Greensboro Football – Live Scores

GOOD – NIGHT 10:20 PM/12:15 AM

Western Guilford (3-4) – 31
at Grimsley (1-6) – 7

East Forsyth (2-5) – 0
at Ragsdale (7-0) – 31

Dudley (6-1) – 48
at Southern Alamance (0-5-1) – 14

Northern Guilford (5-1) – 24
at Eastern Alamance (5-1) – 23

Northwest Guilford (5-2) – 6
at Southwest Guilford (3-3) – 3

Southeast Guilford (2-5) – 27
at Smith (4-3) – 49

FINAL- OT (thanks Joe)
High Point Andrews (3-3) – 28
at Lexington(3-3) – 21

Randleman (1-5) – 7
at Southern Guilford (3-3) – 35

Eastern Guilford (1-5) – 47
at Morehead (2-4) – 22

College Football:
Southern Virginia (0-6) – 6
at Guilford College (1-4) – 48

High Point Central (5-1)
Page (5-1)
Northeast Guilford (3-3)


  1. Wow.. i’ve been listening to the Grimsley/Western game on AM 950.. 31-7 at the moment, with Western driving again in the 4th..

    Page was up on Western 49-7, before calling off the dogs..

  2. “Wow.. i’ve been listening to the Grimsley/Western game on AM 950.. 31-7 at the moment, with Western driving again in the 4th..

    Page was up on Western 49-7, before calling off the dogs..”

    I know Grimsley will come out with saddles blazin’ for this huge rivalry game next week but based off of that statement Joe, it won’t stay close for long. I’m thinking its going to be very very ugly.

  3. Unbelievable finish at Eastern Alamance. With 22 secs left in the 4th Eastern qb rolled right and threw a td to the other side of the endzone making it 23-24 Northern. 15 secs left and Eastern goes for 2 and the win w/ play action. The Northern d put immediate pressure on the qb and he threw short of the endzone incomplete… over.

  4. Ragsdale put a hurting on East Forsyth. I can’t recall them crossing the 50 all night. Heavner has great presence – throws to all his receivers. Smith isn’t flashy but he runs hard and hangs onto the ball. Defense is led by everybody. Seems like every play it’s a different kid making the tackle. Outstanding season so far.

  5. ” The Northern d put immediate pressure on the qb and he threw short of the endzone incomplete… over.”

    Yep, QB was runnin 4 his life…Way to go D !

    Very proud of the Northern men…they met the challenge, Eastern Alamance was a strooooong team.

  6. Has Allen replaced Scarfone at QB????
    The highlights show Allen throwing 2 TD passes last night.
    Was Scarfone hurt??

  7. Scarfone was in there, Northern was just going with some varied looks/formations. Allen lined up some at QB and he also ran the ball out of the single-wing formation.

    The radio men were calling Rocco, Scar-phon-ee with the long E so I know he was in there, but I like you heard the pass play from Allen to Daniel Downing for the TD and that’s not the first time that they have hooked up on that play this year.

  8. Allen does a lot of everything for that Northern team. I was very impressed with his play. You can just look at him standing on the field and see that he is different than the other players on the team.

    He is sure to make a big impact at whichever college team he plays for when he is able to focus on just one position.

    The Northern team is ok, but they look to Allen for that big spark.

    I don’t think they are better than Page, or Ragsdale but with Allen anything is possible.

    They beat a very good team last night.

  9. QUOTE: “The SE antiquated style of offense is just to slow and can’t compete in the Metro 4A Conference. Welcome to the big leagues!
    The only question is can the SMITH offense handle the SE defense. In the end, SMITH will bring this one 7-0. Yes, very low scoring, but a win is a win!”

    BigBen85, man were you right yesterday about the offense (run middle, dive right, dive left, punt. a couple timing pass patterns thrown in a couple times during a game, nothing over the middle) and I had hopes about the defense, but they have struggled all year against quality teams..they are just not in the right place or formation most of the time. they are not the SEG defense of other years. And special teams give me a break they have to be taught to tackle and run through do they allow that many yards and scores in 1 game.

    SEG needs to go back to the drawing board. Update the playbook. They have talented kids, young, but talented and they can perform better than they have been allowed to show over the past few weeks.

  10. Brian – I was at the game and several other players had the ‘spark’ last night against Eastern Alamance not just Keenan. In fact Eastern Alamance seemed so focused on stopping Keenan that it threw their game off. Allen is a great player. He gets a lot of deserved attention but NG has talent.

