Live Scoring – Friday October 9, 2009

10:05 PM/12:01 AM

High Point Central (6-1) – 7
at Northwest Guilford (5-3) – 6

Grimsley (1-7) – 14
at Page (6-1) – 42

Eastern Guilford (1-6) – 0
at Northern Guilford (6-1) – 51

Ragsdale (8-0) – 35
at Southwest Guilford (3-4 ) – 0

Smith (4-4) – 0
at Western Guilford (4-4) – 19

Courtesy of Coach Turk
Northeast Guilford (4-3) – 21
at Asheboro (2-5) – 14

WS Atkins (0-7) – 0
at High Point Andrews (4-3) – 19

Southern Guilford (4-3) – 34
at Southwestern Randolph (3-4) – 0

Southern Alamance (0-6-1) – 39
at Southeast Guilford (3-5) – 40

Courtesy of Coach Turk
E.Alamance – 21
at W. Alamance – 3

Courtesy of Coach Turk
Reidsville – 42
Jordan Matthews – 6

Courtesy of Coach Turk
Bishop McGuiness – 7
E.Surry – 9

Off This Week
Dudley (6-1)


  1. Josh morehead better practice up some. he is not a big time prospect @ this point. maybe with some seasoning, but not now.

  2. NG-51….EG-7
    Morehead WAS shut down tonight. Maybe ko’d on a kickoff return. Hopefully he’s ok….Not sure what the hype was about the kid but he could not sniff KA.

  3. just like josh morehead i really didnt see KA make any big plays it was more of the people you dont hear about

  4. Morehead is still a top prospect you can’t disregard all he has done by a game in which his team was so vastly overmatched.

  5. football king – never implied KA had a great night but he did throw and run for a td. Also toasted Morehead on a fly pattern early on.

    panda – agree…he just had a off night w/little or no support from the team.

  6. Morehead might of got toasted but i saw Allen crossed by him twice and made a shoe string tackle, yall say his every where on the feild making tackles I didnt even see that

  7. (9-0) on our picks this week and 33-4 over the last 4 weeks….We feel like busting loose and Warren Scott of SG looked like he was busting loose for the Storm tonight and he was already over 1,000 yards for the season going into the game.

    I did not see any Northern-EG highlights on NEWS 2 and was wondering how Keenan Allen did. From what I have been reading here, the KA-Josh Morehead matchup never materialized.

    Page as John mentioned in a previous post, looked very impressive versus Grimsley. Grimsley showed some new offense with Lay Lay Brown lining up as the Wildcat back and he was doning #7 instead of his #23 tonight. Justin Gorman was a standout for Page and the Sykes kid came up with some big catches, just as Bruce McCoy did on his TD catch from fellow-QB James Summers. Page is doing one heck job of utilizing their talents. Harvey came in at FB for Gordon and the Pirates were still churning and Thuc and Drew Rogers compliment each other very well at TB.

    Anybody know who got the offense going for SEG tonight in that win over SA? NWG at Ragsdale next week might get interesting as Luke Sonricker one of the Tigers’ fine receivers broke his wrist tonight. Hope he can make it back before the end of the season, including the playoffs.

    Will Western Guilford present a challenge for Dudley in two weeks????? The Hornets have some offense and enough defense to keep Smith off of the board.

    Was that Coach Turk Simms that we saw sending us those scores tonight. If so, good to have him back.

    In our poll, High Point Central, Page and Northern are all (6-1) and tied for the 3rd spot. That’s a tight spot in our poll……..

    Northeast Guilford-Southern is starting to look like a conference championship-type game…….Who’s the better team, NEG or SG????? The Rams have a bunch of runners and SG has Warren Scott….

    We’ll break this down some more on Saturday morning at the Rewind and Dudley-Page is starting to smell like something the Rock was cooking……This might be a season-changer in a couple of weeks at Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium.

    More on the table on Saturday……

  8. I hope that SEG can make a game of it versus Dudley, but not too much film needs to be watched by Dudley defense unless SEG changes things up.

