If they brought back the Greensboro Generals, would it bother you if Rush Limbaugh owned the team?

There’s always a lot of talk about bringing back the old Greensboro Generals hockey team to the Greensboro Coliseum and what if Rush Limbaugh was able to put together an ownership group to bring hockey back to Greensboro?

Would you be for it or against it????? Would you be ready for the Rush?

Mr. Limbaugh has very deep pockets from what we are lead to believe, and he could bring a team to town with his financial blessing and it would never run short on funding.

But first, there’s this little matter of Rush Limbaugh trying to put together an ownership group that would take over the St. Louis Rams in the National Football League.

Mr. Limbaugh is running into loads of opposition, the least of which are Donovan McNabb, Jim Irsay and Al Sharpton among others, and even the commissioner, Roger Goodell, has said that many of the stances that Rush Limbaugh takes would not be tolerated in the NFL.

Is this discrimination against Mr. Limbaugh, or should Rush be able to be part of all the rushing and passing he wants, as the owner of the St. Louis Rams in the NFL?????

Do you have a problem with Rush owning the Rams? The NFL says they are a franchise and they can pick and choose who they want to own their teams.

If Rush gets sacked by the NFL, what do you say we give him a call and see if wants to bring hockey back to Greensboro, or maybe he can buy the Bobcats and move them here, if Charlotte decides to kick them to the curb?????

Rush and the Greensboro Generals.

Hockey makes a comeback to the Gate City.



  1. Let the the free market reign…but I would not waste money on hockey. Minor league baseball is fine for me…along with some college baseball…and Friday night FB.

  2. I would hope that it wouldn’t matter who owned the Greensboro team, whether it be Rush Limbaugh or Al Sharpton. It would just be good for us to get a hockey team back here in town.

    As far as the NFL goes, it is nobody else’s business who owns the team. If Limbaugh wants to spend his money and buy the Rams, then he should be able to do so.

    The way things have been going in St. Louis lately, I don’t see how they could be turning away prospective owners. You are going to be doing that in this economy?

  3. Have to disagree with you Paul. While teams in a professional league compete on the field they depend on each other to ensure the future of the sport. Let’s say I own a company that manufactures widgets. If I run the company right and run everybody else out of the market that’s ok. If I own a pro team and run everybody else out of business then I have no one to compete with and no marketability. Each team depends on each other and therefore should have a say in ownership. I would love to see minor league hockey return to Greensboro. I miss the family outings.

  4. I wonder if many of the issues facing Limbaugh’s stem from the problems Rush had with the drugs or if is more in line with his racial overtones that he made during his time spent announcing on Monday Night Football and some of his far right-wing stances he takes on his radio show.

    I heard somewhere today that he was a member of a club down in Florida, known as the Everglade Club that does not allow African-Americans to enter the building. That might have a lot to do with the boycott being thrown up by many from the NFL circles……

  5. I can’t see Limbaugh being part of any team. He is not a team player. It’s all about him. Greensboro does not need him or the Generals.

  6. Of course it’s a racial issue with Rush – do you think Al Sharpton would be involved if it wasn’t a black and white issue?
    And of course Rush is going to have trouble going forward, because the race card is so powerful in this country (and this town).
    Instead of fixing the real problems black America has, Al Sharpton and his ilk continue to stir the pot over crap that doesn’t really matter.

  7. Be Serious, If you believe what you are saying then you are still living in the 60″s. We have racial issurs right here in greensboro. If the players at NG were white then it would be a problem.

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