Soccer made in the Monday mud: GDS at Page Tonight!

GDS at Page in one of the area’s biggest soccer matches of the year.

Bengals at (13-0-2) and the Pirates at (10-0-1)……(Make Zack Osborne and Carl Fenske the honorary coaches for tonight’s game.)

Will this game be played under water or will they play it all????? Do we have any major deciding factors when it comes to postponing a soccer match of this magnitude?

If the show must go on, and there’s always the chance that it will, the game is set for 7 this evening at the Marion Kirby Stadium on the Page campus.

I’ve been around a few of these and sometimes you are better off to be out on the field than to be stuck standing on the sidelines in a mess like this. What really gets to be fun is playing the puddles. The ball will traveling along the ground or come sailing through the air and hit a large puddle of water and just die.

Dead ball almost stuck in the water and you have to go get it, or attack it if you will. The question is will you or your opponent get to the ball first and will the first team to score win, or will anyone score at all????? The keeper must be careful to get a good grip on the ball and not have it go sliding through his hands and into the goal net. It can slide into the goal area as long as the keeper keeps it out of the goal mouth….

You know somebody else that you don’t want to be on a day/night like this, with all the cold rain that’s coming down????? Steady cold rain and your’e the designated ball boy/girl….. I don’t want to be the ball boy on a night like this, because you won’t be able to please anyone. What use is the towel????? Just throw the ref or the linesman the ball. There’s no way you can keep it dry…..

This game is gonna be mess, there’s no way around it, and may the best team in a mess like this, win!!!!!

Here’s what Tom Keller was saying in today’s News and Record about the big game coming up tonight at Page.

Click Here for the N&R report…..

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