Drew Pasteur’s Top SAT scores from the Fantastic 50 rankings

You can view all the info on the State-wide SAT’s at Mr. Pasteur’s site, but here are a few of the numbers from our area within Guilford County:

#13 Grimsley 1100
#21 Northwest Guilford 1088


Last Year’s Final Fantastic 50, with SAT scores
1) Independence (13-1, 4A) 912
2) Dudley (16-0, 3A, 3AA state champ) 845
3) Jack Britt (14-2, 4A) 1009
4) Reidsville (16-0, 2A, 2AA state champ) 859
5) Seventy-First (14-2, 4A, 4A state champ) 916
6) West Rowan (15-1, 3A, 3A state champ) 972
7) Richmond County (12-3-1, 4A, 4AA state champ) 951
8 Butler (12-2, 4A) 1049
9) Rocky Mount (13-2, 3A) 987
10) West Craven (15-1, 3A) 959
11) Newton-Conover (15-1, 2A, 2A state champ) 967
12) South Point (13-2, 3A) 989
13) Carver (11-3, 3A) 789
14) Thomasville (16-0, 1A, 1AA state champ) 878
15) East Mecklenburg (10-3, 4A) 984
16) Wake Forest-Rolesville (12-3, 4A) 1043
17) Mount Tabor (11-2, 4A) 1068 (5th-highest)
18) Charlotte Christian (9-3, NCISAA D-I) unknown
19) Byrd (12-4, 4A) 858
20) Tarboro (14-2, 2A) 874
21) Southwest Edgecombe (10-3, 3A) 903
22) Charlotte Latin (9-3, NCISAA D-I) unknown
23) East Lincoln (14-2, 2A) 999
24) Charlotte Country Day (8-3, NCISAA D-I) unknown
25) Brown (13-3, 3A) 975
26) Anson (10-4, 3A) 863
27) Asheville Reynolds (11-2, 4A) 1106 (2nd-highest)
28) Page (9-5, 4A) 1025
29) East Forsyth (12-2, 4A) 1016
30) South View (9-5, 4A) 947
31) Mount Airy (16-0, 1A, 1A state champ) 1028
32) Charlotte Catholic (11-3, 3A) unknown
33) West Charlotte (9-4, 4A) 810
34) West Forsyth (9-3, 4A) 1076 (4th-highest)
35) Hillside (12-2-1, 4A) 840
36) Jacksonville Northside (14-1, 2A) 987
37) South Mecklenburg (9-6, 4A) 1031
38) Asheville (9-4, 3A) 1048
39) Ragsdale (13-1, 3A) 1015

To complete the list of 50 and there aren’t any more Guilford County teams and to see all of the Drew Pasteur listings go to CLICK HERE………


  1. I would have thought Dudley’s scores would have been higher, with the Academy and all. Overall every school on that list needs to improve.

  2. I fail to see a significant connection between Pasteur’s Fan. 50 list and the student pop. that take the SAT’s since not all of the students that take the exam play sports. Perhaps Drew should only survey the student pop. that actually plays sports? I imagine things would look quite differently than what we are seeing here. Just an idea…….

  3. Given the individual school’s resources and demographics (free/reduced lunch vs paid lunch, family income,etc.), I would have to say the none of these averages are that impressive. “To whom much is given(income/resources), much is required.” A high school where the vast majority of students own a computer (or two) should be expected to perform significantly better than schools where the vast majority of students don’t. That is simply not the case in this list. And, as a side note, students in Dudley’s Academy comprise only a small percentage of students attending the Title I school(approximately 200/1500+).

  4. Andy, that’s great to display this but I think you were scooped. That should shut up the academy nonsense at least!
    I feel the academy is no more than a recruiting tol and if Moe Green thinks otherwise, he’s delusional!
    PS. As are those who try to convince everyone what a great institution Dudley is—that in no way should detract from the fine students who do go there, but they are few and far between. what would the SAT scores be of the athletes-?–my guess is similar!

