The Morning Run

The Morning Run is becoming more and more like The Morning Sun with all that bright sunlight coming in from the East and staring you down, right in the face…..

The Morning Run could also be transferring itself to The Morning Air, as it is cooler and cooler each and every morning this week. Sandra Hughes said it was going to be like this, or was that Randy Jackson?????

The song that kept coming back to me this morning was that tune from a few years ago that said, “It’s that time of the morning and the sun is coming up, and I’m standing on the corner with my guitar and my cup, and I’m waiting for somebody to come by and fill it up, cause my sun ain’t come up yet this morning”……..

Well mine has come up and I got my watch re-set too, but don’t wear your watch while you are running or you may have many problems when it comes time to change the time. Junk and Gunk will punk your watch….

Watch for us on the road. I give a thumbs up to every car that passes by, and I do not use my middle finger as a signal indicator…..

Catch up with you next time, on The Morning Run.