A-Rod MVP or Johnny D?

If the New York Yankees clinch the Series tonight in Philadelphia, Alex Rodriguez is the Most Valuable Player or they might be a few votes cast in the direction of Johnny Damon after last night’s Damon dramatics with the two base assault, swiping two bags on the same pitch.

Damon has been gettting keys hits too, but A-Rod has been providing the power and the RBI’s…

Who will be the MVP????? A-Rod or Johnny D?

And another thought, can they install an electronic device to let the umpires check and see if the runner touched the bag/base????? Did the runner touch home or did he jump over the top of the plate and never touch the base.

Maybe a light can go off or possibly a electronic sounding device could be activated where the umpire could go back and check the sound to see if the runner even touched home or you could install the device at any base for that matter.

You could even come up with a camera that could photograph the play at the plate where an automatic photo is shot every time a runner crosses home and the umpires could go back and check the photos in a similar fashion to what we had with the red-light cameras.

Just a few thoughts and what about that instant-replay you might say? You then will need an umpire watching up in the booth, that can stop the game at any point, for replay investigation.

Too complicated you might say?

Well, we can always go back to square one and our first question, “A-Rod MVP or Johnny D”?????

On the game from foxsports.com:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The New York Yankees are chasing championship No. 27 by throwing their top pitchers on three days’ rest.

With a chance to clinch the crown, A.J. Burnett is scheduled to start on short rest against Philadelphia ace Cliff Lee in Game 5 of the World Series on Monday night.

CC Sabathia went on three days’ rest Sunday night in Game 4, and Andy Pettitte could do the same in Game 6 if the Series returns to New York.

“Our guys feel good at this time of year,” manager Joe Girardi said before a 7-4 victory gave his team a 3-1 Series lead. “We tried to give them some extra rest in the month of September, and they’ve had some extra rest during the playoffs that we thought was very important.”


  1. Andy – I think you are a little too quick on the draw with the A-Rod “vote” for MVP. He has had 2 hits and is batting .143. Granted they were two big hits, but I think the MVP vote is still up in the air. Damon, Jeter and even Rivera still in the running dependent on what happens in remaining game(s).

  2. Good thoughts and Rivera might be the ace in the hole for the award.

    I was wondering earlier in the Series and in the playoffs if the voters would hold any issues over A-Rod’s head. Will they look at A-Rod and think, “look what you just told us at the beginning of the season about your past use of steroids”. Any voters have long-term memories?????

    Derek Jeter has always been looked to as the consumate leader and Ozzie Guillen called him God last night in a breakdown comparison with Jimmy Rollins.

    I won’t go that far with Jeter as Ozzie did, but he(Jeter) is strong.

    Will A-Rod get a fair shake?

    We should let Ogi Overman decide this one and he would go with Johnny Damon since Johnny D was with the Red Sox, but maybe Ogi would vote against Damon since he left the Bo-Sox…….

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