HS football Saturday morning rewind

The Matthews Butler Bulldogs beat the Charlotte Independence Patriots 31-24 on the Patriots’ home field in Charlotte last night with tickets going on Ebay at $50.00 a pop and does Butler finally have the upper hand on Independence in the 4-AA ranks?????

Will they meet again before the finals?????

In our neck of the woods on the Saturday morning before the playoff brackets come out on a Saturday afternoon, High Point Central tied Ragsdale last night 0-0. But, that was just the first 12 minutes and after the second quarter got rolling, Ragsdale got rolling and they rolled over HPC 34-7. Luke Heavner, D’onovan Smith, DeSean Anderson, Tyquan Roberts, DeShawn Shouse, Barry Brown, Tyler Ritter, Elliot Cobb, McNeil, Jones, Sparks, Stone, Grimes, McQueen, Redfern, Washington, Armwood, Romer, Willard, pick your poison. Nobody goes both ways, they are fresh and they mesh.

Congratulations to the Ragsdale Tigers, back-to-back years, unbeaten in the regular season, a perfect (11-0) this time around……

Grimsley led Dudley early and then it was all Panthers later on as they won over at Jamieson Stadium 48-3 and hopefully Paul Lambeth will have more on this game later on this morning. It looked like a lot of JR Peterson, Alex Moore, David Amerson and Mycah Gaylord from Brian Hall’s world on Friday Football Fever on TV 2.

Northern Guilford(10-1) trailed Western Alamance 2-0, then it was NG 7-2 and then Western went up 9-7 and then it was all Nighthawks all the time as they rolled over the Warriors 48-16. I talked to one of the NG fans after the game and they said Rocco Scarfone had a big night and that he really looked strong in the win along with Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris. Allen is supposed to commit to Alabama at halftime of the Alabama-LSU game today down in Tuscaloosa. I got a call from down there this morning at about 8:30am and that’s the talk there today…..

Eastern Guilford got the much-needed victory they had to have as they whipped McMichael 38-19. We haven’t heard from Coach Loosemore yet, but I’ve got to believe that Josh Morehead was on the money for the Wildcats…..

Here’s hoping that we might get the full word on the Page Pirates’ win over Southeast Guilford from Rick Mosley or from Joe Barile, but we do know that Page closed out with the 35-22 win over Southeast…Page closes regular season at (9-2) and there were a lot of shots of James Summers on the Fever Show last night, so that tells me that James had one of his better games and he has had some good ones, to only be a sophomore…..

Jeffrey Simms had 4TD passes for the Smith Golden Eagles as the Eagles took care of Southern Alamance 53-16 and Smith will enter the playoffs at (5-5) unless lightning strikes on a November day and takes them out of the playoff running…

Northeast Guilford made a statement and we don’t hear much out of the Ram Nation, so I guess they are the silent, but deadly type and with that NEG final of 53-0 over Ledford, you can tell these Dudes are Deadly. Ledford had topped Southern Guilford 14-6 last week and here comes Northeast Guilford and the Rams just leave Ledford laying by the curb…..Rayshawn Trader, Michael Sanders, Trey Ingram and Darius White…..Those 4 are usually good for about 400 yards-plus of rushing yardage per game. I would love to see Northern and Northeast go at it again in the playoffs, maybe at around, round number 3 or 4…..These Rams are for real and nothing is new, with Coach Tommy Pursley they are always in the hunt…….

I hated that Southern Guilford lost to Asheboro. I saw Warren Scott and Josh McDuffie running hard on TV, but the Storm came up a bit short, falling to the Blue Comets, 14-9 and I hope that doesn’t hurt their playoff chances….I have a load of respect for Coach Brown, he is a strong leader in that Southern Guilford/Sumner community……

High Point Andrews over Wheatmore 66-0 and I will take anything you have on that game, because I have nothing and you are getting the honest report from me on this one. The honest report and we should have all the playoff brackets up here for you later on this afternoon….

