A more detailed look at Grimsley and Northern from last Friday night

It was 35-0 Grimsley over Southeast Guilford to give the Whirlies their first win of the season. Here’s how the scoring went:

LaShawn Brown– 13 yard run(Rosabi kick) 7-0 Grimsley
David Ray– 12 yard run(Rosabi kick) 14-0 Grimsley
Kurt McPherson– 9 yard run(Rosabi kick) 21-0 Grimsley
Travis Burris– 35 yard interception return(Rosabi kick) 28-0 Grimsley
LaShawn Brown– 10 yard run(Rosabi kick) 35-0 Grimsley

35-0 final Whirlies over Southeast Guilford Falcons with the scampers from Brown, the power of Ray, the keeper from QB McPherson and the INT return by Burris. As we have learned over the years from watching these teams, there is no “I” in team, but there is often an INT in the WIN…….

We were able to locate this write-up on Northern Guilford-Burlington Williams from www.thetimesnews.com…….

GREENSBORO — Williams High School dropped its Mid-State 3-A Conference football opener to host Northern Guilford, losing 57-14 on Friday night.

Northern Guilford improved to 4-1.

The Bulldogs fell to 2-2-1, 0-1.

*****If anyone had more details from the game, please send them our way. We’d like to know who scored, the distance of the runs or pass plays, etc…..*****


  1. Trying to get some attention for the kids that scored. 35-0, that’s a pretty big game and it is always good to find out who did the scoring……

    Are we on the same page?

  2. I see nothing wrong with this. They worked hard all year like any other program. Some people on here have a problem with their coaching staff or AD. I don’t know enough about the program to get into that. I think the kids deserve some recognition. Most of Greensboro routed for Smith to get a victory. That losing streak was heart breaking. We were all closet Smith fans because we were routing for the kids. That’s who Andy is focusing on…THE KIDS…so cut him some slack.


  3. Andy,

    I appreciated your taking the time to give some attention to the Grimsley-Southeast game.

    The Grimsley boys played a great game and were able to convert their recent gains on offense into scores. The defense had its best showing of the year as well. I expect we’ll continue to see improvement as the conference play proceeds – but whatever the outcome of the rest of the season, this was a great win.

    Why care about a team that’s 1-5, someone asks? Every young man who comes out for summer practice, works his butt off during the preseason, and puts on pads and goes on the field to represent his school on Friday nights – every single one of them deserves to be respected and appreciated for their hard work, sacrifice and dedication to the team.

    When you win, that’s great. It’s easy to keep your spirit up when you are 5-0. It’s a lot harder to do that when you are 0-5. When you lose your first five games, and then pick yourself up and keep working to improve – that shows the heart and character of a champion and I respect and admire each and every one of those young men.

    Congratulations on a fine win, and good luck the rest of the year to the Whirlies.

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