JV Football Tonight

Last week of the regular season/season and this is it, with all games on deck, and they all become big tonight.

All games set for 7pm and we have:
Unbeaten Page(9-0) at Southeast Guilford
Grimsley at Dudley
High Point Central at Ragsdale
Smith at Southern Alamance
Wheatmore at High Point Andrews
Northeast Guilford at Ledford
Northern Guilford at Western Alamance
Eastern Guilford at McMichael
Southern Guilford at Asheboro
WS Parkland at Southwest Guilford
Western Guilford(Open)
Northwest Guilford(Open)


  1. If you your looking for best JV game tonight, I’d say the most entertaining game will be at PAGE at 7PM. They should be playing SE Guilford. Page has the best JV offense and a lights-out D, and should spank the Falcons.
    I’m thinking it will be entertaining because SE is patched together certainly a case of the walking wounded, they’ve lost 10 starters and their starting QB was their guard. We played SE last week and they bet us at home, very tough and physical team. But PAGE should take them to school…

  2. We played both SEG and Page and both teams beat us.

    Page was well coached and the team was disciplined and executed their plays precisely and through the course of the game they simply out-distanced us. Page has the skill to handle most any JV team in the state. However, the SEG game was another matter, while they run they game plan quite well, they are very physical and they have excellent line play. I can’t say that SEG will beat Page, but it will likely be the first true test for Page matching play-for-play football skills on the field.

  3. I’m be sitting on the RED side.

    No doubt, SEG is very physical and we all understand what we’re talking about; they are confident and tough no matter who they play! They really show-up thinking they will win and they don’t stop playing. Its a culture thing at SEG.

    But PAGE is different. they are well coached everywhere, the bench is deep, and they are rock steady until the game ends. A true pleasure to watch.

    But we have to be honest, given the pluses and minuses, PAGE will commit fewer errors and SEG is too deep into their bench this late in the season. WIth the kids they’ve lost, probably the best SEG can hope for is a good effort.

    The game should be at SEG at 7PM.

  4. I’m looking for Page to end their season undefeated. They played a very good game last week against Dudley and sealed the win in the final minutes. I also heard the shout out on 97.1 WQMG. These young men worked hard all season and I’m hoping they’ll get the well deserved recognition if they close out their season without a loss.

    Go Debo, Devante, and the rest of the Pirates!!!!!!

  5. MikeGSO,

    What are you talking about? Walking wounded? Guard playing QB?…none of that is true. They have 2 or 3 guys that are hurt. The QB is good to go. They have the most physical RB on the field and he wants this game. SEG is ready to play. They understand that a victory tonight will cause a three way tie between Page, Dudley, and SEG. They are ready to play.

  6. Page is up 6-0 at the end of the 1st quarter after converting on 4 and 12 in the shadows of the SEG endzone. The Page defense is holding up to a great effort by Jamal Petty of SEG who has 60 yards on 5 carries.

  7. A 50 yard burst up the middle shortly after the half along gave Page 21 to 7 lead. Then a fumble by SEG QB lead to another drive that has Page ahead 28 to 7 with less than 3 minutes in the 3rd quarter.

  8. On 4th and 5, the SEG QB hooked up for a 60 yard TD to bring his team back to within 2 TDs. Page is ahead 28-14. Can SEG hold the Page offense and quit making mental errors?

  9. With their backs against the wall and SEG driving, the Pirate defense just came up with an interception with 6 minutes left in the game. With the score28-14, this one is more than likely out of reach for the Falcons.

  10. The Page JV team has loads of talent all around.. QB play, offensive backfield, the lines, backers, and the secondary. Special teams is good too.

    Sounds like they come to play for the big games, and in big situations during those games..

    That last play sounds like a game changing interception.

  11. Final score Page 28 SEG 14.

    We definitely have plenty of talent on the JV level in Guilford County. Page, Dudley, Ragsdale, and SEG have had good JV seasons. That could be promising for the varsity squads for these schools for the next few years. It will be great to see what these coaches do with all this talent.

  12. Congrats to the Pirate JV on an undefeated season. Congrats to all our Guilford County kids who have worked hard to make this another great year to be a Guilford County resident that loves football. Thanks for your hard work and sweat on the field and in the classroom.

  13. Alright Page!!!!!!!!!

    This is the only forum that gives recognition to the JV teams! I am so proud of the Pirates and am gearing up for the varsity season next year.

    Once again, congratulations Page JV for an undefeated season.

    BTW–I wonder how many of them will move up to varsity for the play offs?

    Any guesses out there???????

  14. Joe Barile failed to mention the WRs who are overlooked because of the outstanding play of the running backs.

    The WRs for Page JV do a great job of blocking down the field on many of those long running plays.

    Carter Green
    TJ Little
    Brian Spain
    Kevin Gardner
    Blake Barefoot
    Justin Neal
    Bennett Sardzinski
    These young men all had a great season for the JV Pirates.

  15. All the pirates are awesome. Saw most of the games. Really impressed with QB Jordan Putnam – seems to be a great passer and handler of the ball. Also receivers – great job – lots of them on the field who seem to know right where the ball will land. Will have to make sure I catch all the games next year! Go Pirates!

  16. The recievers and running backs did do excellent gaining yards. The offensive line also gave an outstanding performance blocking for the skilled positions. I saw the Qb and receivers hook up on multiple downs helping them excell in a win against a very physcial southeast football team.

  17. All the page players are seem to be good.The tight end that started playing the second or third game is really a good blocker and receiver.I think they are a good coached team as well

  18. Hey Damon, how do you overlook Northwest Guilford’s JV in your shout out?! These guys were 10-0 before any other team finished their season?!!! I’m a Greensboro native & understand some folks might not put NW in the category of noted football school like Page, Dudley, etc., but PLEASE!!! Come check these kids out next year if you think this year was just a FLUKE… & by the way, Northwest beat Ragsdale in an all out battle! I’m sure the exclusion was just an oversight!

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