Football in Focus Tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace/Questions on Page-Grimsley?

We will get started at right around 6pm Tonight and the atmosphere/mood should be exciting as we head into the big Page-Grimsley game this Friday night, just down the street from Shane’s….If you haven’t tried Shane’s yet, this would be the perfect time to stop in and check the Ribs, BBQ and Chicken. Other side items include Brunswick Stew, Okra, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Chips, Fries, Greens, Corn on the Cob and more…..

We will talk to players from both Grimsley and Page and begin to officially set the scene for the big game on Friday night. We will also talk some college football and NFL games as well and we will glance forward to the JV game tonight and where will this one be played????

Page is the home team for the Varsity game tomorrow night at Grimsley inside the Whirlies’ Jamieson Stadium and does that mean since Page is home at Grimsley on Friday, then they play the JV game at Page tonight? Or does the JV game go to Grimsley since they will be the visitors on their own field tomorrow night?

Do you play two games on the same field on back-to-back nights????? You also have a game coming up on Saturday afternoon at 1pm with Greensboro College-North Carolina Wesleyan on that same field. Does it become more of a matter of sites?????? Wouldn’t you rather have a game at one school on Thursday and the other on Friday….You split up the crowds and don’t have everyone piling into Grimsley on successive evenings.

Anyone know the answer to this one? We know the Varsity game is at Grimsley on Friday and it is at Jamieson Stadium every year, but what about the JV game tonight?

There will also be Bon-Fires at both schools after the game. Page was practicing for a Pep-Rally after school yesterday inside Marion Kirby Stadium. Grimsley had their Powder-Puff Football game last night and the BIG Page-Grimsley Golf Tournament is scheduled for Friday at Bryan Park, I do believe……

There is a lot going on and we will be at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace up above Grimsley High School TONIGHT at 6pm. Stop in and check us out LIVE or you can watch the broadcast LIVE on the site by clicking on the Football in Focus icon at the top and you can also go back and watch all the previous shows at that same click on icon spot at the top of the page….Page-Grimsley TONIGHT at Shane’s…..


  1. Either way a game is being playing at Jamieson tonight..

    Page/Grimsley JV Football and Page/Grimsleys Men’s Soccer..

  2. Thursday 10/8/09
    Page vs. Grimsley, Soccer at Kirby Stadium JV (5:30 PM) and Varsity (7:00 PM)
    Page vs. Grimsley, JV Football at Jamison Stadium (7:00 PM)
    Page Bonfire at Baseball field (9:15 PM)
    Grimsley Bonfire at Stadium Parking Lot (9:15 PM)

    Friday 10/9/09
    Page vs. Grimsley Alumni Golf Tournament at Bryan Park, 9:00 AM
    Page vs. Grimsley, Varsity Football at Jamison Stadium (7:30 PM)*

    *Andy, folks should know with the beautiful weather forecasted for Friday we are expecting an extras large crowd for the football game. There will be a security check of all bags at the entrance gates on both sides of the stadium. So come early. Better yet we are suggesting fans buy a pre-sale ticket at their respective schools to avoid the long lines.

    Additionally, I apply back in the summer for this game to be included in the Great American Rivalry Series and we were selected. Representatives of and a “certain national sports network” will be at the game filming for later viewing. Additionally, the Great American Rivalry Series will award a $500 scholarship to the football player from Page and the football player from Grimsley with the highest GPA.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Outstanding information and Rusty Lee is making some things happen and that is good stuff. Great work and interesting information….Hopefully there will be a lot of tailgating at the game and some old classes and classmates can get together and share some quality time before and after the game.

  4. This is a correction of Rusty’s subject/predicate relationship—

    “I applied….”, not “I apply….” —anyway, thank you for doing this.

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  6. I love it! We all need to take that same spirit that Rick has and head to Bank of America Stadium. We are ready for the highest level of football competition and it also brings back memories of John Belushi when he popped out of the top of that mobile Pirate Ship in Animal House and cast his sword toward the prize in the skies.

    Are you Ready? I said are you Ready????? Rick is Ready!

  7. Hey Rick, the kind of spirit these Somali pirates have? That kind of freedom?

    Some of you boys are a littel overboard. It’s just a HS game. This game meant something when we only had a few schools. Sorry but the only people that care now are you guys.

  8. Reggie,

    Bah Hum Bug…Somali pirates?..Talking about overboard here…It is just a high school game and people are just having fun with it…Rather sensitive to classify something as stupid and serious as the Somali pirates to this game. Come on man. Heaven forbid you work around colleagues with a damn sense of humor. Please…

    Support who you support and don’t worry about the Whirlies or Pirates and no one cares about you either…

  9. Actually, I think Rick’s funny. Enjoy the game. Remember when the Brits took on the pirates? That’s probably why Rusty lee murders the Queen’s English!

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