Some say jerk Jake, others are saying Carolina should be calling Cowher, or Gruden soon

The heat is on Jake Delhomme, Julius Peppers and John Fox this week and Jake, Julius and John might all be gone at the end of the season if things keep going NFL south for the Carolina Panthers.

The lines have drawn and it really does look like somebody will be gone, but who will it be?????

Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer is not a late-blooming pulling guard and he is pulling no punches in his piece today that sets the stage for how many Panther fans are feeling and they are letting their thoughts be known in masses at the site and you can read it all and get the reaction and the feeling from the fans when you Click Here after you read this.

Dallas loss signals end of the Fox era in Carolina

I think John Fox has coached his last big game for Carolina.

I think that when the season ends the great purge will begin. I think Fox and Julius Peppers will be caught up in it. I think that in 2010, which will be better known as Year One of the No Salary Cap Era, the Panthers will look like Denver and Tampa Bay do this season. They’ll start over.


*****Is to late or too soon to be calling Bill Cowher or John Gruden?????*****(

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  1. Changing a coach mid season is not a good idea. Look at the teams that fired there Offense Coordinators before the season started.

    Jake may be a problem, but the Panthers have more than one. The Defense is a bigger problem than the QB, Jake is outplaying Julius Peppers. Peppers best quality right now is showing up right after the tackle is made.Peppers seems unmotivated with his $1 million a game contract. Wonder what the chances are that he will ever receive a contract that size again?

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