  11. I told you EG would win big 47-22 they got talent at everyspot and has a lot, i mean alot of speed. I read in N&R today they went over 400 yards of offense again, if they can get there defense going watch out. Last words of advice ” Dont Sleep On EG”….
    EA and NG was a great game to even if NG has Allen you cant win a team sport with one player I got a filling one of NG next opponents will show NG its a team effort not a single player effort

  12. NGfan,

    Who else made sparks besides Allen. What did NG do that did involve #21. The guy on the radio said Allen did every thing but sell popcorn. He is a big impact player and is the only reason for NG success. Next year will prove they are nothing without him. Wait and see.
    Word is when he leaves so will the Roscoe.

  13. NG sparks: Harris scored, Downing scored, Kellar had great runs, Downing & Machanic on defense. Scarfone did well. Fumble recoveries and rushing QB made by those other NG sparks to name a few. Keeenan not involved with stopping E.A. in last seconds from making 2 pts to win the game.

  14. I bought my popcorn from Allen.

    I think that I gave the credit to the right player. There were plays that were made by Allen that could not have been made by any other player on that team.

    I understand that it takes all eleven to succeed, but with Allen it’s more like eleven and a half.

  15. Brian you are exactly right. You gave credit to the right player #21.
    Not saying there are not other players on the team. Of course you have to play with 11.
    My point is this take Peyton Manning away from the Colts and you would have an average
    football team, The same with Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, so forth and so on without these guys
    their teams would struggle. Just like NG would struggle without Allen. Face it he would make any team hard to beat. With him NG 5-1 without him 2-4 at best.
    No doubt he is the one of the best.

  16. NGFan,

    How did Downing score? Keenan is the team. He single handedly has beaten several teams NG has played this yes. NW, EA, BW, Western, need I say more? All of those games would have had a different outcome with out him. How many other players on NG’s team are getting offers?

  17. I stand corrected NG did play BW but it was such a blow out what 57-14? I think NG would have won regardless on that one.

  18. Yea BW I’ll give you that one. You could have done it without Allen.
    If Allen stays healthy NG can make run at the 3A Title. Maybe not win it, but go pretty
    deep in the playoffs. Thier Defense is not strong enough to win the whole thing.
    Linebackers and D line are weak.
    If King, McCann & Scales stay they could have won it all.

  19. I’d like to see what NG can do in the next year or 2 years when they have their own players on the team from their district pool.. that didn’t transfer in. You can already see a dropoff without scales and mccain.. When Allen and Harris are gone.. and anyone else Northern might have that transferred in..

    It will be interesting to see what they can do with the northern rural talent pool.. oh yeah.. and in basketball too.

  20. You people amaze me always wanting to bad mouth Northern and not give them the credit they deserve. If the truth were known, Northern probably has fewer transfers than any school in Guilford County. There is always negative comments instead of ppositive. Soundds to me like a litle jealousy. For a third year 3A school, Nighthawks rule ,and can be competitive in all sports. Keenan Allen is the real deal. Their basketball team may not win the state championship, but they will be a force to deal with. Their baseball has 2 players that are going to Carolina, so they should also be competetive. Quit crying about Northern, the best school in Guilford Coounty.

  21. no1s hateing on northern its a fact they cheat to win and got caught when they did…. answer this name 1 team that won a championship there first year with out cheating, i guarantee there’s still kids ineligible at that school

  22. Since when does cheating result in credit? Your child cheats on a test and the teacher rewards him with a 100…. I don’t think so…..

  23. Dear Wes,
    Re: Northern Guilford

    Their basketball team will be terrible this year unless you mean the girl’s team! As for baseball, if you are including anyone but Carter as going to Carolina for baseball, then you should not count Arendas. He is not going to be there for any reason than the fact that his dad is director of baseball operations. He is not an ACC baseball player by any stretch of the imagination.

  24. Take Keenan off that Northern team and they are very average! You’ll see next year. That is if ol Coach Roscoe doesn’t go out and find some new talent! If I was that Scarfone kid I’d be ticked off. Anytime Northern is in a close game they take him out and put Keenan at QB. They took him out @ Dudley, NWG, and this last game.

  25. Wes, it’s going to take some time before anyone gives Northern credit. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is.

    You’re right about Allen. He is special. Best player in the County.

  26. What do people need for proof? The GCS came in and cleaned house. The kids that are there have all been cleared. What more do you want? Northern is probably the cleanest school in the county. The new principal and AD are making sure that this is the case. In the future, Northern will be like any team, some good years and some bad years. The Northern JV and the middle school teams are doing fairly well and as long as Coach Roscoe is there, they will be competitive.

  27. I’m guessing no one pays attention to SEG. I see Grimsley’s coaches catching it on here, but no one mentions the ‘great’ coaching job taking place at SEG.

  28. Northern Guilfords softball team will be very good this year. One of their players will make a commitment to a D1 school this year. Go Nighthawks!!!

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