One-and-one Trivia: Bobcats-Hornets, one ticket for you and one for your friend Part IV

One-and-one Trivia: Bobcats-Hornets, one ticket for you and one for your friend.

The Charlotte Bobcats face the New Orleans Hornets next Thursday night at the Greensboro Coliseum. Pick up a couple of FREE tickets here when you get in with the one-and-one trivia question.

One ticket for you and one for your friend when you answer this question.

Tonight’s question involves the team back when they got started as the Charlotte Hornets. And as you know by now, they moved on and later became the New Orleans Hornets.

What was the name of the team mascot for the Charlotte Hornets back in the day? He used to ascend from the rafters of the Charlotte Coliseum and do Trampoline dunks that would excite the crowds. He even won the mascot competition one year at the NBA All-Star game.

What was the name of the Charlotte Hornets’ mascot?

The first person in the comment box with the correct answers wins the two tickets to next Thursday’s game courtesy of the Greensboro Coliseum.

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  1. You got it and we will be in touch so we can get your mailing address and send you your tickets as with all of our winners…..

    Sometimes if I remember correctly, Hugo would do the stunts with his blindfold on and that really got the crowd pumped up.

    I wonder if his name had anything to do with the Hurricane that came through here and Charlotte and big-time in Charleston, S.C. back about the 1988 time period…..

  2. It was pure coincidence or pure dumb luck that the hurricane that blew through Charlotte ( a hurricane in Charlotte? – that was the craziest night ever) was the same name as the Hornets mascot.

    BTW – Hugo would come out in in tights and glasses as “Super Hugo” when he would do his slam dunk acrobatics. Rest of the game it was just a cute mascot yucking it up with the fans.

    The Hornets were great. Set NBA attendance records for years. Hard to believe that coliseum is aleady demolished. And also too bad the Bobcats will never enjoy the success the Hornets had. George Shinn started out a hero but he ruined Charlotte for the NBA.

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