Friday Marks a Decade of WWE Smackdown (That’s 10 Years for Bruce Mitchell Fans)

Just kidding, Bruce….
For 10 years, more than 500 episodes, and over 1,200 hours, WWE is about to make history with SmackDown. On one colossal night, the Biggest 8-Man Tag Team Match in SmackDown history will kick off our Decade of SmackDown celebration. You won’t want to miss the marathon event of Undertaker, John Cena & DX take on CM Punk, Randy Orton & Legacy: Friday, October 2nd at 8/7 CT, only on MyNetworkTV. From WWE Press Release. (MyNetwork TV is Channel 48 locally.)

It’s also on Hulu, if you want to watch it without the commercials and save more than 25 minutes from the 2 hour broadcast. Of course, you are watching it later; but then Smackdown isn’t live anyway.

I discovered that Hulu also carries WWE Extreme (also seen on the SyFy Channel), all 19 Episodes of WWE Superstars (also seen of WGN). Mysteriously, WWE Raw is not available (legally) anywhere except on the USA Network. Hulu viewers aren’t real happy about that.

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