Were you shocked that Grimsley knocked off SEG?

This one really got our attention tonight as the Grimsley Whirlies defeated the Falcons of Southeast Guilford 35-0.

At first, I didn’t know whether to believe it or not….Was someone trying to play a prank on us????? Were we about to get ‘Punked?

Grimsley came in at (0-5) and had not been able to put it together at all this year and for the first time this season, they not only win, they destroy Southeast Guilford.

I’m almost still in a state of shock! Grimsley put it all together tonight and now they stand at (1-0) in the conference and their goal will be to make the playoffs…..

Dudley and Page would have to be the favorites in that Metro 4-A Conference, but now Grimsley says they will be pointing to the playoffs as one of their main goals.

More power to them, and they have Western Guilford rolling into Jamieson Stadium next Friday night. Grimsley sits at (1-0) and WG is now (0-1) after their loss tonight to Page…..

High Point Central bounced back to beat East Forsyth 20-14 this evening and now the Bison are set to become one of the primary threats to the Ragsdale Tigers’ unbeaten run, even though the two teams don’t meet until the last game of the regular season at HPC, and a lot can happen between now and then, but this will be an interesting matchup for us to keep an eye on.

More coming here later on Saturday morning……..


  1. it aint over til it’s over;a plan in progress,now . . .excellence takes time as does a masterpiece . . . .the fu#k u symphony is in the works. Get off my as, I feel ur breath.What’ll make u laugh will make u cry ! ! ! Keep on hatin’,whirlies r yunggggg!

  2. SE Guilford knew this would be a down year. I expected the ball game to be closer, but I would not have guaranted SEG victory. SEG QB had an off day. He looked like Panther QB Jake Delhomme with all those turnovers. He’ll bounce back and have a solid year. Help is coming next year. SEG’s freshmen class has some talent. Most of them are leading the way on JV and a few are getting quite a few reps on varsity.

  3. Andy pointed this out earlier. One thing really hurting Grimsley is the middle school program at Kiser. There are kids on that team that have played for years at Warnersville and Lewis, 2 very successful and well coached rec programs. Things should be better.

  4. Kurt Mcpherson has been hot all year, completing approximatly 15% percent of his passes, with 15 interceptions (give or take a few). Its no surprise that Grimsley won with this remarkable talent. Anyone who has doubted Grimsley is just blind. They are overall very skilled and led by their stunning QB. The whirlies are sure to sink the pirate ship this year under Mcpherson’s great leadership, we wish them the best of luck in the future. GO WHIRLIES!

  5. Crew – I assume your son is the back-up QB at Grimsley? Hope you feel better about trashing a 16 or 17 year old kid anonymously.

  6. Topfin29 your point is valid. Kernodle played Kiser this past week, and I see that Kiser appears to be in the same boat as Kernodle. Kernodle has 2 coaches, who are working their butts off to really try and put a disciplined football team together. I dont think Kiser had much more…which is tough when you have 35-40 players. My limited experience has been that the youth city teams, as well as the pop warner teams have a lot more coaches to help coach individuals or small groups within the team.


  7. Actually no! This was a clash of two good defenses, SEG is always a perennial defensive force and the played tough the entire first half despite the some desperate situations their offense left them in, while Grimsley defense has been getting better and better and at long last finally emerged.
    The difference last week, was Grimsley’s offense in the third quarter and took advantage of several SEG turnovers for quick scores.
    But it was the Grimsley defense was the unsung hero’s, forcing turn-overs in SEG territory nd overwhelming the line play, allowing linebacker Andre Oliver to fill the gaps with lighting speed. SEG’s “same-ole-same-ole” offense lacked the imagination and size to do anything much, other than repeatedly go 4-n-out. If there’s a message for SEG its that their retro 3A run-offense won’t work in the METRO 4A.

  8. Great job Grimsley, good win for those kids. Well it looks like the new offensive coordinator has helped, but while at the game i was impressed with the defense. Good luck next week,

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