Bethune-Cookman over N.C. A&T

GREENSBORO, NC –A dominant Wildcat defense and a ball control offense powered Bethune-Cookman (3-5, 2-3 MEAC) to a convincing 31-13 win at North Carolina A & T (5-4, 3-3). Three fourth quarter touchdowns broke open a close 10-7 game and the Wildcats spoiled the A & T Homecoming before 21,500 fans at Aggie Stadium. B-CU out-gained the Aggies by almost 2-1 in yardage and controlled the ball for 38 minutes to 22 in the win.

North Carolina A & T scored a touchdown on the last play of the game to make the final score 31-13.

AP News on A&T-Bethune-Cookman:
Greensboro – Bethune Cookman amassed 357 yards of total offense and controlled the time of possession, as the Wildcats spoiled North Carolina A&T’s homecoming and Senior Day with a 31-13 victory Saturday.

Bethune’s sophomore quarterback Maurice Francois ran for 73 yards and a touchdown and threw for another 85 yards, helping his team keep the ball for over 37 minutes in the game.

After the Wildcats’ Keith Courtney scored from 5-yards out, the Aggies’ lone bright spot came on Quay Long’s 96-yard punt return for a touchdown to tie the game at 7-7 going into halftime. Long’s return was a school record.

In the second half, however, Bethune scored 24 unanswered points, the last touchdown coming on a Ryan Lewis 28-yard interception of North Carolina A&T quarterback Carlton Fears to seal the game.

The Wildcats defense held the Aggies to 198 yards of total offense.

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  1. Not even close………….AGGIE Pride DIED! Thanks alot Mr. Renick for firing the BEST coach A&T has ever had. Welcome back home to the Tre-4 Coach Hayes.

  2. Ditto. I agree with you Rammer. A&T should have never got rid of Coach Hayes and they even had a chance to get that young buck Steven Davis over at Dudley High School.

    Who is running the hen house on East Market Stree? After what I saw on Saturday at the Homecoming I also say AGGIE Pride has DIED.

    It makes me embarassed to be in AGGIE COUNTRY!

  3. No doubt Coach Hayes is a legend and A&T football has not been consistent since he left.

    But I guess rocking a one win season gives a “Ram” room to talk. Or maybe that monstrous failure to rise up Division 1 has him talking crazy. Or maybe he loves the idea of having to beg the CIAA to let WSSU back in the little leagues. Okay maybe during their OWN homecoming a** whipping felt great to him

    Notice I say “he” instead of they because this is the same person. Two comments hour apart – none before…none after. Yeah it’s the same person agreeing with himself! Hahaha! I wonder if that works.

  4. Yes, I totally agree with Who Dat.

    WSSU should have never tried to go D1 without accurately exploring all the options and requirements. And they did get dragged (drug?) during their homecoming. The only thing sorrier was their highschool/middleschool drumline band that sounded horrible!

  5. Hey young bwoys, yall ain’t men! We used to play with no helmets and a frozen ham was the ball! Yall softies got pads and cleats. We played in church shoes and iffen you broke yo spine…you just played on!

    Now that we got Bill Hayes I am sho nuff that the clouds will open up and we will be able to do better than A&T since that’s all that matters. Thank God for Bethune Cookman or we’d be sporting a goose egg all across the board.

    Welp in conclusion I would like to say I agree with Who dat and Schizo.

    Peace Out,


  6. Ditto with the dodos! It is sheer coincidence that we/I have all chimed in nearly simutaneously.

    It’ll will take a lot more than Hayes to right this ship. The first thing he should do is fire Blount. I am 100% ashamed to say I/we am a WSSU Ram and I/we realized that WSSU is simply WUSS when “U” are put back in your place! I wonder if ECPI needs a football team…and a multipersonality fan… or three


  7. Perhaps the BEST thing about A&T’s homecoming is their parade and the tailgating. I have really enjoyed those and of course, watching the band. As for anything else, I can pass. I hope the Aggie alumni didn’t travel too far to watch that mess on Saturday though.


  8. What has UNCG won of late?
    what has WSSU won of late?
    What has Bill Hayes done out of the HBCU circuit?
    True by the numbers of games he won at A&T makes him a favorite of many fans.

    Bill Hayes is not GOD!!!!!!!! A&T has had it’s fair share of rough seasons as of late but for anyone who has followed A&T through thick and thicks now that we are well ahead of schedule from what we were the past 3 or 4 seasons. Change is a gradual process and will not happen over night. Right the team is 5-4. While 5-4 may not be impressive is still more games than we have won in the lost three seasons combined.
    Change is on the way.

    UNCG Grad you would not understand!!!!!!! AGGIE PRIDE funs deeper than wins and losses. So for me it did not matter if I travled 15 minutes or 15 hours to get to AGGIE STADIUM to watch my beloved AGGIES play. Yes we lost the game SO WHAT! I would do it all over again regardless if we loose another 10 homecomings.

  9. We are not happy with our football coach today or with the results from our Homecoming on Saturday but we are still celebrating our win earlier this season over WSSU.

    It is great to be an AGGIE and I feel I speak for all AGGIES when I say that Bill Hayes was the best football coach we ever had. He was a true leader and a gentleman and we miss him.

    Good luck to Coach Hayes and his people.

    And by the way, I am not bi-polar. There is only one Aggie ’85.


  10. Quote from A&T: AGGIE PRIDE funs deeper than wins and losses. So for me it did not matter if I travled 15 minutes or 15 hours to get to AGGIE STADIUM

    Atleast they do teach you how to spell your mascot’s name correctly. I’m not too sure about much else, however. Maybe if the $$$ “fan” deeper A&T could hire some professors to instruct their pupils how to use spellcheck.

    Yeah, Aggie Pride has DIED.

  11. I am not sure why “UNCG grad student” is taking shoots at a bunch of aggie comments but I guess it is hard to have much of a blog debate on soccer in this city. Also who cares about a spelling or grammer check on a sport blog. Anyway – I do think the university, past grads and fans should consider that the football issues are currently the same as what Duke has went thru since Steve S left. If you want a better program, then you will have to make the financial commitment in a proven coach, marketing and facilities. The facilities has improved significantly so no real isuses here that I am aware of. I think the players option will continue to get better once (or if) the MEAC can get some better TV marketing with ESPN or its on network. I also think NCCU coming to the MEAC will help A&T locally and regionally with marketing and with the local fan base. A&T (like any school) will always have a much higher profile when they have a ligit “archrival” that their fan base can associate with, love to hate or even have community or in house ties with. A&T and NCCU have a long history of completing with heart and desire against each other. We have multiple homes with NCCU & A&T marries. All of these facts will drive A&T forward because while you may lose to some school in VA or Fl, you will not sit back and continue to lose to your “archrival” down the road without changes. The bottomline is that we all need to continue to support these programs with our $$s within the sports and educational areas.

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