Coach has an idea for halftime intake

Coach Michael Srock, in charge of strength and conditioning for the Byrnes High School team in Duncan, South Carolina, has an interesting idea for what you need to have your players ingesting during the halftime break of your football game.

It must be working, Byrnes is ranked #2 in the nation and they will travel to play #1 St. Thomas Aquinas from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this Friday night and the game will be shown nationally on ESPNU.

Byrnes was leading Gaffey, S.C., 46-0 at halftime last Friday night and they went on to finish off Gaffney, 60-7……

Here’s what Coach Srock told his men/boys to load up on at the half:

During the break, at Srock’s command, the Byrnes players each downed one quarter of an apple, one quarter of a banana, exactly two Fig Newtons and a heavily salted sports drink.

“That gives them just what they need to take them through the rest of the game,” Srock said.

A can’t stop read, on this Byrnes team, on today’s front page at


  1. Andy in todays USA Today there is a article about Byrnes top running back cramping up in the game last week, but he is one of the top running backs in the country.

  2. If that is Mr. Lattimore, he better double his dose of banana….

    What is the stuff in bananas???? They are high in something that prevents something? Not protein, is it iron? I think I got it. Potassium! And that is supposed to help stop cramps, I thought….

    Anybody got anything for memory loss?

  3. I seem to recall reading one time that a team or teams would drink pickle juice to help alleviate cramps. I guess it’s all the salt. Anybody ever heard that?

  4. Mark, you are so right. Before the days of advanced sports drinks, guys would drink pickle juice and even eat mustard! I remember an episode of King of the Hill that rang so true when, in the event of any injury (sprained ankle, upset stomach, or getting hit by a car), the coach’s remedy was: “TAKE A SALT TABLET!!” LOL!

  5. When your at a fast food rest. pick up a couple of mustard packs if your kid has cramps often. I had a couple of nurses tell me that mustard works. MUSTARD BABY

  6. I watched this game tonight, and while STA was cramping up on the sidelines, Byrnes wasn’t. Even though they lost, it was because of costly turnovers..

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