One-and-one Trivia: Bobcats-Hornets, one ticket for you and one for your friend Part X

One-and-one Trivia: Bobcats-Hornets, one ticket for you and one for your friend

The Charlotte Bobcats face the New Orleans Hornets next Thursday night at the Greensboro Coliseum. Pick up a couple of FREE tickets here when you get in with the one-and-one trivia question.

One ticket for you and one for your friend when you answer this question.

Our last contest question involves the Charlotte Bobcats and the New Orleans Hornets.

Who was the origianal owner of the Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets and who was the original owner of the Charlotte Bobcats?????

Name them and you win the tickets!

The first person in the comment box with the correct answers wins the two tickets to next Thursday’s game courtesy of the Greensboro Coliseum.

When you fill out your required info for leaving your comment/answer be sure to list your correct E-mail address so we can reach you in order to get you your tickets…..


  1. George Shin was the original owner of the Charlotte hornets and Robert “Bob” Johnson was the original owner of the Charlotte Bobcats

  2. Actually it was George Shinn and Felix Sabates and Fexli sold out to Shinn as sole owner of the Hornets. Bob Johnson is the owner of the Bobcats

  3. Let me correct myself after thinking on this awhile, there were more original owners of the Hornets and they were Cy Bahakel and Rick Hendrix along with Shinn and Sabates. Shinn eventually bought them all out.

  4. I remember some of those minority owners too. I think George Shinn got them to go into the venture with him so he could land the team. Sabates in racing, Hendricks in racing and multiple car dealerships and Mr. Bahakel a reputable communications man, owning several radio stations and maybe a few TV stations.

    Shinn brought them in so he could take them out, and they were all friends in the beginning but that changed when Mr. Shinn forced the others out.

    I do believe that Mr. Shinn always had controlling interest in the team from the beginning and that’s why he was eventually able to gain total control. I think he had at least 51% from the start or maybe 50.0009 percent ownership….

    Interesting topic after what happened supposively later on at Tega Cay…..

  5. He got a little to big for his britches…which in turn started the downfall of the NBA in Charlotte and it still continues today.

  6. I know that Carl Scheer around 1973 had some ownership of the first Charlotte basketball team,and I think that was the Hornets? Do you have any idea if he was involved in that team. Thanks.

  7. I remember Mr. Scheer when was here in Greensboro as an attorney and he started doing color commentary, with play-by-play man Tom Wall, on Guilford College Quaker basketball games. He became the agent for Guilford center Bob Kauffman and then went on to get more heavily involved as the GM of the Carolina Cougars and then he went out West and became the GM of the Denver Nuggets and later he became the Commissoner of the American Basketball Association(ABA)…..

    If I am not mistaken, he was the very first GM of the Charlotte Hornets and helped secure the franchise for Charlotte, by working with the NBA to so so…..I do believe he was forced out of the picture also by George Shinn and just when you thought if was all slowing down for Carl Scheer he helped oversee the building of the BiLo Center in Greenville, S.C. and helped with the operation of the ECHL team and the Arena football team there, and one of those teams was the Greenville Growwwwwl…..

    A busy and productive run for a man(Carl Scheer), that got his career somewhat off of the ground, in a small law office on Friendly Avenue down below the old public library, which now houses the Elon Law School………

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