  9. judging from last nights game i think morehead is for sure a D-1 prospect what kills him though is lack of supporting cast keep it up kid i was impressed

  10. NG coach is an @$$ that’s all I have to say. Winning by 51 pts still wasn’t enough for him…good sportmanship on his part, that’s the way to show and teach your boys coach. Oh and the comment he made to EA coach…that should be handled person to person, man to man…and not taken out on the kids…guess you know how it feels though don’t you NG coach meaning things taken out on the kids…HA!

  11. EGparent – I don’t remember seeing any posts from you when EA ran up the score. The NG coach was probably afraid not to put up big numbers after all the hype about Josh Morehead.

  12. EG parent… what a poor sport and big baby…! Roscoe put in the second and third string when they were up 29 to 0. He didn’t rub it in…EG couldn’t hold on to the ball…they fumbled 5 times in the game, had a safety and couldn’t cover the pass. Your lucky they didn’t keep in the big guns and score 70 on you.

  13. Keenan Allen played the entire game…………..Scarfone was out there as well and I watched it all first hand from home side of the field. Roscoe could have pulled those guys at halftime and Northern still would have won easily. No wonder you guys get so much hell from the other schools around Guilford County.

  14. If I am not mistaken there were a few long passes within the last three minutes of the game by NG. If I am also not mistaken some of them were to Keenan Allen. Real classy coach. Can’t wait to see how NG is next year when they only have players that started in that district and din’t get recruited from elsewhere.

  15. Talking about poor sport. Don’t you think what happened is poor sport. You better think before you post NGparent. I must have hit a nerve…huh NGparent..LOL—get over it. And about the post about EA, we didn’t have any “beef'” with them going into the game..meaning coach to coach drama. Thanks Ol’Bawl Coach Jr. and EXACTLY for your posts. That’s right..No wonder you guys get so much hell from the other schools around Guilford County. And EXACTLY said the truth…Can’t wait to see how NG is next year when they only have players that started in that district and didn’t get recruited from elsewhere. Oh and by the way I’m not being a big baby..if the shoe fits wear big daddy.

  16. Hey what you can say, looks like NG football picking up some of the traits of NG BBall.
    Running up the score real classy. Just remember what goes around comes around.

  17. Real Classy- I agree with you NG ran up the score and then the coach still says they didn’t do good enough? That’s pitiful.
    But everybody else of yall think Keenan Allen is better then Josh Morehead then Idk what players yall are actually watching Allen might be taller and heavier then Morehead but certainly not better then Morehead the only reason Allen looks better is cause of his team. But Moreheads team which is Eastern Guilford does not have no talent like NG besides a Billy Morehead who is a very under rated player but by watching him play I can tell he has probably more heart then anyone on the EG team and the Morehead brothers can’t win alone so the rest of there team needs to step it up!

  18. Here we go again with the Josh Morehead – Keenan Allen comparisons. All you people say is that Keenan is the only player on the Northern team, without him they could not win. Now you want to say they have a team – pleeeaase make up your mind and Josh Morehead is no comparison to Keenan Allen!!!!!!

  19. Upset fan: What # is Josh Morehead brother i want to check him out friday since you say his so under rated

  20. The way I see it, some of the individuals leaving upset messages on here should go tell those coaches face to face. Otherwise who are you????

  21. ” Northern takes after there leaders. They’re all Classless! All the way from the Head Coach down.”

    The NG head coach is classless??????????

    ummmm, wasn’t it the EG coach who was e-mailing all the other coaches in the county talking about the NG coach Roscoe behind his back?

    For those that don’t know, Coach Roscoe AND his wife Jane are members of the Guilford College Hall of Fame. He chose to come back to this area to take on the very challenging job of starting a new program. I admire him for that, at his age he could have rested on his many laurels. Coach Roscoe is also a member of the South Carolina Athletic coaches Hall of Fame, after a stellar 25 yr. coaching career there. He is on a 1st name basis with college coaches around the country.

    People that are “classless” do not garner the type of respect Coach Roscoe has.

  22. Coach Roscoe would not have his team where they are today if he was not a professional at what he is doing. The man knows football coaching. Northern beat a very good Eastern Alamance team 2 wks ago by one point and in the lop-sided win over Eastern Guilford the offense for the Nighthawks I think we are missing a key point and that point may go all the way back to the Eastern Alamance game.

