All-Guilford HS football checklist

Check these guys out as they battle to see who will be the FedEx Ground Player of the Year in Guilford County.

Josh Morehead-Eastern Guilford…..304 yards of total offense with 160 yards rushing and 144 yards passing with two running TD’s and two passing TD’s against the #3 team in the state, Eastern Alamance……

Warren Scott-Southern Guilford…..276 yards rushing on 27 carries and 4TD’s in SG’s win over Trinity. Scott is like 5’5′ and weighs in at 140 and he is a hard man to catch and keep up with…..

Rayshawn Trader-Northeast Guilford…..178 yards on just 5 carries and 2TD’s for NEG in their 35-7 win over South Granville…..

Lashaun Monk-High Point Central…..123 yards on the ground and one touchdown for HPC in their win over East Forsyth…..

LaShawn Brown-Grimsley…..2TD’s and solid yards on the ground as the Whirlies defeated SEG, 35-0…..

Lenny Gordon-Page…..3TD’s with 2 rushing/1 receiving and nearly 100 yards on the ground for the big fullback/tailback in the Pirate win over Western…..

Thuc Phan-Page…..107 yards on 12 carries for the Pirates in their 49-21 win over WG…..

Austin Anthony-Page…..7-7 in PAT’s for the Pirates and deep KO’s to pin the Hornets back in their own territory……..

Kasey Redfern-Ragsdale…..6-6 on his PAT’s and always sending the ball deep into the opponent’s end zone…..

D’onovan Smith-Ragsdale…..149 yards on 26 carries and one touchdown for the Tigers in the win over WS Parkland…..

Darius McQueen-Ragsdale…..Returned a fumble for a touchdown for the second straight week, this time from 7 yards out in the victory over WSP…..

Chris Simmons-Dudley…..95 yard INT return for TD in the big 22-0 win over Smith…..

Drew Adams-High Point Central…..14-24 passing for 144 yards and 2TD’s in the Bison win over East Forsyth…..

Dalton Dillon-Northwest Guilford…..2TD’s and good yardage on the ground for NWG in the Vikings’ 21-20 loss to Glenn….

Daniel Boatang-Smith…..A fine defensive effort for the Golden Eagles in the loss to Dudley…..

Major Bryant-Dudley…..Sets the tone each and every game for the Panther “D”.

Alex Moore-Dudley…..TD run and a two-point conversion run by the Panther QB who is starting to assume the reigns of this playoff-bound team…..

Marty DeFrancesco-Bishop McGuinness…..114 yards on 10 carries and 3TD’s for Bishop in the Villains 55-21 win over North Surry……(In Forsyth County, but several Guilford kids on the Bishop roster…..)

Cedrick Johnson-Eastern Guilford…..127 on 5 receptions for 2TD’s for the Wildcats in their loss to Eastern Alamance……

*****We have nothing on Northern, we need some numbers on the Nighthawks.*****


  1. Like I send saturday EG is not a bad team, and if Josh Morehead just had 1 or 2 more weapons with him down the stretch look for EG to creep back up…. Dudley’s Major is a monster on D if dont bring the hype to the feild

  2. The Page Pirate Defense played there best game last Friday. The DB’s played very well, also Jon Spain returned a INT for a touchdown. The game was not nearly as close as the 49-21 final score suggest.

  3. Mr. Allen or Mr. Morehead. I would go with Mr. Morehead more physical, faster, smarter, all-around good i dont see him making bad choices. Mr. Allen is tall, good quickness, lets see wat he does against EA. my opinion: when Allen played Dudley and didnt put up any numbers. Mr. Morehead played EA #3 school in NC and had 304 yards wow…By the way. Do these guys play each other any time during the season

  4. Morehead Clearly better than Allen Wildcats Coach Isnt doing such a great job butting his name out there the kid is a great athlete coming in and playing Quarterback for their downed starter Derek Holbrook #7″lets Go” and doing a great job lets se Allen do that

  5. We have played vs. both. Moorehead is GOOD, he ran back two kicks and an int vs. us, BUT you are crazy if you think he is better than Allen. Allen is the best receiver, running back, safety, and yes QB in the area. He is a one man show, and is the best this area has ever seen

  6. FootballKing, Allen is miles ahead of Morehead at this time, and that’s not a slam against Morehead. And I don”t know what game you were watching but the whole southeastern US is talking about the game Allen had against Dudley. Some of you seem to over-hyping a few of these kids. Allen has played WR, DB, LBER, QB, and returns kicks. He had over 20 tackles in the Dudley game and played 4 positions.

