The Morning Run

As we continue with The Morning Run series, today was a good example of dodge the rain, dodge the train……The old Brooklyn Dodgers got their nick-name from being “Trolley Dodgers” as they jumped the tracks to avoid getting hit by the Trollies/Trains.

Today was the time to get out on the road early and try to out-run/dodge the train and the rain and I am here to report that I was successful on both parts. The rains came real early, almost overnight, and they are due to return later today, but I got past the rain this morning and came in safe and secure after a dry run.

The train was down by the tracks and as my dad used to say back when he was still around, “get your butt in gear and get on out of here”, and that’s what you can do when the train is creeping along at a slow pace. Just jump out in front of the train and clear the tracks and you are home free.

How long before the Eastern Standard Time sets back in? It seems like each morning it is staying darker and darker longer, before we can see the light of day. My guess would be that EST would be ready to kick in the first weekend in November. They try and wait longer and longer each year, so the darkness won’t hit so early in the afternoon, but they have to be careful that it isn’t dark when the kids are standing out at the bus stop early in the mornings.

It’s coming soon and so are we on The Morning Run. I’m sure we will be uploaded to PBR(Public Broadcast Radio and not Pabst Blue Ribbon) with this feature within one month or sooner……