The way(weigh) those playoff numbers might start looking

Our County teams that appear to be in, with the one non-conference loss dropped from the overall record. Each team can drop one non-conference loss from their schedule.

We still have a few teams that are on the bubble….

Games for this Friday are not factored into these current records, but the one non-conference loss has been dropped…..

Ragsdale(10-0) Projected 4-A
Dudley(9-0) Projected 4-A
Northern Guilford(9-0) Projected 3-AA
Page(8-1) Projected 4-AA
High Point Central(8-1) Projected 4-A
Northeast Guilford(7-2) Projected 3-AA
High Point Andrews(6-3) Projected 2-AA
Southern Guilford(5-4) Projected 3-A
Northwest Guilford(5-5) Projected 4-AA
Western Guilford(5-5) Projected 4-A