Could there be a possible tough Fall/fall for John Wall? Greensboro coach/agent could be involved

Could there be a fall for John Wall, the point guard out of Word of God Academy in Raleigh, and is Brian Clifton, his AAU coach from Greensboro involved here?????

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Kentucky’s John Calipari raved about the development of highly touted freshman guard John Wall Thursday morning during media day for the Southeastern Conference. Hours later, a report surfaced that his prized recruit might not be eligible to play.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive told that he believes the NCAA’s agents and amateurism group — not enforcement officials — are looking into the eligibility of both Wall and Mississippi State freshman Renardo Sidney.

“Those are amateur issues that arose prior to their coming to our schools,” Slive said. “Those are strictly amateurism issues. As we told our people, somebody needs to determine if they are eligible. It’s not relative to you, it’s relative to them.”

An SEC spokesman Charles Bloom said he could not confirm the eligibility issues to The Associated Press, and Slive was not available for comment.

Kentucky spokesman DeWayne Peevy said the school had no comment, but added all players are considered eligible unless it is otherwise noted. Calipari did not respond to a text message from The Associated Press. reported that Wall’s AAU coach, Brian Clifton(from Greensboro), was a certified agent from 2007-2008. That would constitutes Wall accepting illegal benefits from an agent under NCAA rules. If the benefits are more than $101, a student-athlete has to repay the value of the benefits and be subject to suspension for at least 10 percent of the team’s regular-season games.

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  1. Appears his AAU coach may have been a registered agent during 2007/2008. Any benefits over 101.00 would have to be paid back and a possible sitting out of a specific number of games. It will come public soon enough.

  2. My primary problem with a situation such as this potential agent license issue is that John Wall could pay a penalty for something he likely had zero knowledge of what was actually happening. No parent or kid has a signed contract with their AAU coach or organization that states 100% clearance against these type of issues. The NCAA rules for sports is often just stupid. Wall may have some other issues to deal with down the road but this is not one that should be his to carry. If someone can better explain why I am wrong, please educate me on what I am missing and how John or others could have been 100% in the clear originally.

  3. yeah – well – maybe tee tee.

    But probably not in this case. There has been quite the saga with Wall and his recruitment. No way this kid didn’t know the score. Sounds like he would have been a good candidate to just go to Europe for a year like that other kid did last year.

  4. Dear tee tee,
    Either you are just trying to get something started or you don’t have a clue. John Wall knew “what the deal was” as everyone in the the world knew. Brian Clifton ruined the Wallace kid from Glenn with similar shenanigans. The difference here is that Wall is a great talent, not a really good talent. Where wall ended up and who the coach is, should tell you something!!!!

  5. How do you know if someone is an agent?

    Is it posted at all basketball games?

    Is it broadcasted in the media?

    Do all agents have to wear a Agent ID Card
    around their neck?


  6. Wall should have gone to Dudley as an academy student instead of Kentucky.
    Or better yet, he could have gone to Chapel Hill. Roy and his cronies would have kept the agent stuff out of the media. They have connections.

  7. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda!

    I should have been the president and required that anyone that desires
    to post messages on the internet be competent enough to understand what
    they are doing.


  8. Soneone mentioned to me last week that they thought that Deuce Bello(Westchester Academy) might have been part of some of the AAU teams in question here.

    Just wondering.

  9. The team you referring to is D-One Sports. This team is run by Brian Clifton.

    Ryan Kelly who is now at Duke played on the same team with John Wall at D-One Sports.

    Many top players from NC play on this team.

    Some of the current players are:

    Stargell Love
    Quincy Miller
    Bishop Daniels
    Duece Bello
    JT Terrell
    Ike Nwamu
    Theo Pinson
    Eric Johnson

    May not be a big deal. I am sure that Duke or any other major schools are not knowingly involved in anything that could be perceived as underhanded.
    I have read that the infraction may be the result of an unofficial visit to
    Kentucky made by John Wall and Brian Clifton which may have been paid for
    by Brian Clifton. The fact that he was an registered agent disallows him from paying any expenses for any student athlete for any type of event AAU or High School.

    Coach Know

  10. On a very positive note, it was fun to listen to the Duke exhibition basketball game on Saturday evening and hear Ryan Kelly and the Plumlee brothers on the court and doing some real good things for the Duke Devils after seeing them play at the Greensboro Coliseum during MLK Day games and at GDS versus the Bengals…..

  11. Andy,

    Was that the Duke/Pfeiffer game? What was the final score? I hear Pfeiffer has a real good men’s team. I know some of the women’s basketball players was headed there Saturday. It is exciting when your program plays such a powerhouse.

  12. Duke over Pfeiffer 128-70. I heard that the Pfeiffer Falcons are small but quick and that they run an up-tempo style. They are a very solid DII team from what I was hearing on the Duke radio broadcast.

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