  5. Robert Jones,
    Did you read my post? If so, you would know that the academy (200 students) could not be expected to affect a population 7 times its size.

    Follow this if you will:

    If the average SAT of the academy students were, say 1100( the list’s best) and the remaining 1400 students’ average were, say 800, the average for the entire school would be approximately 837. This is fact and not opinion.

    And by the way, the average SAT scores of high school athletes (particularly, football and basketball) in general, are less than the average. That is, IN PART, the reason,they have such a difficult time surviving college/college sports if they ever make it there.

    SAT scores, however, are not the only factor determining a student’s academic success. I am well aware of students boasting 1100 SAT scores who are ill-prepared for college and are, therefore, not retained. Conversely, I know of students with 900 SAT scores who successfully matriculate through college.

    But, on a different and, I must say disconcerting note – Do you have an axe to grind with Dudley and its academy? Your contempt is terminal and disconcerting.

  6. To Educator:
    Are you saying to me that the Academy only exists to keep the SAT average @ a level of 845, because it would be much lower without it? That’s pretty scary to me, since the other schools with low average SAT scores don’t have the subsidy of an academy.
    Robert Jones

  7. Too much emphasis on SAT scores. That is why schools like Wake are abandoning it as an entrance requirement. One of the complaints of the SAT is that it is cultural and it is based on exposure. Personally, I think it fosters assimilation thinking. Here is a sample question:

    Because catching Alaskan snow crabs is such an —– and dangerous process, they are sold in supermarkets at —– prices.

    A. imaginative . . different
    B. unpopular . . unpredictable
    C. arduous . . exorbitant
    D. amicable . . preposterous
    E. unreliable . . reasonable

    Now I know the answer they want which is C. I would argue that B is just as correct as C. They make the assumption that because a craft is arduous and dangerous that prices will be high. In fact, reports show prices of snow crabs fluctuate based on DEMAND and not how hard you work to get them. Based on economics, B is a better answer. It is true that this job is unpopular (how many people in the world catch snow crabs and you never know what the demand will be therefore the price IS unpredictable.

    Ask any night convenience store clerk, taxi driver or police officer if the return received (pay) is commensurate with the risk they take. They do it for various reasons not always because they make a lot of money doing it. People from urban and/or poor areas stand a greater risk of getting this question “wrong” based on their personal experiences.

    Here is the folks administering the SAT justification for their correct answer which in my opinion is not ground in sound financial principals but hey, what do I know, I just chase the paper.

    Correct Answer: C

    Explanation: This sentence is describing a cause/effect relationship, and C is the only reasonable choice. Catching Alaskan snow crabs is arduous (dangerous), which is why they are sold at exorbitant (very expensive) prices. None of the other pairs of words, when inserted, produce a sentence that describes a logical cause/effect relationship.

    While their answer may be reasonable, it is NOT correct. This is partly why we have some people book smart but can’t think for themselves. Sometimes it is good to have some “street” smarts to go with them “book” smarts.

    Kids, keep working on dem plays and dem grades and you will do well. The physical and mental fitness will carry you far in your life.

  8. Robert Jones,
    As the saying goes, “Never attempt to reason with an irrational person.” So forgive me. All that’s truly left to say (since your comprehension/critical thinking skills would actually indicate an SAT score well below 800), is have a great day!

  9. To: Educator
    Below 800 on both the math portion and the verbal portion—but not by much!
    PS. Are you a retired educator?

  10. After reading about the academy, I have no issue with it. It sounds like a great deal for the kids. They get to take advanced courses and they spend their senior year taking college courses. There are 60 college scholarships available to the academy grads(three different academies) each year. This better explains why Dudley leads in scholarship money. I am not saying this is the only reason, but it provides a viable explanation. The academy seems to be doing great things and this should continue. The opportunities that this program delivers are tremendous.
    The issue that most people have with the academy relates to athletes. Many think it is being used to recruit athletes from across the county. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. I would hope the Fair Play commission makes sure that the rules and procedures are being strictly enforced.

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