The Morning Run

Not much happening out on the road this morning, but that Rocky Racoon that got hit by the car last week is starting to decompose and he will be all but gone soon.

There’s a certain feel of moisture in the air that makes the temps seem colder than they actually are and if this is not Fall, I don’t know what is.

The road is a good place to think up Wikipedia searches and today it got me thinking about The Missing Link(Dewey Robertson) and Tony Schiavonne. If you get these people in your head, your mind starts to wander and wonder, “what ever happened to?”…..

Todd Donahoe came up in the Wikipedia search which came from thoughts about his old/former “Time Out for Trivia Show”, on the now defunct SCORE Network. That might take you to the SETN Network which covered NASCAR and was Greensboro-based and run by Jim Wigglesworth.

SCORE might also take you to Continental Wrestling from Mobile/Pensacola and then there’s no telling where you might end up. Dutch Mantell is lurking somewhere right around the corner.

The Morning Run can become or turn into the mid-day run if you’re not careful and you then you have to find a way to get back home….

Long live ‘The Morning Run” and don’t let the afternoon die!