being on the original list were Miranda Jenkins of Eastern Guilford and Megan Buckland at Bishop McGuinness…..

This is more of an list of younger players, excluding seniors and Frye will always be on everybody’s list as long as he is still in high school and Canty is also on the list of top-returning area players. Frye will be at Northern and he was leaning toward Drake(he had a visit scheduled a couple of weeks ago), and Canty is headed toward Xavier in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jordan Weethe who would have been a senior at Page until he blew out his ACL this past summer will re-class and be at High Point Christian for his senior year in 2010/2011….

Jackson Kent, the son of Robert Kent, head coach at Page, has been growing like a weed and this kid will end up relatively tall and lean. Jackson will be in the Class of 2011/2012…..He is a soph this year and should be a big part of what Page has to do without Weethe and Mitchell Oates there.

Brennan Wyatt should be a senior or at least a junior at Dudley this year and he has been leaning toward Harvard as a future college PG prospect. He can stretch out a defense.

Reggie Perkins at Western Guilford has a shot at DI if he has a solid senior season in 2009/2010. Reggie is a great kid and he works hard and he has visited Ivy League schools too……

On the boys side add Lee Sweeney from Grimsley plus Jordan Robertson and Christian Pulliam(both Greensboro Day) to your list………Another young man I just remembered is the tall kid Quayshad Williams 6′9″ at Eastern Guilford. He could make some noise if he’s ready to work…….

We have some other kids out there too, so add them in and we’ll keep our eyes open on the girls side there’s still Drayton at Dudley(add-on Breonna Patterson), Coffer and Tessitore at Northern, Bennett and McIntosh at NWG, Tate is back at High Point Central, Smalls at EG and at least two or more prospects in the backcourt at Page.(One that I remember is Brittany Drew, plus now we have found Chevena Pickard.) I think the Jordan Lanham kid at Grimsley should also get attention if she keeps improving and stays healthy. Let’s not forget Kamille Horne at Southern Guilford who had a steady offensive year last season and with her off-season defensive work, she will be back as much more well-rounded player in 2009/2010 for the SG Storm…..

There is always something going on basketball-wise in Guilford County.

ORMA with Michael Neal and Asad Lamont will be others to watch out for…….

Caldwell Academy has two young men that if they work real hard, they can also find their names on this list……I met them last year. One was a shooting guard/PG and the other young man was a SF that could rebound…….

More details on the young ladies presented by one of our readers:
The boys list is fairly accurate but the girls list is lacking many of the most talented players in area. The list should include CHEYENNE PARKER a 6′3″ Center (Southwest Guilford and the Lady Phoenix) is the area’s premier back to the basket post player who can score and defend the paint with her great shot blocking ability. She has been receiving interest from several Division 1 schools. ASHLYE DUBOSE (Smith) one of if not the best pure point guard in Greensboro, with her superior ball handling, passing, and ability to get by any defender or number of defender she’s as exciting of a girls basketball player as you’re going to see in this area. Lastly LAKENDRA WILKERSON of Smith. She has been dominating girls basketball in this area for the last two years earning All Conference, All Area, and Pizza Hut Little 4 All tournament honors. At 5′11″ her ability to finish inside against double teams, knock down midrange jumpers, and put it on the floor make her a matchup nightmare. She’s received interest from more than 10 division 1 programs and with the shooting and ball handling skills she’s been working on in the offseason I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 10-20 more programs interested in her services by the season’s end.


  1. How about the Toomey kid at Bishop mcGuinnes? He made the All-State team last year, and I have seen him. He can get it done with anyone in the area

  2. I think the Toomey kid is really good and plays smart but because of his build I think he is more a good D II or really good DIII prospect. I could be wrong though.

  3. Did you forget about Brittany Price and Ayshia McNeil from Southeast probably the two best on ball defenders in the city.

  4. I think Brittany Price and Ayshia MCNeil will have a great year as juniors. They will have some big shoes to fill after losing Paris and Amy at SEG. Their AAU Squad (Lady Phoenix Whitaker) is one of the best in the area. They had locals Brittany Gwyn(HPC), Hannah McIntosh(NWG), Gretchen Bennett(NWG), Vontreece Hayes (NG) and Amanda Hairston (Dudley). Along with surrounding area standouts Haley Grimsley (East Davidson) and Logan Castlebury (East Randolph). Believe me when I say, the girls are going to prove something this year and I cant wait!

  5. No one has mentioned Greensboro Day School. They have a couple of new guys and both are over 6’8. They will be tough to beat with their personnel along with the best coaches in the state. Freddie does a great job and has experience in Jeff Smith and Steve Shelton as his assistants. Look out for the Day School. They also have some returning guards that will carry them a long way as well.

