Grimsley surprises Smith 3-0

It was a happy homecoming at historic Jamieson Stadium Friday night as the struggling Whirlies surprised playoff minded Smith 3-0. Potentially derail the Eagles efforts to garner their first postseason appearance since 2003. Joe Rossabi scored the only points of the evening as his 30yd field goal just before halftime was able to stand up. On a tough note for the Whirliebirds LB Andre Oliver was lost for the season with a lower leg injury serious enough to warrant the appearance of an EMS crew.

Smith had ample opportunity to salvage the contest and nail down the playoff birth but mistakes at critical junctures crippled their chances. Eagles kicker Orlando Lopez had a particularly tough night as he missed four attempts, the last one a 33yd effort which was blocked in the final seconds to preserve the Whirlie win.

Smith drops to 4-6 for the campaign but the Eagles can still put themselves in position for a birth with a win in two weeks time against Southern Alamance. The 2-7 Whirlies flickering playoff hopes brightened a bit and with games left against SA and Dudley there is still a chance for Grimsley to get back into the playoffs after missing the festivities in 2008.


  1. If Smith or Grimsley qualify for the State Play-offs, just let everyone in. Anyone that watched that game last night saw two terrible teams. It wasn’t who was better but who was worse! If you let ALL teams in, then NCHSAA would do exactley what GCS has already done…try to make everyone HAPPY!

  2. Don’t be so high and mighty Mr. Dudley,your day is coming sooner than you think,ya’ll just been fortunately good for a bit. I suppose if sorry Grimsley kicks that rump after Page tears that new a-hole in you,they don’t t desereve it either. Bigger fish have been fried !

  3. D Rules read robert jonnes post, just might make some sense; oh yeah, I forget it ,you gotta worry ’bout dem Pirates comin’ in and cuttin’ off that “Panther Tail” next week. By the way I’m a Panther graduate as well,just so you know.In life anything is possible . . .DON’T CHOKE IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS ! Grimsley for sure want win the state championship,but make sure that you want be lookin’ as well LMAO

  4. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but “DUDLEY RULES” don’t be so quick to judge. Every team goes through a rebuilding stage at some point.” Dudleys is coming”. For everything there is a time and a season. You are right this is not Whirlie season but they have not given up. Win or Lose, Whirlie “PRIDE” is still going strong! We are in a rebuilding stage with both coach and players and everyone knows we will recover someday.I respect the Panthers because they have earned it but you shouldn’t crush others when they are down. Remember what goes up must come down.

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