HS Football Tonight

Our radio game tonight will be Western Guilford at Grimsley with the airtime of 7pm with the pre-game on AM950 and the kickoff to follow at 7:30 from Jamieson Stadium on the Grimsley campus.

We will also have updated scores here at the site and during the radio broadcast from Northern Guilford at Eastern Alamance, Southeast Guilford at Smith, Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford, East Forsyth at Ragsdale and Dudley at Southern Alamance…….

Biggest game of the night may well be that NG at EA contest with EA the #3 ranked 3-A team in the state. All the games are extra-large now, as the teams are in the midst of the Conference Encounters……

Here’s the full schedule and our picks on tonight’s games:

East Forsyth(2-4) at Ragsdale(6-0) RAGSDALE

Dudley(5-1) at Southern Alamance(0-4-1) DUDLEY

Northern Guilford(4-1) at Eastern Alamance(5-0) NORTHERN

Northwest Guilford(4-2) at Southwest Guilford(3-2) NORTHWEST

Southeast Guilford(2-4) at Smith(3-3) SMITH

High Point Andrews(2-3) at Lexington(3-2) HP ANDREWS

Western Guilford(2-4) at Grimsley(1-5) GRIMSLEY

Randleman(1-4) at Southern Guilford(2-3) SOUTHERN

Eastern Guilford(0-5) at Morehead(2-3) EASTERN

High Point Central(5-1)
Northeast Guilford(3-3)


  1. You cannot pick Grimsley over anybody. If they win it is a fluke. Worst football team in the state of North Carolina.

  2. You are slow nonononon. them kids play their buts off everyweek and now its time for them 2 shine. u can be a hater all u wont but Grimsley is going to surprise alot of people.

  3. Worst team in NC, wow. Well everyone here is an example of someone always being unhappy. I hope that the FLUKE continues. I agree 35-0 was no fluke.

  4. This isn’t just another bird fight!

    SMITH Golden Eagles will Rule the roost tonight. The SMITH defense is real; with speed, reaction, and smart play. I predict they will embarrass the SE Falcons with a commanding shut-out performance tonight. The SE offense lacks the skill and size to handle SMITH. The SE antiquated style of offense is just to slow and can’t compete in the Metro 4A Conference. Welcome to the big leagues!

    The only question is can the SMITH offense handle the SE defense. In the end, SMITH will bring this one 7-0. Yes, very low scoring, but a win is a win!

  5. Does Page have any “special” programs for kids to be able to get in from out of their district? I’ve heard complaints about Grimsley hustling the rest of the county with their IB program but didn’t know about how Page is getting around it. Just curious because I saw a kid in a Page jersey last friday leaving his house on my way to work over in Eastern District. I know the kid lives there because I’ve seen him out and about in that neighborhood.

  6. not a rat, no page coaches just ignore it then report the player after the season is over & they hear he’s transferring!

  7. Makes it all the better that the boys from Jamestown take those teams without a recruiting tool like an IB program.

  8. IB programs are becoming much more prevalent. So these “special programs” really don’t mean as much anymore when it comes to kids coming from out of district specifically for these programs.

  9. It’s apparent that most of you don’t know what you’re talking about. In the wake of the Northern scandal, Guilford County School’s (GCS) dusted off their district eligibility requirement rules and held a meeting with all the GCS coaches. The presenter (herein will go nameless) reiterated that GCS means business and would investigate any eligibility issues they deemed worthy of time and effort. Only to conclude the meeting with a phrase; “of course everyone will interrupt this differently… so follow the rules as you interrupt them to be.” That told everyone that nothing had changed and that the meeting was just a facade and noise to assuage Guilford County school board and parents. So when you see a football powerhouse year after year, don’t strain your neck looking for answers or feeling an incredible sense of wonderment, because its simple; the school is recruiting and recruiting is cheating.

    The IB and Magnet programs, have been the ultimate tools for accomplishing recruiting. It’s routinely done and only the coach, parent and student have to deny it happened, and they get away with it every time. There’s a lot of ugliness at work here and the closer you look the worse it is.

  10. Seriously, can any of you name one football player attending another school because he’s in the IB program? ? ?

  11. Gee Whiz Mike, Are you trying to say that all the “Jamestown” football student athletes are exclusively from within the “Jamestown” district? Better go talk with Coach Tommy before you make that statement, because that’s all wrong.

    Or perhaps you were saying, that you’ve found another way to procure players that doesn’t rely on IB or Magnets? Can you tell us more?

    Emily, IB programs are becoming more prevalent. But don’t be so nieve, the athletic abuse is widespread.

  12. Its been happening over at Ragsdale for years.. I wonder how RB Cameron Booker and big DE Chris Carter got over to Jamestown from Page a couple of years ago..

  13. I’m not nieve, I am well aware of the abuse. I am just stating that more and more schools are being awarded these programs so eventually it’s going to come to a point where a Grimsley kid cannot say they want to go to Northern Guilford because Nothern has an IB program. (all hypothetically speaking)

  14. Recruiting is one thing, but kids will move for a better opportunity. I personally know that there are kids moving from the SEG program. Most are going to Ragsdale because they are better coached and there isn’t much of a dropoff in education if any at all. Running up the middle 25 times a game gets old. The Ragsdale coach isn’t recruiting these kids…the SEG program is pushing them into his program.

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