Five-star prospect Keenan Allen reportedly commits to Alabama


Five-star prospect Keenan Allen reportedly commits to Alabama
Don Kausler Jr. — The Birmingham News

TUSCALOOSA — Alabama was a big winner both on and off the field Saturday.

On the field, the third-ranked Crimson Tide defeated LSU 24-15 to stay undefeated, clinch the SEC Western Division championship and earn a rematch with No. 1 Florida.

Off the field, according to multiple recruiting Web sites, Alabama got a commitment from Kennan Allen, an elite two-way prospect from Northern Guilford High School in Greensboro, N.C.

Allen announced his choice during an unofficial visit to Alabama. He is a 6-foot-3, 200-pound wide receiver/safety who also returns kicks. He is expected initially to play wide receiver at Alabama.

Allen reportedly chose Alabama over Clemson and Oregon.


  1. Keenan,

    Congratulations. I am most impressed with how you deal w/ things…you let your performance speak for itself. Never seen you showboat, that makes you even more special.

    RTR !

  2. Congrats, Keenan,saw it when you were sophomore @Grimsley,the work ethic,the competiveness and compssion you showed for the game. Good Luck . . .roll tide !

  3. Good choice. I would rather see him playing for Miami. They have a better QB than Alabama. Also, I think
    he could go right in and play. Miami seems to thrive on players who make big plays. Keenan could be that
    player right out of the gate. Still good choice. Oregon would have been a bad choice. What was the last big time plyer
    to come out of Oregon. If you are not a QB, then Oregon is not the place. Good choice K.

  4. The best player in this area in 20 years. When you get signed by the second ranked team in the nation and by a former NFL Coach, who also won a NATIONAL title at LSU. folks can name whom ever they want but the proof is in the puddin!

  5. youpeople

    Why is it when African American athletes show excitment, it is called show boating? But when some one else does it, it is called ethusiasm?

  6. Dudley Stud,
    youpeople is congratulating and complementing KA on how he carries himself. I’ve been lucky enough to see KA play every down this year and he is all business. I believe KA is very “enthusiastic” and the word show boat is for a player that acts like they have never been there. Why even attempt to make this any type of issue? Call it what you will but the kid can flat out play.

  7. Why is someone always has to play the race card? We are here to say congrats to a great High School player out of Greensboro! Way to go Keenan! I wish you would have stayed in state but I can’t blame you.

  8. man o man…and I’m just a fan…I can only imagine the junk Keenan has to deal w/ ! That is what I meant when I said he handles it all so well.

    For the record I was more talking about his friendliness and humble attitude, he is not a “hey look at me” person.

  9. I would also like to congratulate Keenan. Not just a good kid but a Great Kid and I not talking about on the field. I have watched this kid since he played football at Lewis Center with both of my sons. I knew back then that this kid is and was speical, I just hate that our NC schools didn’t get this kid. Someone should go and fire all of the Coaches in the area Colleges because they let this one get away. No wonder the NC schools don’t play for National Champions in Football. We let our Great Kids go to other schools out of state. Great Job Keenan.

  10. “Footballman”, the best player in the area for the last 20 years??? Are you kidding me? I can name 10 players
    better than Keenan. As far as the area, are you referring to Guilford, Alamance, and Rockingham. etc.??? Look at the players below

    1. Tony Baker
    2. Anthony Thompson
    3. Carlos Doggett
    4. Carlos Macneil
    5. Dominique Midgette
    6. Kenny Shaw
    7. Terry Holt
    8. Chucky Reed
    9. Doug Brown
    10. Jeremy Edwards

    I am probably leaving off some players. We know that KA is a good player, but I think we really need to keep him
    in perspective. He is a good player, but not the best. As far as him going to Alabama, there are players like
    Keenan that area dime a dozen. He could have went to Carolina and have success. If you are good, you are good..NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO TO COLLEGE>

  11. Oppenheimerfund the people you just named are one position players. KA does it all from anywhere on the field. He makes his teammates better.He Puts them in position 2 make plays. Baker never played QB nor defense. He wasn’t a game changer. He wasn’t an athlete just a running back! Please let KA enjoy his time!! Stop hating! Like it or not no ones does it better!!!!!

  12. ankersaway

    I agree with Dudley Stud. Showboating is usually attached to what athlete in American sports? By the way, wasn’t Keenan suspended one time at Grims;ey for that very same matter? I could be wrong!

  13. tellthetruth:

    Listen, I am not “hating” on Keenan Allen. I am just stating the fact that he is good, but surely not the best. I feel
    like we are little kids debating on who is better Superman or Captain Marvel. We are arguing over kids. This a bit
    ridiculous. But I understand that you re probably Keenan’s father or a “LOYAL FAN” of Northern. That is fine.
    Keep on talking, man.

  14. Keenan Allen… The best high school player from this area since Tripp Welborne.

  15. All ya’ll should be glad that we’re going to have someone to represent G’BORO on a big time natioal level. Maybe in some eyesights he may not be the best in the last quarter of century . . .but it’s his time now and we should be proud for that reason and that oneday some of you will tell all kinds of lies about “you remember Keenan this and that,etc. Just be glad for the young man for his achivements as well as for any other of our high school talents (Dave Amerson included) that will get the opportunity to play bigtime college football on the national level. Ya’ll all need to look at yourself in the mirror,it want lie . .it only shows what it sees !

  16. It’s been a while, but Greensboro Page sent a quarterback down to Alabama a few years ago by the name of Jeff Dunn.

  17. ol’ bawl coach

    you the man……this is great for KA and great for all of Greensboro.

    Grimsley Fan… I’m happy for you dude. Opinions are like u know what..we all have one. Maybe you and Dudley Stud should hook up, have a drink, discuss show boating and help solve the worlds issues. Oh, I have no clue of what went on with KA when he WAS at Grimsley. He left, get over it………Friday night at Northern you are welcome to come out and see a show..with no boating.

  18. How is Tori Holt not on that list? Glad to see Terrance mentioned. I am very excited to see Keenan Allen going to an SEC school. By far the best conference in college football. Although, I will say, I believe that Josh Morehead is going to surprise some people, both in the playoffs and in college.

  19. I agree, Keenan Allen is the Best in this area since Tripp Welborne from Page. Both carry themselves very well and had more skills than the players that they were playing. What has Grimsley done since KA left? What has Northern accomplished since his arrival? Not Debatable!

  20. Tori Holt from Eastern Guilford is the only one from that list that will probably be going to the Hall of Fame. Its not where you go to school that matters! It is what you do while you are there.

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