I am leaving all of last night’s finals up here for you as we roll the tape and close out the regular season on the HS football Saturday morning rewind………

Dudley (10-1) – 48
at Grimsley (3-8) – 3

Ragsdale (11-0) – 34
at High Point Central (8-3) – 7

Western Alamance (8-3) – 16
at Northern Guilford (10-1) – 48

Southeast Guilford (3-8) – 22
at Page (9-2) – 35

Ledford (6-5) – 0
at Northeast Guilford (8-3) – 53

High Point Andrews (7-4) – 66
at Wheatmore (0-11) – 0

Asheboro (4-7) – 14
at Southern Guilford (5-6) – 9

Southern Alamance (1-9-1) – 16
at Smith (5-6) – 53

McMichael (5-6) – 19
at Eastern Guilford (4-7) – 38

Matthews Butler(11-0) – 31
Charlotte Independence(10-1) – 24

Southwest Guilford (4-7) -20
over WS Parkland(2-9) – 6

Northwest Guilford (5-6)
Western Guilford (5-6)


  1. I don’t know who Page will play in the first round, but SE exposed the Pirates big time last night. The Pirates cannot stpop a power running game that goes right at them. Page DB’s were making tackles on SE running backs 8-10 yards down field all night. I will say this and anyone who was at the game will have to agree, the Page inside linebackers are awful. They got blown up all night by the O line, and that so called big time D 1 stud they have got whipped so bad that he had to be carried off of the field in the 4th quarter. On O, their QB cant handle pressure, as SE blitzed his butt all night, and by the second half, he looked like a deer in headlights. The one area Page looks really strong in is special teams. Page returned a kickoff down to the SE 2, and recovered the following kickoff inside the SE 10. Special teams is the reason why the Pirates won last night. On a side note, I thought it was a bush league move on Gillespie’s part to score at the end of the game instead of taking a knee. That move goes back to the whippings that SE use to give him when he was at Trinity, and I am sure that he thought he was going to finally do it to SE last night, but he didn’t Page won, but they got physically beat down.

  2. Page is a good team but you highlight their weaknesses well Bruno. I was at the game and SEG gave them all they could handle last night for a bunch of Sophmores and Junior with a few key seniors. I think Page had more seniors recognized on senior night than it looked like SEG had on the whole roster. That final TD with 35seconds will come back next year when those seniors are gone from the Pirates. It was a bush league and low class move.

    Special teams made the difference. Lots to build on for those young men at Southeast as they move into their Junior and Senior years.

  3. Come on guys! You’re acting as if the players decided the last play and not the coaches! They were just doing what their coaches told them to do. Besides, how do you know that Southeast wouldn’t have done the same provided they had the opportunity?

    I guess if Page were up by 50 points going into the 4th quarter, you’d expect the Page Players to walk off the field, right?

    Page has quite a few seniors on their roster. However–Stevie Wonder can see that it’s more underclassmen that make an impact on this team. It seems that there are several teams that will have returning players so it should make next season just as exciting as this one.

    It seems as if you’re berating them because of their win. At the end of the day–no matter how BAD you seem to think they played, Southeast had to do a better job of it.

  4. Page had a bad game, the coaches will address those issues come Monday. As for the number of seniors on the team; every team has a number of seniors. It’s high school football, these kids become seniors.

    Page has enough talent that will be returning next year to compete with anyone. They will have a large senior class next year plus a group of juniors coming up from the JV squad that just finished the season a perfect 10-0.

    I expect the Pirates to make a strong showing in the upcoming playoffs.

  5. I dont think anyone is blaming the kids. They did what they were told. It is the coaches that make that kind of decision. Looking from an impartial perspective, there was no need for it. Maybe it will pump the Page team a little going into their first round after not dominating a game like they had been expected to do.

    They may go 2 deep into the playoffs . Page has strong areas offensively (Thuc Phan on returns is outstanding). Defense is OK, but they do have some pretty big vulnerabilities as they exposed last night. Hope the kid that went down Friday night will be OK.

    10-0 is a great year for all those kids that were part of that team, but, 10-0 in JV is …..well…… JV. Sure they have talent at that level and hopefully all the kids will improve, but you can’t hang your hat on a JV year….there is no comparison between Thursday night and Friday night.

  6. MeToo, where do you think those Friday night kids come from? It means something when you have a JV team that is able to go 10-0, these same kids will be playing on Friday very soon, they will get bigger, stronger, faster and smarter just like every other program.