  6. We can’t forget Jacob Lawson. The areas best center. The guy is a showtime man and the best shot blocker.
    I had the opportunity to see all the girls mentioned in the article and comments. All of them will have great seasons. That lady phoenix(whitaker) team was fiesty. They went hard in every game. All of the seniors(Castlebury, Hayes, McIntosh, Bennett, Hairston, Grimsley) have college offers/interests. I think Whitaker did a wonderful job preparing these girls. Parker played for Delaney Rudd and he has definitely stepped her game up. Wilkerson is hands down a true athlete. Its definitely natural for her

  7. We know that Ragsdale lost Canty, but they still have some familiar faces left on the Boy’s side don’t they? Roberts, Plummer decided to stay didn’t he, and the Wise kid has joined the fold hasn’t he????

    Ragsdale girls lost Archie and Arrington right? What about the girl’s point guard that played so well in the Pizza Hut Little Four even with the injured ankle?????

    Was the female Tiger PG Dorian McInnis or something in that neighborhood?????

  8. We have alot of young talent in the class of 2013 in Greensboro. The Warriors went to the AAU National finals. Jaquel Richmond, Sam Hunt are at Dudley and Jonathon Terry is at Greensboro Day. 6’7″ Donavon Gilmore is at Western and will be a force. Greensboro Day has also added a future point guard Jerrel Moore and 6’4″ wing player Trey Chapman who should be somebody to watch out for next year. Greensboro Day is stacking and planning for the future.

  9. I am familiar with Sam Hunt and Jon Terry. Calvin Hunt and Helen Terry connections and I’m sure the other kids will be on the “Watch List” too.

    When you add the 6’7 Gilmore to the other kids at Western along with Reggie Perkins, then WG should have something there.

    Will Art Wade still be at Western as the boy’s coach this year? He is a good leader and if they can get Ferrell Carter to come out for the team and give the guys a workout in practice they may be on to something big….

    I shot some hoops with Ferrell and his team on Sunday at the Jefferson School. Good group of kids…..

  10. why no mention of carter gourley and krechaun williams from grimsley? both were all conference last year

  11. Let’s not forget the Derek Grant over at HPC. he was a pretty good workhorse for them last year, around 14 pts 5 rebounds a game as a Soph. Congrats to Grant on the football season so far. Keep up the good work. You also have Drew Adams a solid guard, and Shaq Bethea a 6’6 center. HPC should be very competitive. Good lucj Bison.

  12. Oak Ridge Military Academy will be one of the teams to beat this year. They have a Neal , Lawson and Jay Canty. The only thing that may hold them back is the bench. They are not deep from what I have heard. They will play this year Greensboro Day twice and one game will be in Charlotte before the Bobcats game. They will also play VA powerhouse Oakhill. It should be a good year for high school hoops.

    Does it seem like alot of public school kids are going to private school to play basketball? I think it has something to do with the Northern situation. Jay Canty to Oak Ridge Military, Quashad Williams from Eastern is at Greensboro Day…oh yeah Greensboro Day has a 6′ 11″ shot blocking machine from Atl this year with D1 offers in 11th grade. Point guard from Page will be at private school in High Point. Should be interesting high school bball.

  13. Wasn’t Krechaun Williams the best two guard in the city last year playing with all everything Keith Manley who was a man among boys for years in Guilford County? He should have scouts knocking at his door this coming year and he is only a junior!

  14. The real reason why the players are leaving public for private is because outside of Wade at Western, there are NO GOOD public school coaches left in Guilford County. That is why these kids are leaving because they want to get better and need a good coach in order to help them get there.

  15. I heard, but can’t confirm, that c.j. plummer is now at westchester. If it’s true they will be hard to stop with a starting lineup that includes ike nwamu, plummer, and deuce bello.

  16. Two more names that I found today while in list research were:
    Boys-SF Bryce Benjamin Northwest Guilford
    Girls-G Whitney Knight Bishop McGuinness

  17. A player to watch this year will be Carlos Rankin from ORMA he is in the class of 2012 he is one of the best in the state. I watched him at the elite 75 camp this past weekend. He was putting up numbers he has a good skill set and no one could stop this kid when he had the ball. He is on my to watch list…….

  18. Krechaun williams the best two guard in the city? Haha most people dont even think he is the best player at Grimsley

  19. Hi Andy,

    Wanted to let you know that Bryce Benjamin attends Northeast Guilford.
    He is a sophmore and attended Northeast Guilford last year as a freshman.

  20. Whitney Knight is now at Reynolds.

    Watch out coaches…the private schools that can recruit ARE recruiting and paying with ‘financial aid” the education of the athletes.

    The upheavel with Northern has aroused a whole new era!

    Beware coaches beware!

  21. The anonymous line to turn in athletes -we all know those are the only people being called about-is not as anonymous as you think.

  22. Thank you for the word on Bryce Benjamin. The sheet had him listed at NWG instead of NEG. Sorry for the confusion. They had another kid that was on the list as a PG and he was listed as being just from Guilford County High School. I will go back and look him and get him on here to see if anybody knows of him….

    The Whitney Knight situatioin is interesting. I heard this morning that the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System had lost 8 athletes to the private schools within the last 2 weeks. Many have gone on to Forsyth Country Day for baseball.

