NFL finals from Week #5 Sunday showdowns, Big day for Denver Broncos

Denver 20, New England 17 (OT) Orton 330 Moreno 88 Royal 90
(Game results with Passing, rushing and receiving leaders.)
*****Broncos, Bengals, Brett……Big day on Sunday across the board. How about the Vikings and the Broncos in the Super Bowl????? The Colts and the Giants might have something to say about that, don’t you think? The Bengals have begun(Not Bungled) to make their stand!*****

Cleveland 6, Buffalo 3 Edwards 152 Lewis 117 Lynch 56

Dallas 26, Kansas City 20 (OT) Romo 351 Choice 92 Austin 250

Minnesota 38, St. Louis 10 Favre 232 Jackson 84 Avery 87

NY Giants 44, Oakland 7 Manning 173 Bradshaw 110 Smith 70

Philadelphia 33, Tampa Bay 14 McNabb 264 Johnson 40 Maclin 142

Pittsburgh 28, Detroit 20 Culpepper 282 Mendenhall 77 Ward 85

Carolina 20, Washington 17 Delhomme 181 Portis 57 Smith 65

Cincinnati 17, Baltimore 14 Palmer 271 Benson 120 Ochocinco 94

Atlanta 45, San Francisco 10 Ryan 329 Turner 97 White 210

Seattle 41, Jacksonville 0 Hasselbeck 241 James 46 Burleson 98

Arizona 28, Houston 21 Schaub 371 Slaton 39 Johnson 101

Indianapolis 31, Tennessee 9 Manning 309 White 51 Collie 97



  1. I think Denver is a flash in the pan. The best team this year is the Colts .
    Colts will go 14-2 and then take the most watched Super Bowl in history.
    Vikings are good but get Favre out of the dome and it falls apart.

    Colts 27 Giants 20 Super Bowl Score

  2. Brother versus brother, now that would sell some tickets and like you said, get people watching.

    The seats at the veune will always sell, but the TV audience will grow by leaps and bounds if you have Eli vs. Peyton or even Brett vs. Peyton Manning or Kyle Orton….

    The brothers will draw a crowd around the TV and so will Brett Farve. He proved that again last week……

  3. The Giants have a lot of KEY players out with injuries but they are still playing some sound ball and getting things done. If they can get most of those key guys back they will look even better.

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