    What the kids at Page will have when they are varsity players is the knowledge that they have faced these kids before and come away with the victory. With that and the natural growth that occurs with age and experience, I feel that this group, along with Summers and Rogers will have a very successful future.

  7. Hope you are right Brian. Good luck to all those kids as they advance in their respective schools.

  8. Did someone forget that Page’s varsity went 9-2?

    After a tough loss to Dudley last week, there was no doubt that Page was emotionally and physically at a loss. It is a mark of a good team to win games when they aren’t at they’re best.

    Kudos to SEG for a game well played. They have a lot of quality young players and will have much success next year. Coach Fritz will have them ready.

    As far as hanging the hat on a 10-0 JV year, the coaches of Page told the players they were proud of them but they also let them know there was a lot of hard work ahead to continue their success. That doesn’t sound like a “Hang your hat” speech.

    There is a comparison between Thursday night and Friday night. On Thursday nights, Page was 10-0 and on Friday nights 9-2 . You put that together, it adds up to a successful program. Successful programs have seniors. They have juniors, sophmores, and freshman.

    Page is not yet at the top but they are making positive steps. Coach G and his staff are working hard to make Page the program what it once was. The players are doing the same.

    The best years are yet to come.

    Go Pirates!!!

  9. Bruno,

    I’m giving credit to the SE team, because they came out last night and played hard…SEG played with a lot of heart and pride, and the fans, parents, and their coaches should be proud of them…

    Now, I have a few things to say to Bruno, so all the other classy fans from SEG that I ran into and talked to, please do not take this personal…I’m disgusted with Bruno, who is garbage…I’m a fan of Page, but I won’t sit on here and make excuses for them, because let us face it…They did struggle last night on defense; however, could you really stop them on offense?..I mean, Page had what three long touchdowns called back…Okay okay…So, the refs said that Page held on all three plays…WOW…How lucky is SEG? Are you telling me that Coach Fritz (or whoever the o-line coach is) is a miracle coach and has successfully coached his players never to hold; therefore, not get one holding call all night…BS BUDDY!!! SE did a great job of running the ball hard and had those running backs hadn’t of run as hard as they did and chew up the majority of the clock, Page would have hung 50 points on that defense…

    Now, since you want to start disrespecting actual players, let me clue you in. Page still scored 35 points (wait 28 not counting the low class bush league touchdown at the end as you called it) with three starters missing from their offensive line. Buddy, that defense should feel very lucky they didn’t have to get pummeled by #60 (Will Foxx) last night…Now, I’ll give credit where credit is due, and let me see, your defense played hard and they will be a good team next year since you say there are no seniors on the team…I’ll also give credit to those running backs #2 and #8, because it wasn’t so much the blocking that helped them out it was the individual efforts and the 2nd and 3rd efforts of them churning their feet, because those kids were getting hit in the backfield a lot but playing with a lot of heart. With the pride they took in running the ball last night they were still able to drag our players four or five yards down field after first contact…Since, you like criticizing a soon to be D-1 player who still made probably 15 tackles on his own last night, I’ll take a guess and say your fat ass will still be eating potato chips on the coach and wishing you had his opportunity…Just so you know, he wasn’t the one getting the cramps and walking off the field…That was a sophomore lb’er that will be there next year and the year after that…Trust me pal, Page may have had a lot of seniors there on senior night, but you might want to go check to see how many of them actually started…Page will lose some players and maybe more than SE, but you still have to stop James Summers, Drew Rogers, and Thuc Phan next year and the year after that…By the way, James threw for over a 100 yards and a touchdown and came close to rushing for 100 yards with a touchdown…Should have had two more touchdowns (one passing and one rushing that were called back)…Not so bad for a kid with a deer in the head lights look…

    You have your opinions, but I don’t respect them…I could bash and poke fun of other players all day on here, but I won’t stoop to that level…I’ll take up for Page’s players, and I don’t appreciate your comments…If you want to talk about the coaches and call them bush league, then so be it…They are grown men and can take care of their own, but I’ll bet your ass you’ll never come up to John Spain’s face and tell him he is a sorry D-1 prospect…

