More from the Weekend: Carolina Panthers, forget about it/GC QB gets smacked late

Keith Larson was talking about the Carolina Panthers on his morning radio show on WBT 1110AM and he played back the clips from Sunday’s game at New Orleans and it all went from good, to better, and then it went to bad, then it got worse and then on to real bad and finally ugly for the Panthers…..

Keith Larson said the (3-5) Panthers could have been at (4-4) coming back home to face the Atlanta Falcons on a jump-start, but Keith said the Panthers should now just, “Forget about it”……

The morning traffic reporter on WBT was Booner VonCannon who used to be a Triad radio voice as Gary Cannon…The old Boomer still sounds good on the air in Charlotte….

That Greensboro College win over Methodist on Saturday night was a good one, but there were so many flags on the field that the green grass was starting to turn yellow. There was a huge late hit on the Greensboro College Pride quarterback Seth Adams that the referees didn’t call(A terrible miss by the Refs, I was at the one-yard line and saw it all.) as Adams got hit hard after he crossed the goal line on a QB keeper for a touchdown…..

The had to stop play so many times to sort out the personal fouls and off-setting penalties that I found a rock and started kicking it over by the track. It was a small piece of gravel and I was kicking it like a soccer ball to pass the time on the penalty interpretations and also during halftime and that rock made a good ball, but it took some funny bounces and I finally lost it when I kicked the rock into the Methodist University Band as they were sitting on the track.

Fine effort in the win by GC and that’s a look back at the Carolina Panthers and Greensboro College and we will have more coming later on this afternoon….