  23. As I look into my crystal ball, I somehow see in the future a big to do with ORMA and GDS. You think the slop was thrown around the county with the Northern debacle (public), just wait until you start seeing the stuff that will go down with these two private schools. And it will go down. It will be a contest between who has the biggest cohana’s or the biggest wallet. And that is comical! The area will be looked at statewide as a place to avoid as other schools will not want to come to compete. Schools from Raleigh, Charlotte and Wilmington will only be forced to come to town during playoff time and that is sad. Who wants to play against schools when if a kid has a problem at one school he/she can tuck their tale and run to another school the same academic year and be eligible.

  24. Say for instance a Private school has approached you and asked you about playing for them. You have told them thanks but no thanks a zillion times. What if anything can be done if a private school is “harrassing” a player that has told them no?

    Can charges be filed against them for harrassment?

  25. Dudley girls basketball team is going to dominate 4A basketball. They make GUILFORD COUNTY girls look like mence meat. Having Amanda Harrison back is going to create a lot of havoc for inside players. She is by far the best player on their team even though she did not play last year. They have the best talent in the city and a coach that knows how to stump opponents. With Kierra, Desiree, Ebony, KK, Shell and all everything Breonna Patterson who is considered the best guard in the State and is being recruited by just about everyone, it looks like Dudley will be State Champs again and again.

  26. hey Dudley Fan,

    like your spunk :)….I like the program just fine staying under the radar. As they did 08/09 (State Cahmps) and 07/08 (Regionals) Especially 07/08 never ranked until playoffs.

    Southwest is looking really good this year..I don’t think they graduated no one.

  27. to dudley fan, its Amanda Hairston. And yes she is one of the best posts in the area. I dont know bout Dudley having the best girls in Guilford County but I do agree they have talent. Guilford County has alot of top girls, but unfortunately they cannot end up on one team since alot of the schools do not have the academy like dudley. It will be interesting to follow the girls this year. I know all of them will be fighting for that top prize.

  28. The boy’s point guard that made the list that we were looking for was from the Class of 2o12, Montay Brandon, and it says from Guilford HS…..

    Another young man that caught my attention was 6’8′” Anthony Gill F Charlotte Christian. I was thinking this might be the son of former Charlotte Hornet Kendall Gill…….

  29. Montay Brandon transferred from Northeast Guilford to Kestrel Heights School in Durham,NC.
    He has reclassified from class of 2011 to the class of 2012.

  30. Northwest Guilford girls basketball team with Hannah Mcintosh, Gretchen Bennet, Melisa Flores,Mari Furr, Harmony White, Michelle Williams could easily beat Dudley girls. Coach Joyner is a much better Coach than Coach Britton. I wish they could meet us this year.

  31. Northern Knight girls squad is the best. We have the best collection of talent in the city with out the aide of an Academy. Smantha Cofer , Molly Tahmaseb, Kelly Tessitore,Jessica Johnson, Vontrece Hayes, Alexi Robinson Tenesha Williamson, Sarah Apple, Hannah Burt, Asia Milton are going to dominate. Dudley had better be glad that they are not in our conference this year.

  32. Chevina Pickard is going to lead the Page Pirates this year just like Jasmine Gill did who went to Boston College. She is the staw that stir the drink and is unstoppable. If the Pirates did not have her, they might would win only three games.

  33. You guys have no clue. How do you know who attends and who doesn’t?

    When you ass-u-me…..

    NWG and NG you both have transfers from other schools….Albeit the families moved into the school district of their choice, because they could afford to. They moved for the same reason you guys try to say kids go to the academy.
    I can list names; however I won’t because you kids deserve better than to have your name strewn all over the web.
    Practice what you preach and clean your own back yard before worrying about your neighbors.
    BTW…I wish both schools great success this season.

  34. The academy and the IB programs provide an advantage. It is as simple as that. They are able to get players from other areas without uprooting a family. I am a firm believer in neighborhood public schools. If you want to change for academic or athletic reasons, go to private schools. I have lived in the same house for 15 years and I would never consider moving in order for my child to go to a different school. I do, however, understand why people would do so. Parents will do whatever they feel is best for their children. I have no problem with the academy or the IB programs if they are used for their original intent. All this being said, this is the way it is in Guilford County. We could complain about it until we are blue in the face. We do have to recognize that certain schools have an advantage. It also creates some interesting blog chatter and excuses for the teams that don’t win.

  35. Brendan Wyatt the point guard at Dudley does a lot to get PG and Dillard in position to score. He knows how to run the offense and that is one of the reasons he is considered the best guard in Guilford County. He should be getting major looks from the SEC and ACC .

  36. Northwest Guilford girls are the best not only in this area but in the state. Hannah and Gretchen are going to light it up during their senior year. I cannot wait for us to play Dudley so we can show them who is BOSS! We ran Page in the ground last year. Coach Jones is going to show why she is the best Coach around!

  37. If you all thought the boys team and state champions were dominant, wait until you see how the girls are going to go undefeated and win it all. Dudley had better be glad they do not play us this year! Sam Cofer is ready to rock n roll! Molly is ready for the next level! GO VIKINGS!

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