W-S Poker Game Robbed

The News & Record reports on a Winston-Salem poker game that was robbed at gun-point Sunday Night.

Word on the street that Greensboro MAY have had a few robberies as well. Who are you going to call? You’re running an illegal poker room (probably serving alcohol – which makes it illegal) and you get robbed. What’s worse getting in the paper or losing a few (or more bucks)?

I’ve heard that a few of the Poker Rooms in Greensboro have armed guards, no doubt to prevent what happened in Winston-Salem last night. The problem is that sooner or later, somebody is going to get shot or even worse, killed.

There’s really only one good solution, legalize gambling because once it’s legal you can safely control it. Folks are gambling now and with the economy, robberies are going to happen. Thoughts?