Who do you want to see in the Series?

The Dodgers vs. the NY Yankees would really be an attention grabber.

LA with Joe Torre, Don Mattingly and others going against Jeter, Pettitte, Posada and Rivera????? That would a matchup made in heaven or at Devil’s Den, you take your pick, but “Take me out to the Ballgame”, if these two clubs were to get together……

Some fans like the Red Sox, some say the Angels, not hearing too many saying the Twins, but the Yankees bring some mustard to the table.

In that same realm, the Philies are the Champs with some live arms, but the Cardinals had arms and bats on the way in with Chris Carpenter welding a little bit of both to close out the season and the Rockies????? Is the Rockies’ story as strong the second time around?

We need the Dodgers and the Yankees in the Series and that is that! Just think about the ratings and the fan interest……The only thing bigger would be the Yankees and the Red Sox and since we can’t have that, let’s play ball and make the call.

Mr. Walter O’Malley has probably waited a long time for this one and maybe, just maybe it can go his way. Bring back Brooklyn and as Mr. O’Malley would also say, “thanks for the memories Reggie Jackson”.

LA-New York, wouldn’t have it any other way if you’re waiting on a true “Fall Classic”.

How did they become the Dodgers in the first place, we have always just called them that right?

Here’s a little Wikipedia to fill us in:

By 1890 New Yorkers (Brooklyn was a separate city until it became a borough in 1898) routinely called anyone from Brooklyn a “trolley dodger,” due to the vast network of street car lines criss-crossing the borough as people dodged trains to play on the streets. When the second Washington Park burned down early in the 1891 season, the team moved to nearby Eastern Park, which was bordered on two sides by street car tracks. That’s when the team was first called the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. That was soon shortened to Dodgers.


  1. This one might be coming in an All-West Coast epic, but I still think the Torre-Yankees reunion is too good to pass up.

    NY-LA would give us a true Fall Classic…..

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