  7. thelostone

    Don’t presume to know what the EG coach is doing and not doing. Have you been with him in the office while he emails or calls countless schools on Morehead. Were you there when he set up a visit for Morehead at NC. State this previous weekend or other schools he is going to visit. I didn’t think so. Don’t bad mouth a coach that you know nothing about. The offers will come and yes the coach is doing his job.

  8. football king u are crazy if u believe allen is miles ahead of morehead. josh morehead plays every position keenan does qb, db, wr and when he returns kicks everyone knows its gonna be a TD. josh morehead is faster and stronger the only thing allen has over him is 5 inches. josh morehead will e player of the year hands down

  9. I agree Kennan Allen is the real deal! But the proclaim the best ever? Let’s wait on that for a while.
    Look up Tripp Welbourne. Tripp was and is the best player to ever play in Guilford County.

  10. Eastern Guilford with Josh Morehead at Northern Guilford with Keenan Allen at NG mext Friday night, October 9th….Argueably the two best players in Guilford County and also two of the best athletes in the state will on the field at the same time, so we can check final countdown numbers.

    But first, Morehead and EG at Morehead this Friday where they have to get a win to stay on life-support for the playoffs and Northern at unbeaten and #3 ranked Eastern Alamance with the Eagles QB Ivey and KA set to faceoff this Friday night…….

  11. While you are at it, don’t forget about Luke Heavner. All he did was go 9-12, no turnovers and ran a productive offense in adverse conditions. No, he did not throw it 20 times as he did against Dudley and Page, but his contribution was just as much.

  12. NWG parent, I hope I misread your post that Allen is the best alltime. Coming from an area school that has not faired to well in the playoffs(when you have been lucky enough to make it),I guess your statement does not suprise me. There have been plenty of great players to play in this county that went on to play well a bigtime D1 colleges. Tripp Welbourne was an all american at Michigan, Bostic Brothers from Smith productive NFL careers,Jeff Dunn started at QB at Alabama, The other Page quarterback great career at SC throwing tds to Sterling sharpe,and just this past weekend Remene Alston 6 carries 42 yards and the td that put Oregon up 18 to 3 in the second quarter against the #6 team in the counry Cal. Allen is a great player but until we see him play at this level in college(and I am not saying he can’t)the jury is still out.

  13. I dont know you can say Allen is the best all time either. There have been plenty of pretty good players throughout Guilford County in the past. Torry Holt was not a bad player (Eastern Guilford) the Hackett brothers (Dino (sp) and Joey) both of whom had very good NFL carreers. There are plenty more out there including all the names listed already from Page, the two brothers from Grimsley, I cant remember his name off the top of my head but he played QB at Western Guilford then went on to a pretty good punting carreer in the NFL. I guess if I was going to go with a best of all time I would probably give my vote to Tripp Welborne as well. Would of had a great NFL carreer but I believe he blew his knee out his senior season at Michigan. One more pretty good player, Todd Ellis, QB from page. He held passing records at South Carolina for ever. I am not a Page fan, just was in high school at that time.

  14. Kennan Allen is without question a very good football player! I heard the stories and read all the articles and watching him in person this year I was very impressed. But lets wait until his college career concludes before naming him the best ever to play in Guilford County. Several players from Guilford County who may not have had all the press or big name have gone on to play in the NFL and are still currently playing. Marques Douglass (Dudley High School, Howard University) Current member of the New York Jets, Adrian Wilson (High Point Andrews, NC State) Arizona Cardinals. Those guys are just a few.

  15. As far as best of all time. My vote would go to Tripp Welbourne. Heck we could go with Haywood Jefferies, Haywood was a multisport star at Page. The Bostic brothers, Ethan Albright. Lets revisit the best ever after Allen finishes College I mean the list is long. This is no knock on Allen but calling someone the best of ALL TIME while they are still playing high school ball is a bit mature.

  16. Right we talking about high school and my vote is still with Tripp Welbourne as the best ever.
    Page was 40-1-1 and won two state championships with Tripp Welborne.
    Tripp Welborne was so dominant as a high school player that recruiting anaylst ranked him as the best prospect as both a receiver and defensive back.

    My source is “Michigan: where have you gone?”

  17. This guy could be the best ever in Guilford County

    Charles Alvin Sanders (born August 25, 1946) is a former American football player who played tight end for the Detroit Lions from 1968-77.

    Sanders attended James B. Dudley High School in Greensboro and the University of Minnesota. The Lions chose him in the third round of the 1968 NFL Draft, and he became their starting tight end for the next ten seasons. He had 336 career receptions and was known as a superior blocker as well as a receiver. He was chosen for the Pro Bowl seven times (1968-71 and 1974-76), and was named to the NFL 1970s All-Decade Team as selected by voters of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Sanders is also a member of the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. On February 3, 2007, Sanders was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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