    Now, the last touchdown…Page is up by 7…SEG has maybe one or two timeouts left…Let us see, anything could happen…Page plays to win and not to embarrass their opponents as you may feel…I think Page has been classy on both jv and varsity all year not to run the score up on opponents when they really could…Let us see, the jv game with SEG the night before I think those Page kids were taking a knee then…Guess what, they are coached by the same “bush league” coaches that coach the varisty…So, maybe the coaches could have told the varsity players to take a knee and wouldn’t have had to worry about scoring, but again the way I see it you play to win and anything could happen…With 50 seconds left, had Page thrown any passes then you can come talk to me about being bush league…From where I was sitting, Drew Rogers #28 scored on that long run anyways, the damn ref was too slow getting down there to see him actually cross the line…So, you want to start making comments about that stuff coming back to Page, well, I highly doubt Page will be scared…You’ll have a good team coming back, but so will Page…

  10. This is an interesting thread. I have read all of the comments, and I have to say that Mark, you are being a big baby. Bruno’s comments were not that harsh. Awful may be a bit much, but these are 16-17 year old young men, they can handle awful. As for the Page D, i don’t know how good or bad they are, but according to the news-record, they gave up 294 yards to a 3 win football team. Sounds like to me tha Page played a bad game and expected to be able to show and win. I could be wrong, I wasn’t at the game. I like to read this board, and I will say one thing I have noticed all year. Page fans love to talk when things go well, but if they lose or struggle at all, they can’t take it and blow up on this board. I know not all Page fans on here do this, some like Brian can admit his team played a bad game. And as far as the last TD goes, just take a knee and end the game. Someone who was at the game told me that SE was out of timeouts. Sounds like Page was looking to pad the box to look good, but hey maybe I’m wrong. Just a note to add, I am not a SE or Page fan, I have no loyalty to any school in this area, i just like high school football and follow the area teams.

    PS: Andy, you do a great job with the site

  11. Mark J,

    I concur with your comments pal. Eddie, no one cares about you. HA HA HA From what I read, Mark actually admitted that the defense struggled. Maybe you should re-read the thread. Maybe Mark is being big baby, but uh, I do believe there is no need to call out kids on here and try to make them look bad.

    I don’t know how many timeouts were remaining at the end of the game, but I highly doubt the Page coaches were trying to pad someone’s stats or pad the box score. That just doesn’t seem like Coach G. Oh well, SEG has a good team. I do believe Page has a good team. They proved what kind of capability they do have when they played against Dudley. I didn’t see the intensity from the Page players like I saw the week before either, so maybe Eddie playing SEG had something to do with that. SEG seemed to want it a little more than Page last night but just didn’t have the horses to get it done. The two rb’s they had did run hard as Mark said. They were tough. Seems like SEG made some adjustments after the half, because there was more pressure on the QB in the second half. I heard Coach G say this earlier in the year, and I believe it applies to this game as well, “It is better to win ugly than to lose pretty.”

    Good luck to all the area teams in the playoffs. Hopefully, Guilford County can represent in the 4-A.

  12. Page has a ton of talent but it’s mostly on offense. Page defense has been average at best all year. They have given up a LOT of points to some weak teams, S Ala. is 1-7 and they put up 28, SEG puts up 20 plus. Page D did play very well against Dudley.

    Spain makes a lot of plays but part of the reason is because nobody else does. He has to. I think Spain has some upside once he learns more about the LBer position. Many of his tackles are 8 yards down the field. He has been moved around to different positions a lot in HS. He gets by on heart and athleticism right now. He could end up being really good in college. Once his technique improves and he gets better at getting off blocks. I’m betting he gets it done. lotta heart. And as an above poster said, they are weak against the run. McCoy has been a strong addition to their defense despite the drop last week. And before anyone says I don’t know Page, I’ve seen 7 of their games on film. I get the benefit of rewind.

  13. Ragsdale led on offense by Heavner going 6-10 for 126 yards, 77 to DeSean Anderson. D’Onavon Smith rushes 25 times for 114 yards. Defensively LBer Walt Sparks had 8 tackles and a sack, Daniel McNeil had a sack and a tackle for loss, and Trey Swaim, Keith Hanford, and Nick Robinson recover funbles while Darious McQueen forces a fumble and gets an interception. Neal Jones had a big night at nose tackle with 5 tackles while Cedric Ellison was out with an injury. Ragsdale looked pretty sharp Friday. Have not lost a conference game in 3 years.

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