CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest Week #8 results

Another tight race here this week and we had to go down to the wire and the winner by the Total Points was, Young Money.

Young Money(maybe Tap Money’s younger brother), Michele and Ross all ended up at (10-3) and Young Money was closer in the points at 52, as the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals combined for 55 in the Panthers’ 34-21 win on Sunday. Ross had it 31 and Michele at 28 and YM is the winner and a good job, a strong contest, turned in by all who took the challenge.

Complete results:
Young Money(10-3)
Bro Man(8-5)
Bamm Bamm(8-5)
CAR Fan(7-6)
Big Walt(7-6)
Big Ben(7-6)
Big C(6-7)


  1. Andy, Young Money in my 12 yr old son. He picked for me the very first week and won. I have picked every week since and have not come close. He told me on Sunday he wanted to pick so I let him pick w/ his own screen name since I had already picked. He is 2 for 2 in these contests. I need to take him to Vegas.

  2. Good call by the kid. He sounds like he might be a decent ball player maybe baseball or football one day.

    Please re-send address so I can get this out to you guys in the mail.

    Send Young Money over to WFMY Channel 2. Bryan Formica, Mr. Hall, Eric Chilton, and Frank Mickens could probably use his help…..

  3. Great job Young Money……

    Young Money, Who will win Cowboys/Eagles game this weeken???

    I’m putting $100.00 on the Eagles.. What do you think ?

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