Palomino Fall Baseball Schedule

Saturday September 26 at Stoner-White Stadium

10am Asheboro vs. McMichael(H)
12:15 Asheboro(H) vs. Randleman
2:30 Dudley(H) vs. Diamondbacks
4:45 Spirits vs. Morehead(H)
7pm Northern vs. Reidsville(H)

Sunday September 27 at Rockingham County High School

1:30 Rockingham County vs. Northern(H)
3:45 Rockingham County(H) vs. Morehead

Sunday Septmeber 27 at Stoner-White Stadium

1:00 Spirits(H) vs. Dudley
3:15 Diamondbacks(H) vs. McMichael
5:30 Reidsville vs. Randleman(H)

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  1. The Palomino game scheduled for Sat, Oct 3rd @ 10:00 at Stoner White between Reidsville and Morehead has been moved to Leonard Field at 11:15. All other games on
    Saturday will be played as scheduled. The reason for the change was due to a Walk-A-Thon at Country Park and there would be no parking available at Stoner at 10:00

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