    Northern Guilford has been scoring with the high-powered offense, but when are we going to start giving some credit to their defense.

    The Nighthawks only gave up 7 points to EG and they topped EA by one point and the defense had to have something to do with all that…..We hear so much about the NG offense, but again what about their defense?????

    NG game up max points to WG(28), but they have not given up that many since the first game of the season……7 to EG, 20 to NEG, 12 to Dudley in the only loss, less than 28 to NWG, and I think the list goes on. I will double check it to be sure with MaxPreps to be sure.

    The point is, Northern sure is scoring, but we need to give some props to Coach Roscoe and his defense, they are getting the job done…….

  23. I totally agree Roscoe knows what he’s doing on the field.
    The complaints I’ve heard has questioned his poeple skills and the fact he only promotes certain players. No doubt he knows the xs & os but theres more to coaching high school than knowing the plays. Your post says nothing about running up the score and then saying he was not pleased with NG’s performance.

  24. ” then saying he was not pleased with NG’s performance”

    SURELY you do not believe everything you read in the N&R ?? ha! That was taken out of context.

    and yes, I’m calling you Shirley

  25. ” I was talking to Andy”


    “he was not pleased with NG’s performance”
    NG played down on the competitions level in many areas Friday night.

  26. I know it sounds corny, but the most successful coaches are never satisfied, or least they don’t want the public to know it.

    If the score is getting out of hand, it might be a good time to get some reserves in the there. I don’t know the whole story, I wasn’t at that game.

  27. If you check the records youpeoplewillsayanything, The emails the coach from EG sent were done over a year and a half before the investigation took place and the player he was talking about did end up at NG. He was not talking behind coach Rosoe’s back he was letting his friend know that one of his players was looking to transfer. It just so happened that out of the 15oo emails they had that they decided to use two of his. You really think he was the only one emailing? come on now, maybe you should look at your name that you post by on here.

  28. ” You really think he was the only one emailing ”

    of course not! he is just the one we know about…

  29. Trust me, he was far from the only coach complaining about not only NG b-Ball but football and baseball as well.

  30. This is a tough crowd…..Here’s what I know… both Morehead & Allen are great athletes. Both will play at the next level. It’s tough to compare the kids. On the outside looking in, I would give the edge to Allen. The kid is all over the field. That being said….his coach is maximizing this kid’s talent & ability. Morehead may be able to do similar things, but he’s not being given the opportunity. That’s a difference in coaching styles & overall team talent level. Maybe these two can get together for some old school two man tackle football in field somewhere with no coaches or adults around. They can then send Andy an email letting us all know who won.

    On a separate note…Allen is not the only player on NG. I’m sure he and his coach know that. He’s yet to block for himself as he throws himself a touchdown pass. All of those kids are working hard & having fun week after week. They know their contributions regardless of who’s name ends up in print. Numbers are attractive in Sports. They always have & they always will be. KA does numbers, so you will continue to see his name & his coach will be asked for a KA update each week.

    Coaches…I don’t envy any coach in Guilford County. It’s a tough job. It’s hard to observe any program from the outside looking in. I have been to plenty of football games in Guilford County & can see that some coaches are better than others, some coaches have more talent than others. What I don’t know is what these coaches are teaching these kids. Unless you have a kid in a program or spend a lot time at practices, it’s tough to know what these young men are being taught by their coaches on a daily basis. Those lessons can be more important than a victory.

  31. P.S. Actually, maybe Andy should dust off the cleat & play QB for that Morehead vs Allen matchup. Would Allen be bold enough to switch to QB and send Andy out on a pass pattern? Button hooks only for Andy’s sake…LOL.

  32. We could bring back the old drill from PE class where I start out as the QB and Keenan covers Josh and then we run a triangle drill and Keenan moves to QB and I go to receiver and Josh becomes the DB….We continue on until Chris Collingsworth declares a winner…..

    This the only true way to find out which of us three, is best football player in Guilford County!

    The fans want to know and the scouts have been calling…..

  33. Its like this…..If Morehead and E Guilford was 7-1 and Keenan and N Guilford was 1-7 people would be saying Morehead is the best. But right now Keenan has Northern winning a lot of games so I have to go with him.

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