All-Guilford HS football checklist

Bruce McCoy, Justin Gorman, James Summers and Drew Rogers from Page HS. Bruce threw for a TD and also caught a touchdown pass, Gorman caught 2TD passes, James Summers threw for 3TD passes and Rogers ran for 2 scores in the Pirates’ 42-14 win over Grimsley…..Austin Anthony 6-6 in PAT kicks again for Page…..

Warren Scott from Southern Guilford. Scott has over 1,134 yards rushing so far this season for the Storm and picked up 134 on just 7 carries with 3TD’s last Friday night in the 34-0 SG win over SW Randolph. Scott’s 3 touchdown runs covered 56, 32 and 25 yards and he scored the 3TD’s on just 7 carries….

Akeem Langham from High Point Central. Langham plays both offense and defense for the HPC Bison and he scored the only HPC TD in the Bison’s 7-6 win over Northwest at NWG………Austin Pauley had 80 yards on the ground and the Vikings’ 6 on a five-yard run in that same game…..Austin Miller nailed the PAT for HPC…..

Aaron Jones and Joe Turkson from Western Guilford. Aaron had 2TD’s and a solid ground game to go along with Joe’s two interceptions and a 26-yard pass on a fake punt that resulted in a a scoring drive…..

D’onavan Smith from Ragsdale and the Ragsdale “D”. Smith had 155 yards on 27 carries and 2TD’s in the Tigers’ win over SWG and the Ragsdale “D” has allowed the Tigers to out-score the opposition in the neighborhood of 66-0 in the past two weeks…..Kasey Redfern was 5-5 in PAT’s and last week he went 4-4 with a field goal, os 9-9 over two weeks…..

Joseph White, Rocco Scarfone and Keenan Allen from Northern Guilford. White had 2TD receptions, both coming from Scarfone and Allen had two touchdown runs and he threw a TD pass in the Nighthawks 51-7 victory over Eastern Guilford……

Michael Sanders and Rayshawn Trader from Northeast Guilford. Rayshawn ran for a 97-yard TD and Sanders got the game-winner on a wide sweep run to paydirt as NEG topped Asheboro 21-14…..

Michael Fields and Norman Pettress from Southeast Guilford. Both backs went for over 100 yards then both scored key TD’s in the SEG Falcons 40-39(OT) win over the Patriots of Southern Alamance………


  1. The Pirates showed that they can also pass the ball and put points up on the board.. compliments one of the best backfields in the state.

  2. I think there is a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball for Page. I haven’t seen them play since Ragsdale, so I have no clue how the defensive secondary is progressing. Coaching and scheme, especially on Defense, will be play a big role on how far this team goes in the playoffs because the talent is definitely there. Good luck Pirate fans.

  3. Joe Barile,
    How about an explanation on your scholarship to USNA as a sophomore. Is your silence an admission that you lied?

  4. His silence is probably because this has nothing to do with If you have a personal issue with someone you should probably address it with them and not on a message board…..

  5. Ragsdale hasn’t given up a point in 3 games, albeit against weaker teams. Combined score of 108-0. They have given up 43 points all year, 1 Td on special teams and 1 defensive TD. 29 total points scored on the defense. We will see how they do against stiffer competition starting this week. NWG, Glenn, and HPC provide great competition. 3 very good teams, all playoff type teams.

  6. Just a “small” correction on Kasey Redfern’s stats – He actually kicked 4 of 4 extra points against SWG as Ryan Wall came in to kick the PAT after the fifth TD. He also kicked off 6 times and put all 6 deep into the end zone including one kickoff from the 35 yard line after a 5 yard penalty. Redfern has been real weapon for the Tigers this season with his leg. Of his 49 kickoffs this year, 37 have gone into the end zone forcing the opponent to start from their own 20. He also handles the punting duties for the undefeated Tigers.

  7. Another “small” correction for Ragsdale’s Kasey Redfern – He has had 50 kickoffs this year with 39 going into the end zone. One kickoff Friday night against Southwest actually went through the uprights. His longest punt this year has been 66 yds and longest field goal is 48 yds. Stats per

  8. Thumbs Up to Joe Barile. He has done a good job for us reporting on games here at the site and he is in college now working toward his degree.

    If the Academy didn’t work out there had to be better things on the horizon for JB.

  9. Andy,
    If I may make a comparison, please. Robert Bell did a great job as well in my opinion;but once his ethics and integrity came into question , then he was no longer effective. The same could be said for anyone who plagiarizes, lies, hedges the truth, etc.. Robert bell was tried and convicted,but he paid a price. Why should a cub reporter be any different just because you like him and think he does a good job!
    As an aside, I think the blog is excellent for the Greensboro sports community but I also think honesty plays a role in the complete process.
    We all know who Walter Mitty was and he lived life of fiction. This board needs to be above all of that (IMHO).

  10. Just because someone receives an appointment does not mean they have to take it. He obviously had another plan in mind that didn’t involve joining our military. It’s not always the best option for everyone. Thanks Joe for all your insight, don’t worry about people like Mr. Fulton who feel the need to belittle others. He clearly doesn’t have anything better to do.

  11. Dale,
    If you would like to talk to me about something other then sports.. please shoot me an email and I would be more then happy to give you an “explanation” (I don’t know why you need one in the first place), joebarile AT gmail DOT com

  12. Phil,

    I did not lie about getting an appointment to the Naval Academy..

    I’ve never plagiarized, lied, or hedged the truth on this site.. and I’m also not a professional columnist, just a volunteer game reporter…

  13. tiger10 – you need to check MaxPreps a little closer. They gave Kasey 7 kickoffs in the Parkland game and he only kicked off 6 times giving him 49. They also have 3 End Zone kicks in that game but there were 2. Had to kick into a strong wind that night and had 2 of 6 ko’s in end zone.

    I am a huge Redfern fan. He is a BIG weapon for the Tigers.

  14. Well we can’t take oursleves too seriously or we might loose our mind or as the songster said, “It just might be a lunatic your’e looking for”…(And maybe we’ve found a few, in a fun way that is, with me included……)

    Lines from other songs that come to mind in situations like this include, “for all we know you may be wrong, but I may be right”, plus another favorite, “I’ve always been crazy but it’s kept me from going insane”, and then there’s the one that came to mind this morning, and Charlie Rich said it well, “I ain’t ever growing old, I just keep going with the flow”.

    We have to just keep going with the flow and as we mentioned, Refern and Anthony are two of the better kickers in the state and Redfern might get a chance for a game-winner here in the next few weeks.

    I thought that Ragsdale defense had been posting some shutouts and boy they have!!!!!

  15. Yankeeclipper8, don’t let Tiger10 get to you. No one else does. Everyone knows you have the facts down pretty good. And it is appreciated. You are correct on the Parkland game stats. Although MaxPreps are incorrect a lot. Sometimes it is hard to enter data there. You usually have more accurate stats than MaxPreps.

  16. Hey yankeeclipper,

    with all your stats do you have stats of starting yard line of Ragsdale’s possesions? I wonder what the average is. Between the defense and Redfern’s kicks they end up with a short field is seems like every possession.

  17. For record Parkland Stats for kicking are correct the maxpreps stats are correct verified by film. Thanks for the interest we do our best to make sure they are accurate and verify by film. We do check in case there is a entry error and maxspreps has not been user friendly this year
    Go TIGERS!

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