New programming for Triangle sports radio beginning Monday

New lineups on the Triangle Sports Radio stations beginning this Monday, just in time as the Eastern Standard Time returns and we won’t be able to hear 850(formerly the BUZZ) after the sun goes down.

A lot of us listen to 850 and 620 during the day(you really can’t get 99.9 the Fan around here) and that’s why we felt compelled to share these changes with the you the listener and reader, all rolled into one Total Package(as Lex Luger would say)……

Looks like no more Morgan Patrick, Bomani Jones and what about the great sports news voice of Tony Riggsbe?????

Adam Gold and Joe Ovies move to 620 now to be called “The Buzz” and Dave Glenn goes over to 99.9 the Fan…..

Here’s the plan:
The programming on 99.9 The Fan will be simulcast on 850 AM in the first weeks of the change to help the audience adjust its listening habits.

99.9 FM The Fan weekday lineup
6 a.m.: Mike and Mike
10 a.m.: Colin Cowherd
Noon: David Glenn
3-7 p.m.: The Insiders, with Mark Thomas and Mike Maniscalco

620 The Buzz weekday lineup
6 a.m.: Adam Gold and Joe Ovies
9 a.m.: Dan Patrick (eventually to be replaced by local programming with Taylor Zarzour)
Noon: Jim Rome
2 p.m.: Scott Van Pelt
4 p.m.: Prime Time with the Pack Man



  1. Someone should find a place for Tony Riggsbee. He knows his stuff and he’s been on the air thirty-plus years
    in the Triangle, ever since he was the news anchor on the low budget WPTF-TV with sports guy Lou Bello in the seventies.

  2. Andy, bigger question: what about Greensboro sports talk and the future of the sports programming?

    I do like Czaban, Patrick is OK, Rome is good, but we have no local stuff.

  3. We probably have more local talk going here at Greensborosports than you would ever get on a local sports talk operation.

    A good plan if there was one would be to go with:

    6-10am Mike and Mike-ESPN Radio

    10-12 NOON Mid-Morning Madhouse-Local show with multiple hosts that talk it non-stop till noon….

    12-3pm Jim Rome

    3-7pm Prime Time with the Packman

    ESPN from 7pm-6am….With games when available.

    This would work on FM if you keppt the overhead low with a very small staff, syndication and loads of automation. Syndication and automation is all we get on the weekends around here with 790, 850, 620 and 980ESPN in Winston-Salem and the weekends sound pretty good.

    Everyone would have to pull their weight on a FM Sports Station, because it would be very hard to pull ratings unless you could grab a Chris and Chris in the Mornings and then that would not/could not be all Sports, just like if you went with a Brad and Britt. They can’t do all sports either….

    The budget approach would be my listing above with Mike and Mike, the Mid-Morning Madhouse, Jim Rome, Packman and ESPN at night.

    You couldn’t do it with a 98.3FM, not enough reach. You w0uld have to have the 100,000 watts to make it work and it would not work overnight. That’s where the suits get you. They can’t be patient and wait on a few ratings books. They want the whole ball of wax in about 6-9 months and that won’t ever happen.

    Maybe we all need to keep on loving the web and do some AM surfing, which is still a lot of fun…..

    Keep it on…….GSPN if you will….

  4. there must be a way for us to create a sport option locally. has proven that there are a lot of loyal readers in the area of sports that you can create and maintain a staff and budget so why cannot a station do the same. the raleigh area sport stations were all created around national programming 1 hour at a time as they build up their local talent. i would be willing to bet that someone with ties to the local sports base and financial pull will make this happen within the next 1-2 years. in fact, i would invest in such an option if someone approached me with a reasonable game plan.

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